Abraham Sandifur

*This document is a copy of a true court record. Any spelling errors and or punctuation errors or omissions are
on the original document.  Contributed by Glenn E. Sandefur


Written  July 7, 1784 Cumberland Co.,  VA; Proved November 22, 1784 Cumberland Co.,  VA (Will Book 2,  p. 346)

Last Will and Testament of Abraham Sandifur

In the name of God Amen. I Abraham Sandifur of Cumberland County being in a low state of health but of perfect mind and sound memory knowing the uncertainty of life do make and ordain this my last will & testament revoking all other wills or will herebefor made have bequeathed my Estate in
the following manner.

Imprimis Its my will and desire that my just debts be paid out of such part of my Estate as my beloved wife shall think proper to dispose of.

Item I lend to my beloved wife Joanna all my Estate both personal and real dureing her natural life or widowhod but in case she should marry or die its my further will and desire that an immediate division of my Estate should take place including the negroes and other property in possession of my daughters that are married either by loan gift or otherwise which shall be accounted for the same as part of my Estate the whole to be thrown into one Common Stock and divided agreeable to the number of my living children that an equal proportion be allotted and set apart for each child with the addition of one third to be added to my three sons proportions more than be given to the daughters that is that each of my sons shall possess & receive of my Estate one third more in their lotts than the daughters that
each of my children who have received negroes or my other property shall account for the same as part of the Estate and what is in their possession shall be deemed so much of their proportions paid valueing the same at the time the division take place That the negro woman known by the name of
little Judith shall be included in the lott set apart for my son Matthew if he should make choice of the same Its my desire that the division of my Estate should be made by three disinterested impartial men and that my two sons Abraham and Matthew & my daughter Dianna should receive the necessary
supports from the Estate untill my sons arive to the age of twenty one or bound to a trade and my daughter married In case my wife should marry I lend her 1/3rd of Estate during her natural life to be divided after her decease in form and manner before recited (to wit) giving 1/3rd more to my sons than the daughters I also invest in my beloved wife full and absolute power to distribute among my children after my debts being paid one fourth part of my Estate except the negroes as she may think necessary & occations shall require the proportion of my Estate alotted to my daughters Frances Smith I lend to her during her natural life and after her decease to be equallly divided among her surviving children Its my further will and desire that the Tract of Land on Green Creek containing two hundred and eight acres leased of Beverly Randolph be sold or rented for the term agreeable to the lease by which I hold the same & further Invest my Executors with full power to dispose of any part or parcel of the Tract of Land whereon I now live and the money arising from such sales or rent I desire may be applyed and appropriated to the use of the Estate as shall be thought most condusive to
its Interest provided its done with the approbation of my wife Johanna. I nominate & appoint John Woodson & Stephen Cook Executors & my beloved wife Johanna Executrix tothis my last will & Testament as witness my hand and seal this seventh day of July one thousand seven hundred and eighty four.
Abra'm Sandifer L. S.

Signed seal'd publish'd & declared in presence of
Miller Woodson
Sarah DeGraffenried

his  Wm. Ascew  mark

The words between Estate & untill blotted out before sign'd

At a court held for Cumberland County 22nd November 1784.
This last will and Testament of Abraham Sandifur deceased was proved by Miller Woodson one of the witnesses thereto and at a Court held for the said County of Cumberland the 24th January 1785 the same was further proved by William Askew and ordered to be Recorded and on the motion of Joanna Sandifur & Stephen Cook Executrix and Executor in this will named who made oath according to Law Certificate is granted them for obtaining a probat thereof in due form they having with John Woodson John Lee Samuel Williams and Miller Woodson their securities entered into bond according to Law and Liberty is reseved to the other Executor to join in probat.

Miller Woodson Clk.

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