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We need more biographies and obituaries here. 
Please send yours or tell us about your special lady!

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You won't find many women biographies in the history books!  
Yet, their contributions to America were immeasurable. 
Here you will find women whose contributions were not necessarily those of  historical significance
but whose efforts to maintain the family unit, nevertheless, deserve distinction and recognition.

Alabama Illinois Indiana
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana
Mississippi New York Oklahoma
Tennessee Texas West Virginia


Image14.gif (11172 bytes)Mary Margaret Ann McGee Standifer

Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Rebecchar Stanford Harrison  

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More obits in the IL Quarterlies/Newpaper section

Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Eliza Jane Standefer Pointer

Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Helen Raffety Standefer

Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Nancy Jane Truitt Standefer

Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Nancy Jane Stubblefield Standefer

Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Susan "Ethel" Standerfer Stinson

Image14.gif (11172 bytes)Amanda Standefer Maulding

Image14.gif (11172 bytes)Tennessee Carr Standerfer

Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Minerva Standifer Converse
(Daughter of Alfred and Jane Yarnell Standifer)

Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Rachael Isabel Standifer Piper
(Daughter of Alfred and  Jane Yarnell Standifer)

Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Telitha Jane Standerfer Harris
(Daughter of Benjamin F. & Jane Moon Standerfer)

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Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Elizabeth A. Stanford

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Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Priscilla McKnight Standiford
(Daughter of Aquilla and Anne Phillips Standiford)

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Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Elizabeth A. Stanford

Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Mary McDonald Park
(Sarah A. Standeford)

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Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Mary Ellen Sandiferd

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Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Valeria Burdine Miller
(Daughter of Ruth Standifer Burdine)

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New York

Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Jane Lathtop Stanford

Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Christiana Sandiford Sweeney

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Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Martha Mullus Standerfer
(Wife of William Lewis Standerfer)


Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Clara Roberson Standefer
(Wife of Dr. R. E. Standefer)

Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Dorothy Haskell Standefer
(Wife of Polk Roberson Standefer)

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Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Sarah Standifer

Image14.gif (11172 bytes)Elizabeth Standifer

Image14.gif (11172 bytes) Harriet Standifer Cluck

Image14.gif (11172 bytes)Zarilda Fulton Standerfer Belden

Image14.gif (11172 bytes)Mrs. Sarah E. Eakins Sandifer Thomason

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West Virginia

 Image14.gif (11172 bytes)Susanna Crow Standiford (wife of Abraham)

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