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*Contributed and written by Lillian Gregoruis.  Thanks, Lillian!

Rebecchar Stanford was born August 29, 1820 in Georgia.  Her parents are unknown.  She married John Cox Harrison, also of Georgia, on January 5, 1839 in Columbia County, Georgia.  Her birth and marriage are listed in the Harrison Family Bible.

In the 1850 Federal Census, we find Rebecchar and John and their three sons and five daughters, along with John's mother, Abigail, living in Sumpter County, Georgia.  Some time after 1850, Rebecchar, John and their children migrated to Alabama.  We believe they first settled in Covington County, GA, according to a paper signed by John Cox Harrison on July 19, 1858, as a Trustee of a school district in Covington County.

After reaching Alabama, Rebecchar gave birth to five more children.  Our next record of them is in Evergreen (Conecuh County), Alabama.  Where they received a letter from John's brother, Benjamin, from Warren County, Georgia, in which he mentions that Rebecchar's folks are all well.

The rest of the information we have on Rebecchar and family is taken from letters written from one family member to another.  We know that Rebecchar, in 1862 saw her young son, John B., die at age 13.  Also in 1862, she saw her husband, two of her sons and son-in-law go off to fight in the Civil War.  On October 20, 1863, her husband wrote to her to see if their neighbor could make him a pair of shoes and to see about sending him some clothes.  We believe that he did not know that his wife was very ill, but that he thought he would not survive the war, as he wrote: "If we do not see one another in this world again, we will meet again where there is only happiness and peace and where a husband and will will not be separated." 

Rebecchar Stanford Harrison, at the age of 43, died on November 27, 1863, in child birth, at her home in Evergreen, Alabama, without her husband at her side.  She did live to know that her husband and two of her sons were killed in the Civil War.

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