Slave Information 

Many of our ancestors were slave holders and some documents remain that may be useful to African Americans who share the Standerfer, etc. surname.  

The purpose of this page is to provide slave information for African Americans who are researching their family heritage.  

Listed here are pages on this Website where a slave's given name is mentioned.

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Page Slave Name Location Date Document
Israel Standifer Minn, Terry, Ambros AL 1820 Will
AL Wills Harrena and others AL 1826 John Echols
William M. Standifer Shadrach, Washington, Virgil, Dennis, Maria, Sylvia, Rose, Zilpha  Harriet, John, Walker, Warren, Callie, Ellis, Eli, Joseph
GA abt 1860 Composition by 
his daughter.
Slave Owners   GA 1850 List of Slave Owners
Audley Maxwell Patty, Betty, Siby, Beck GA 1776 Will
Nicholas Sandifer Jeff KY abt 1860 Autobiography
James Sandefur Cammel KY 1804 Will
Bennett Sandefur, Sr. Marier KY 1807 Will
Aquilla Standiford Pompy, Joseph KY 1799 Will
Carty Wills Charles, George, Easther, Lolly, Anderson, Davy, Moses, Sol, Harry, Jane, James, Lemer, Eddy KY 1812 Will
MD Census Peter, Mingo, Pug, Edward, Abbington, Rose, Abigal MD 1773 Baltimore Co. Census
William Standiford Charles, Rachel, Joshua MD 1776 Will
Charles Standford Sol, Jack, Hannah, Beck MD 1745 Will
Elizabeth Stanford Temmey, Tack, Conke, Thom MD 1745 Will
John Standforth Mingo, Cate, Betty MD 1738 Will
John F. A. Sanford Dred Scott MO   Biography
Mary Ann Price Standefer Gilbert MS 1842 Will
John Sandifur Aaron, Ransom, Jacob, Ben, Maser, July NC 1826 Will
Thomas Thorn George, May, Alsey, Rachael, Jesse, Sooky, Annaca Amy SC 1815 Will
John Hogatt Ben TN 1824 Will
William Standifer Sarah, Calvin, Moses, Becky, Blackburn, Sallie, Levi TN 1826 Will
Abraham Sandifur Judith VA 1784 Will
Jonathan Sandefur Dinah VA 1756 Will
John Sandefur Sarah, Judy, Lucy, Ned VA 1742 Will
Peter Sandefur Tom, Cupid, Peg, Kate, Betty, Nanny, Grace, Hannah,
Barnabas, Judy, Joan, Jenny, Ben & Ned
VA 1774 Will
Robert Sandefur Sarah VA 1769 Will
Isaac Parker Old Standiford slave dies 1886 KY 1886 New York Times
Elizabeth Sandifer Molinda, Moses, Tom, Harriet, Mary, Sarah, Margaret, Jack, Jean & Tony SC 1833 Will
Joseph Duncan Nancy, Garrard, Sally, Lavina KY 1818 Will
Claiborne Collier William, Eliza KY 1846 Will
John Collier Betty, Harvey, Amy, Judy, Tiny, Malinda, Lucy, Sally, Bill, Milly and Joe, Pamela KY 1820 Will

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