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Colonial Wills of Georgia

Abstracts of Colonial Wills of the State of Georgia; p. 171-173 WBAA

Audley Maxwell, St. John's Parish, planter.  Wife: Hannah, Negro woman named Patty, horse and chair, bed and furniture, kitchen furniture.  Son: James, tract of land whereon he now lives, Negro girl named Betty, one-third of my black cattle, an equal part of my movable estate.  Son: Andrew Elton Wells, one-half a 350-acre tract of land in Newport, adjoining land of John Mitchell, Matthew Smallwood and John Davine; Negor girl named Siby; one-third of my black cattle.  Son: John Sandiford, other one-half of tract mentioned above, Negor girl named Beck, eleven cows and calves.  Grandson: Audley Maxwell, tract of land on Midway, containing 150 acres, adjoining lands of Kenneth Baillie and Audley Maxwell, Jr., deceased.  Granddau: Elizabeth Maxwell, one-third of my black cattle, as was mentioned in my deed of gift to her father, Audley Maxwell, Jr., deceased.  Son: Josiah Powell, 10 shillings Sterling.  All remaining real and prsonal estate equally divided among three sons: James Maxwell, Andrew Elton Wells, John Sandiford.  Exors: Sons, James Maxwell, Andrew Elton Wells, John Sandiford.  Wit: Jonathan Evans, James Alexander, Richard Wylly.
Died 22 May 1769. Probated 22 Nov 1776. Recorded 22 Nov 1776

Abstracts of Colonial Wills of the State of Georgia; p. 331-332 WBA

Andrew Elton Wells, Savannah.  Entire estate to be divided among wife, Jane, and all my children.  'In the disposal of the lands (though left to the discretion of my executors), I would recommend to them to dispose of the Distillery first."  Exors: James Maxwell, John Sandiford (my brothers-in-law), my wife.  Wit: Anthony Norroway, Thomas Hamilton, Thomas Burns.

English Crown Grants in St. John Parish in Georgia

Young, Thomas
300 acres, St. John Parish
Granted January 6, 1767; Grant Book F, p. 45:
Bounded on the north by Adam Bosomworth, west by Clement Marin, south partly by John Sandiford and partly by vacant land.

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Georgia Passports:

 Passports of southeastern Pioneers, 1770-1823

 p.226: 1. "Highwassee Garrison, May 17, 1808: This day came Israel Standefor & states that on the night of the 15th instant he was on his way from Georgia with a Wagon and five horses, by estimation 18 miles out of Fields ferry so called and he had taken from him a bright bay horse...signed Israel Standefor. N. B. Jonathan Pope, William Johnson, Jacob Null, and George Null were present with the wagon and can give come circumstantial testimony relating..... by Colonel R. J. Meigs."

  p. 296: Executive Department; Saturday 7th March 1812; On application ORDERED that passports be prepared for the following persons to travel through the Indian Nations to the Western Country, viz,: One for Mr. John Gill, with his wife and six children, Mr. John Kysar, with his wife, one child and one negro, Mr. James Faust with his wife and six children and nine negroes, the two former and their families from Lexington, and the latter from the Richland District of South Carolina. One for Mr. Peter Sandifer with his wife and four children, and one for Mr. Edward Chitty, both from Barnwell district South Carolina. Which were severally presented and signed.

  p. 181: "Executive Department, Saturday, 12th June 1802. On a recommendation of Colo. William Melton, Greene County (GA) ORDERED that a passport through the Creek Nation be prepared for Skelton Standifer with his property which was presented and signed.

 p. 377 Skelton Standifer is listed on the muster roll, dated Feb. 24, 1794, of the Militia Troop of Dragoons, under the command of Captain Jonas Gourche, Green County, GA. Knight, Georgia’s Landmarks, I:634

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Columbia County:

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) From: Columbia Co., GA Ordinary Estate Records, Guardian Letters; Book P: 1828-1851, p. 88:

A letter granting guardianship of Rebecca, orphan of William Stanford, to David Stanford was issued 12 Feb 1838 by the Court of Ordinary of Columbia Co., GA.

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Columbia Co, GA Abstract of Wills
Stanford, Jonathan: signed May 6, 1792; probated October 13, 1792
Beloved wife, Nellie
Daus: Betty; Sarah
Sons: Robert; Elijah
Exr. None named
Wit: William Gunby; John Bain

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Columbia Co., GA Abstract of Wills
McGee, Josiah: signed November 5, 1817; probated January 31, 1818
Wife: Judath
Dau: Mary Ann McGee
Sons: Levin; John
Sons-in-law: James Dunn; Daniel Burgan
Stepson-Milba McGee
"Child which Judath may have in the next 9 months."
Wit: William Stanford; Nancy (herXmark) Stanford; Jonathon Stanford, J. P.

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Jasper County:

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Thomas B. Sandefur witnessed the will of Lecil Waldrep on October 30, 1883, Jasper Co., GA.

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Warren County:

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) From Some Georgia County Records, Vol. 1, by Lucas; p. 349:

p. 128: STANFORD, JOSHUA, SR. Last Will and Testament dated May 4, 1825; probated May 1st, 1826.  He gives to son, Joseph Stanford, the home place; to granddaughter, Harriet Deshield, a cow and calf.  Residue of his estate to his eight children viz: LEVI, JOHN and JOSHUA STANFORD, SOPHIA DRAPER, LEVIN STANFORD, MARY WILSON, WLLENDER LAZENBY AND SARAH ANSLEY.  Executor: Son, JOSEPH STANFORD.  Witnesses: John Willson, Benjamin Harrison, William Harrison.*Contributed by Lillian Gregorius

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Warren Co, GA Abstract of Wills
Davis, Nathan: signed January 31, 1807; probated September 7., 1807
Heirs: "The supposed daughter of Gahaza Davis and Barsheba Grena Davis (now Smith), whom she had before she married said Smith; Nelly Stanford, wife of Levi Stanford; Ephriam and Mary McGee, and their children, Leah McGee; Elizabeth; Sarah; Reuben McGee.

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Warren Co, GA Abstract of Wills
McGee, Reuben: signed April 10, 1818; probated May 4, 1829
Wife: Elizabeth
Son: Ephraim McGee
Daus: Mary Stanford; Sarah McGee; Ellender Stanford; Leah Pearson; Elizabeth Edmason
Grandson: James McGee, son of Leah
Other: A bequest to Sweetwater Baptist church
Exrs: Wife, Elizabeth, and son-in-law, thomas Edmason
Wit: Robert Lazenby; John Mitchell; William Stanford

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Benjamin Standiford witnessed the Will of John Parrish on August 23, 1819.  When the Will was probated in 1823, he gave witness again. *From USGENWEB

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) From: Abstract of Georgia Wills - Warren County:  
Signed: February 7, 1827; Probated: July 5, 1830
Daus: Martha Standiford; Sarah Powell, formerly Harris; Elizabeth Veasey; Fannea Culpepper, Sucky Ruching; Polly P. Heath.  Sons: William Gardiner; Elisha Gardiner.  G-son: Pryor Gardiner, s/o Sterling Gardiner, dec'd. G-dau: Anna P. I. R., Veasey, d/o Elizabeth Veasey.  Exrs: Henry Heath; John Veasey.  Wit: Thomas Gibson, Obadiah Gibson; Mary Gibson, Andrew Stewart.  Note: Joseph Deason and Redding Lewis to be reimbursed for money advanced on note to Benjamin Standiford, husband of dau Martha.

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