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Madison Sumter Mobile


sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) From: Index to Alabama Wills (1808-1870), compiled by AL Society of DAR; publ Gen. Pub. Co., Baltimore; 1977:

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Adlia Sandifer, Jefferson Co., Wills A 1856-1880, p. 157
sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Phillip Sandifer, Jefferson Co, PM, 1844-1854, p. 287
sqrred.gif (852 bytes) William Sandifer, Limestone co., Wills 7, 1844-1847, p. 144
sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Elizabeth Sanford, Mobile Co, Wills 2 (1837-1857), p. 443
sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Caswell Sanford, Elmore Co., Wills A (1866-1906), p. 6
sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Caswell Sanford, Coosa Co., W & OCR 2 (1843-1883), p. 206
sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Charles H. Sanford, Bibb Co., Admr. R. I (1858-1865), p. 794
sqrred.gif (852 bytes) James Sanford, Mobile Co. Wills 3, (1857-1870), p. 361
sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Abraham H. Standifer, Sumter Co., Wills 1 (1828-1851), p. 190
sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Israel Standifer, Madison Co., PR 3 (1823-1826), p. 377
sqrred.gif (852 bytes) James H. Standefer, Madison Co., Wills 1, (1853-1875), p. 213
sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Phebe Standifer, Madison Co., PR 8 (1831-1839) p. 411
sqrred.gif (852 bytes) George Stanford, Lamar Co., Wills 2 (1832-1850), p.280

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Madison County:

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 Madison Co, AL Chancery Record Book D, May term 1828 Original Bill dated 4 Jul 1821. Peter Blow vs. Israel Standifer who with his brother Abraham, was in the business of freighting cotton to New Orleans; in the spring of 1821 entrusted them with 9644 lbs. Standifer's answer says the cotton was placed on two boats, lashed together; they descended safely about 100 miles on the Tenn. River, then were stuck on a bar when the river fell rapidly, and could not get off until it rose; the rise came very suddenly and rapidly and 10 bales were lost, the rest got very wet. Defendant had cotton the same boats, which went safely, but after arrival the highest price Joseph Fowler Junr. could get was 12-1/2 cents per lb. Freight charges on the 9644 lbs was $96.44.

 Madison Co, AL Chancery Court Record Book B - First series May Term 1825 Original Bill filed 22 Mar 1823. William F. Collier and Bolling Collier vs. James B. Collier of Madison Co., Ala. and Israel Standifer of the State of Tennessee. Some time previous to the 25th of March, 1822, James B. Collier was indebted to David Nelson of Washington Co., Tenn. with orator Bolling Collier as security, and on the 23rd of March, 1822 executed to orator William F. Collier a Deed of Trust. Afterward said Standifer obtained a judgment vs. James B. Collier and execution on negroes in said Deed of Trust; Injunction asked. On page 72 was filed a Supplemental Bill; orators state they understand Israel Standifer has become much embarassed and has transferred the judgment mentioned in the Original Bill to one James Standifer, who, as well as Israel, resides in Bledsoe Co., Tenn. 5 May 1823. Decree, in favor of Complainant, May, 1825.

Madison Co, AL Chancery Suite; January Term, 1832: Standefer versus Chisholm.  This was a proceeding in Madison Ciruit Court to try the right of property in certain slaves levied on as the estate of Skelton Standefer. Before the judgments had been obtained under which Chisholm's executions were levied, Skelton Standefer to secure and indemnify Jesse Standefer against extensive liabilities as a surety executed a deed of trust of slaves jointed to said Jesse Standefer and one William Patton.  Jesse Standefer had employed Samuel W. Standefer as his agent to carry the slaveds to Mississippi in 1823.  Jessee Standefer resides in Madison Co., Alabama.

Madison Co., AL Chancery Records; Book C; p. 198.   Original Bill filed 6 April 1832.  Mary A. Steelman by her next fried Jesse Standifer vs. William Steelman.  Oratrix is a daughter of said Jesse Standifer and in 1818 was married to William Steelman.  They resided in Madison County about ten years and had four children, when he left her, went to New Orleans and to Texas. "King providence withdrew from the scene of affliction two of the unfortunate offspring." Oratrix has been a resident of this county about nineteen years. (Mary is found on the 1850 Williamson County, TX living with Caroline and James Standefer.  She is insane).

Below are two court records pertaining  Micajah Jackson Standifer.   (He also went by the name Isaac!)

Madison Co, AL Probate Record 11, p. 26. Inventory of property belonging to Micajah Standifer (wife gets 1/3; children 2/3). Orphans mentioned are William Standifer, Franklin Standifer and Micajah Standifer.

His wife, Sarah MNU,  remarried Jones Mitchell.
Madison County, AL Probate Records; Probate Record 31;
p. 42 Sarah Sarah Mitchell, formerly Sarah Standifer petitions for laying off of her dower in the lands of Micajah Standifer, deceased, who died leaving said Sarah and children Franklin, Isaac and William, all under 21. Sarah has married one Jones Mitchell and on 13 February 1839 she and said Jones sold her right of dower in the lands of Micajah Standifer, deceased, to Thomas and
William Brandon. Undated. Recorded 15 October 1870.

Madison County, AL Probate Records 3, p. 355: *Contributed by Brian Bivona

Will of John Echols
Madison County, Alabama
Dated 5 Nov. 1816; Probated 13 Feb 1826

To sons Samuel M. & James -- property already received by them.
To son John -- & if he dies then 1/3 to his widow.
Daughters: Lucy Williams, LYDIA STANDIFER, Patsy Ellis, Temperance Rogers, and Prudence Irvin. To granddaughter, Caty Rogers.
Executors: son John Echols, & friend James Irvin
Witnesses: John (X) Owen, Daniel (X) Tanz, David L. Owen.

Madison Co., AL Chancery Records; June term, 1850 Book 18; part 2, p. 171. *Contributed by Brian Bivona

Ewing v. Standefer
Error to Circuit Court of Madison

Action of detinue brought by defendants in error against plaintiff to recover 5 several negro slaves; They claimed as children of Lydia Standefer, grandchildren of John Echols, deceased, under will of the latter which bequeathed said property as follows: "I lend to my daughter, Lydia Standefer during her natural life, 5 Negroes viz: Harrena, etc. These 5 Negroes with all their increase, I will to the lawful begotten heirs of Lydia Standefer to be equally divided among them at her death." Plaintiff in error claims as purchaser, deriving title from Skelton Standefer, husband of said Lydia, through intervening purchasers. Lydia has since departed this life and defendants insist that their right to slaves became perfect upon her decease.

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Mobile County

From: Abstracts, Will Book 3, 1857-1870, p. 8
Dated 12 Apr 1836
Will of Charles Heazard, Mobile, Mobile Co., AL
Executors: Daniel Fowler, Jr. and George Starr of Mobile, AL
Executor in Tuscaloosa, AL: Henry A. Snow
Executrix: Wife, Cornelia
Co-partnership in mercantile concern known as Toulmin & Heazard Co.  Debt owed by Daniel Fowler, Jr.  To wife, Cornelia.  Request wife to retire to village or farm in New England to educate her children (not named).
Witnesses: S. Dudley, John Sanderford and William Heazard.
Recorded 20 Jan 1858

From: Abstracts, Will Book 3, 1857-1870, p. 124
Dated 15 Nov 1856
Will of Asa Chadick, Sr. of Mobile, Mobile Co., AL.
Wife: Phebe Chadick
Children: Issac M. Chadick, David C. Chadick, Damaries Curtis and Hannah Millsap
Land Patent #5460 - 80 acres in Augusta, MS. patented by Martin Chadick.
Executor: Isaac M. Chadick.
Witnesses: Ivel Ford, John B. Sandiford and Nathaniel D. Overstreet.
Recorded 4 Apr 1859

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Sumter County:

From: Sumter County, Wills 1828-1872 by Gwen Hester, p. 190:
"Abraham H. Standifer. The State of Alabama, Sumter County...this 12th day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty two..The balance of all my property both personal and singular of all and every kind and description I give and bequeath to my beloved nephew Robert Henry Standifer and Valina Malvina Standifer my niece the son and daughter of my brother James H. Standifer...I further bequeath that my beloved beother James H. Standifer act as my executor...and further that he act as guardian for Robert Henry Standifer and Valina Malvina Standifer of my beloved nephew and niece." 
Will recorded February 27, 1843

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