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Accomack County

From Virginia Colonial Records, 1600-1700s, p. 73

Sanford, Samuel (d. 1710), Accomack County.  In will, dated at London, desired to be buried in the parish burying-ground at Avening, Gloucestershire; bequeathed a tenement there, and left 200 for the education of the poor children of Avening.

Virginia Gleanings in England: pg #278-279                           
Samuel Sandford sometimes of Accomac County in Virginia and now being in the City of London.  Will 27 March 1710; proved 20 April 1710.  To be privately buried in the Parish Burial place at Avening in County Gloucester.  To sister Mary Freeman, widow, 25s. a month for life out of my money in the bank of England and to her daughter Mary Freeman whose name is mentioned in my base granted by Phillip Sheppard, Esq., for my tenement at Avening, the said tenement, she paying her sister Jane Freeman 30s. a quarter while unmarried.  To my sister's son Thomas f 20.  To Sandford Green, son of Mordicay and Thomazen, f50.  To Susannah Sandford, my neice and daughter of my brother John Sandford, sometime of Princess Anne County in Virginia, f500.  To his daughter Mary Sandford f500.  For learning of six poor male children of Avening f200.  Each child to have brown coloured cloth coat, buttons of Horn, a Hatt, one pair of shoes, and one pair of stockings.  Mr. Samuel Sheppard Senior and Junior to be trustees.  For education of poor children in Accomack County, from Guildford Creek to Sea side, and to Maryland, 2300 acres, according to survey of Edmond Harborough made April 1700, which lands I bought of Coll. John West and adjoining to Lixess Island, Mosongoe Creek, and Pocomack Bay, and a piece of land near Crooked Creek which I bought of Nathaniell Rackliffe.  To John, son of Thomas Pary, my kinsman, now in Maryland, the two corn mills bought for my account of Ralph Foster of S. Mary's County in Maryland.  To my kinsman Thomas Sandford. living in Fenchurch Street in London, the remainder of a debt due me by his subscription.  If my servant Will, a Mallagascoe man, desires to go to Virginia, his fare and necessarys are to be paid.  Residuary Legatee and Executrix: neice Katherine Sandford, daughter of my brother Giles Sandford.  Overseers: Mr. Thomas Sheppard, late of Avening, but now of London, and John Pary aforenamed.  Witnesses:  John Powell, Lewis Smigh, Tho: Sheppard, Tho:  Witheby. Smith.98.
(Samuel Sandford was a member of the house of Burgesses for Accomac in March, 1692-3.  Meade (Old Churches and Families of Virginia, 1, 264,265) states that the school founded by Samuel Sandfour in Accomac was in existance in 1857.  He states that the will was recorded in Accomac and gives an extract.  The total amount of the land left to the school was 3,420 acres, and the testator asked the Governor and Council of Virginia to see that his purposes in regard to the school were carried out. John Sandford, the brother, was a considerable land owner in (Old) Norfork-Princess Anne county and was J.P. at the formation of the latter county in 1691.  Administration on his estate was granted March 1, 1692-3, to his widow Sarah.  See this magazine, XI, 144.)

Sanford, John (d. 1793) in Princess Ann County; brother of the preceding.

Virginia Colonial Records, 1600's-1700's, Virginia Gleanings in England.
John Sandford, late of the Island of Virginia, deceased. Administration 1 June 1704 to William Sandford Jun'r, guardian of John Sandford, a minor, son of the deceased. Admon. Act Book, 1704,folio 128
(A John Sandford, who was born about 1649, patented several tracts of land, amounting in all to 3,297 acres, between 1675 and 1688.  He was a justice of the first court of Princess Anne County in 1691.  On March 1, 1692-3, administration on his estate was granted to his widow Sarah.  He was a merchant, and in 1673 had given a power of attorney to his brother Samuel Sanford, merchant.  Dorothy Tucker, of Exeter, England, widow, by her will dated May 13, 1693, and proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Exeter, June 30, of the same year, left certain houses to her brother John Sandford, of Virginia.  On February 6, 1694-5, Mrs. Sarah Sandford, above mentioned, through her attorney, her brother Henry Woodhouse, confirmed deed of gift to her sons Cowson and Henry and daughter Sarah.  See William and Mary Quarterly IV, 15-17, of course there is no positive proof that this John Sandford is identical with the person of the same name whose administation is given above.)

From the Virginia Genealogist by John Frederick Dorman,  p. 208-210.
Explores the genealogies of the Woodhouse: "Sarah Woodhouse Moore Sandford Clowes, mother of Susannah Sandford Thorowgood, was the daughter of Henry Woodhouse whose will, dated 29 Jan 1686 and proved 21 Feb 1686/7, leaves to his daughter, Sarah, wife of Caton Moore, money due him from Thomas Mumford. The will of Cason Moore, dated 24 Jan 1686/7 and proved 17 March 1686/7 mentions his three children Cason, Henry and Sarah Moore, his brother William Moore and his brother-in-law Henry Woodhouse.



Amelia County:

From: Amelia County, Virginia Will Book 5, 1793-1799 by Bel Hubbard Wise, p. 67

OB 22:310; April Court 1799: Guardians and orphans
Matthew Sandifur guardian of William Morgan, orphan of Jno Morgan.  April Court 1799.

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Chesterfield County:

 From the William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 26, p. 115-116:

Will of John Branch of the Parish Dale. Weak and infirmed, signed with a mark, dated January 11, 1769, was recorded in Will Book II, p. 44……To daughter Johannah Sandifer featherbed and furniture. To son Samuel one negro and furniture. To son Matthew, rest of my estate. Exec. Samuel Branch. Will proved 1772.

From Chesterfield Co., VA Chancery Papers
No. 1759-6
Branches vs. Branches
Date: 1759
Plantiffs: Frances Branch, Matthew Branch, Elizabeth Branch, infant by Samuel Branch, 
guardian, Samuel Branch, Joanna Sandifer, John Branch

Defendants: Johanna Branch, admix. of John Branch.

Subject:  John Branch, father of orators died intestate in 175?.  Administration was granted Joanna Branch. 
 Pray for account and division.  Account in 1751 mentions sale of slave Sarah and quit rents on 1900 acres.

Division of slaves: 
Johanna Branch - Patti;
John Branch - Workey, Betty
Samuel Branch - Jack
Matthew Branch - Soyney
Abraham Sanderfur - Billie
Frances Branch - Phillis
Betty Branch - Flow

Division of Personal Property:
Johanna Branch, part 2
John Branch, part 5
Samuel Branch, part 1
Matthew Branch, part 3
Abraham Sanderfur, part 4
John Chastain, Jr., part 6
Betty Branch, part 7


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Cumberland County:

From St. James Northam Parish Vestry Book, p. 33:

On May 25, 1749 Tarlton Fleming and John Smith, Churchwardens, place John Clayton a poor boy as Apprentice in Bricklaying to Abraham Sandefer of Southam Parish in Cumberland County until he reaches the age of 21 years.  Witness: William Maycock and Joseph Woodson.

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Click here for the Will of Abraham Sandifur (1784)

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Elizabeth City County:

 Index to Wills of Elizabeth City County, VA, 1730-1800, p. 97-98:

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)John Sandefur, Will dated 1742. Click here!

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Robert Sandefur, Will recorded in 1769. Click here!

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Jonathan Sandefur, Will recorded in 1757. Click here!

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Gerrad Sandefur, Will recorded in 1764. Click here!

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)William Sandefur, Will recorded in 1782. Click here!

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Peter Sandefur, Will dated 1774; recorded in 1777. Click here!

From: Wills and Adminstrations of Elizabeth City County, Virginia 1610-1800; pub. 1941, p.212 by Blanche Adams Chapman:

Samuel Sandefur the younger left a will in Elizabeth City County dated 27 November 1783, not shown to have been recorded, giving money due for his service as a soldier to father Samuel, his executor, with a reversion to sister Mary Sandefur. One of the two Samuels owned 25 acres in Elizabeth City County advertised for sale to pay taxes in 1789 after he was dead. The Virginia Genealogist, v. 41 (1997), p. 257 *Contributed by Fred Eggleston

From: Wills and Administrations of Elizabeth City County Virginia and Other Genealogical and Historical Items 1610-1800 by Blanch Adams Chapman, 1941; p. 80: *Contributed by Charles Caldwell, Jr.

Samuel Sandefur. The Younger.  Leg.-all the money due me for my services as a soldier to my father Samuel Sandefur in case he should survive me; with reversion to my sister Mary Sandefur.   Ex. father Samuel Sandefur. D. November 27, 1783.  With. Alexander Lewelling, William Langley.  Original Will.

Sarah Sandefur, daughter of Elizabeth Watts of Elizabeth City County, was mentioned in the will of Jane Watts, wife of Samuel Watts, dated 26 April 1797 and recorded 7 January 1798. William Armstrong Crozier, Williamsburg Wills, p. 61.*Contributed by Fred Eggleston

Mary Sandefur made a will in Elizabeth City County dated 6 November 1818 and proved 23 October 1823, mentioning daughter Nancy Davis, unnamed Davis grandchildren, and daughter Frances Turner, with brother John Allen and Francis M. Arnold to be executors. Ibid., p. 373*Contributed by Fred Eggleston

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Floyd County:

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes) Mathew Sandefur, Will dated 1843. Click here!

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Grayson County:

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Will of W. C. Stanford (d. 1906)- Click here!

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Henry County:

 Henry Co., Va., Patent Book E; Vol. 2; p. 633, 634; 1780 Sept. 1; Thomas Jefferson Esq. ... 20 Shillings sterling ... James Standeford, County of Henry formerly Pittsylvania on branch Stony Creek. Signed Thomas Jefferson

Circuit Court, Henry Co., VA. (Typed from original document):  "Know all men by these presents that we William Standiford and John Rentfro of the County of Henry are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Virginia in the just sum of Fifty pounds current money.  To which payment will truly be made we bind ourselves, our Heirs, Spons & Amd firmly by these presents Sealed with our Seals and Dated this 24th Day of June 1779.  Whereas there is a marriage depending and my God's permission surely intended between the above bound William Standiford and Jemima Jones Daughter of Thomas Jones.   Now the condition of the above Obligation is such that if there is no Lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage then the above obligation to be void or else to remain in full force Power and Virtue.
Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the presence of William Standiford and John Rentfro.

Henry County Wills, p. 118-119:  Joseph Jones.  Inventory. 30 Aug 1785.  Appraised by Swinfield Hill, Luke Stadefer, Wm. Menefee and Stephen Smith.  Total valuation is 4.13.0.  Returned 27 Oct. 1785.

Henry County Wills, p. 13: Robert Hill.  Inventory.  Appraised by William Cook, James Sandefer, Benjamin Griffith.  Total valuation 393.1.6.  Returned 22 Sept. 1778.

Henry County Wills, Will Book I (1779-1799), p. 129-30:  Joseph Jones.  Estate account.  Payments made to John Rentfro, Thomas Brandon, Nicholas Alley, Peter Saunders, Danl. Spangler, John Graham, Swimfield Hill, William Standefer (as admr. ) and ___Prunty.
Receipts from John Bates, Jerremiah Bohannon, John Tuson, John Huff, William McCay, Alexander Southerland, Ebenezer Pyat, Jesse Rentfro, Peter Saunders.  Aprroved 28 July 1786 by Geo. Waller, Jno Salmon.  Returned 18 July 1786.

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Lee County:

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Will of Joseph Gilbert - 1804

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Will of Nancy Cheek Gilbert - 1826 - Click here!

From: Early Records of Lee Co., VA by Catron
Thomas Stantiford witnessed the Will of William King May 27, 1796

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Lunenburg County: 

 Lunenburg Co., VA, Patent Book 35:444; Vol. 2; 1763, Aug. 30; George the Third... 35 shillings good and lawful money... James Standefer 333 acres in County of Lunenburg southside Black Water River. Signed: Francis Fauquier

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Click here to view Will of Hugh Norwell, 1759.  (Daughter, Elizabeth Sandefer)

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Click here to Will of John Sandford, 1762

Lunenburg Co., VA, Will Book No. 1, With Inventories, Accounts, Etc., 1746-1762; p.56 & 57:
p. 56: Per Court order, we have appraised the estate of Capt. William Howard, deceased.  Signed: Thomas Hawkins.  Total value: 22.7.6.  Signed: William Sandefur, John Speed, Hutchins Burton.  Recorded January 7, 1752.
p. 57: Inventory of the estate of William Howard, deceased.  Includes a Negro man, Jack, 1 cart and wheels and harness, 7 beds and furniture, 1 silver watch, a parcel of books, money scale.  Total value: 187.2.9.  Per Court order, we, being first sworn before Field Jefferson, Gent., have appraised the estate of William Howard, deceased.  Signed July 1, 1751 - William Sandefur, John Speed, Henry Delon.  Signed - Thomas Hawkins.  Recorded 
January 7, 1752.

Lunenburg Co., VA, Will Book No. 1, With Inventories, Accounts, Etc., 1746-1762;
p. 76: Inventory of the estate of Charles Simmons, late of L., deceased.  Includes 1 old Bible and Old Testament.  Total Value: 8.18.9.  Signed: John Talbot, Administrator.  Signed Nichols Haile, John Greer, James Standeford (X) his mark.  Recorded June 2, 1752.
p. 81: Inventory of the goods sold the estate of Charles Simmons: Buyers: Charles Merryman, Thomas Sexon, Joseph Fare, William Mead, Nicholas Haile, JR., Sabrit Shoat, Nicholas Haile, George Simmons, John Day, Reichard Choat, James Standeford, Henry Taler, Jacob Pybon.  Total:
9.14.1.  Signed John Talbot, Adm.  Recorded November 7. 1752

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Mecklenburg County:

From Early Wills 1765-1799, Mecklenburg Co, VA by Katherine B. Elliott, p. 15

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Merit Bland. This Will is important because it establishes Sandefur relationships.  Click here!

From: Early Settlers Mecklenburg Co., VA; Vol. 1 by Katherine B. Elliott

p. 61: Patent Book 29, p. 361: William Sandefer, 400 acres on upper side of Allens Creek. November 30, 1750

p. 96: 1748 Tithe List: William Sandifer, John Young 2

From: Mecklenburg Co., VA Will Book 12, p.12

Will of Martha Coleman written December 12, 1827; proven July 20, 1829. Mentions: Granddaughter, Polly Carter, daughter of Henry Coleman; son Roderic Coleman, daughter Jane Moss; Negro Cymes; son Burwell Coleman; son William Coleman; daughter Lucy Smithson; daughter Martha V. Sandefur.

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Middlesex County:

 From Middlesex County Will Records, p. 111

 Francis Sandiford, age 24, gave a deposition re. The Will of Jonathan Hide in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, VA on 3 Feb 1718.

Middlesex County, Virginia: Wills & Inventories, 1673-1812, and Other Court Papers,
 1989, Iberian, Athens Ga.; abstracted by William Lindsay Hopkins

*Contributed by Libbie Griffin.  Thanks, Libbie!

p. 44: Inventory of the estate of William Beaumont, dec'd., taken by John Sanford, William Barby and Thomas Townsend, 15 Nov. 1700.

  p. 46, quoting Will Book A, p. 82: Thomas Williams... 1 Feb. 1697/7 Apr. 1701 [will written/will probated?] ... Wife Isabella Williams and after her death to her son Thomas Roberts (under 21). Exor. Wife.  Witn: William Churchill, John SANDIFORD, Elener Doss.

  p. 55, quoting Will Book B, 1713-1734, part 1, p. 32:  "John Sandeford ... 23 Dec. 1708/5 Apr. 1715: Sons William Sandeford and John Sandeford. Daughter Elizabeth Downing, wife of William Downing.  Wife Sarah Sandeford and "all my children" viz. William Sandeford, John Sandeford, Mary Sandeford, and Sarah Sandeford.  Trustees: Edwin Thacker, William Barby, John Miller, and Roger Jones.  Exors: Wife and sons William Sandeford and John Sandeford. Codicil: 26 Dec. 1708.  Wit: William Churchill, Charles Barnshaw and Mary Barnshaw."  Also on this page, from p. 33 of original book, "Inventory of Estate of John Sandeford for William Sandeford. 7 June 1715."  

Middlesex Co., VA Wills, 1713-1714:

P. 32-33.  Will of John Sandeford of the County of Middlesex in Virginia, being very sick and weak in body, dated December 23, 1709.

Unto my son William Sandeford all that my dwelling plantation on which I now live together with all the houses and orchards and woodland ground.

My trustees hereafter named have power to sell and dispose of so much of my personal estate either tobacco, stock or servants as shall raise so much mony as shall redeeme my aforesaid land and plantation from a mortgage by heretofore made until William Churchill of the county aforesaid.

Unto my son John Sanderford a seat of land I have in the neck in the lower precincts of the county aforesaid containing 150 acres by me lately taken up as lapsed for want of seating by John Bell.

Until my daughter Elizabeth Downing the wife of William Downing one two year old heifer as her full part and portion of my estate.

All the rest of my personal estate be equally divided betwixt my loveing wife Sarah Sandeford and my four children viz William Sandeford, John Sandeford, Mary Sandeford and Sarah Sandeford.

My four friends viz Edwin Thacker, William Barby, John Miller and Roger Jones trustees or overseers to this my last will.

My two sons William Sandeford and John Sandeford executors.

Signed John Sandeford
Wit: W. Churchill, Charles (X) Barnshaw, Mary (X) Barnshaw.

26 Dec 1708.  My loving wife Sarah Sandeford to be joyned as an executor with two sons William and John.

Jno. Sandeford

Wit: W. Churchill, Wm. Downing, Richd. (R) Woods.
5 April 1715.  William Sandiford presented in Court this will.

p. 56, quoting Will Book B, p. 69: "Inventory of Estate of William Sandeford, deceased."  7 May 1717.

p. 57, quoting Will Book B., p. 111, "Nuncupative will of Elizabeth Elliot ... 3 Feb. 1718/3 Mar. 1718 ... Son Robert Dudley for bringing up "my younger children."  Witn: Dinah Bromley, aged 30, and Frances (Francis) Sandeford, aged 24."  

p. 140, quoting Court Order Bk. 2, 1680-1694, p. 317: John Sandeford is one of a long list of men required to provide a man, a horse and mares.  23 Nov. 1687.

p. 145, quoting Court Order Bk. 2, 1680-1694, p. 421: " John Sandeford and Sarah Sandeford, his wife, against Mr. Thomas Williams."

  p. 167, quoting Court Order Bk. 4, 1694-1705, p. 236: John Sandeford one of a jury.

p. 154:  quoting Court Order Bk. 2, 1680-1694: p. 671, "John Sandiford for keeping a child for the Vestry." 1 Jan. 1693.

p. 175: quoting Court Order Bk. 5, 1710-1726: p. 234, "William Sandiford presents the will and codicil of John Sandiford, decd. [on] 5 April 1715. Same page of abstract, "William Sandiford produces the will of John Sandiford, dec." 7 Jun. 1715

p. 179: Court Order Bk. 5, 1710-1726: p. 309, "Frances Sandiford, relict of William Sandiford, dec'd."  2 Jan. 1716[/17].

  p. 180: quoting Court Order Bk. 5, 1710-1726: p. 338, "Estate of Mrs. Elizabeth Churchill, dec.d, against the Estates of William Sandiford and John Sandiford, dec.d."  3 Sep. 1717  [this does not necessarily imply that William was also deceased -- I've seen the term estate used in court papers to mean the holdings of a living person.]

  p. 186: Court Order Bk. 5, 1710-1726: p. 460, "William Came against Frances Sandiford."

  p. 187: Court Order Bk. 5, 1710-1726: p. 490, "Deed of Frances Sandiford to John Bradley."

  p. 190, quoting Court Order Bk. 6, 1721-1726: p. 29, "Harry Beverley, guardian of Thomas Sandifer."  3 Apr. 1722.

  p. 191, quoting Court Order Bk. 6, 1721-1726: p. 50, "Deed of Frances Saniford to Hezekiah Rhodes." 6 Nov. 1722.  [This does imply that William is dead.]

p. 194, quoting Court Order Bk. 6, 1721-1726: p. 29, "Robert English against Rebecca Hughes over 300 acres of land which Thomas Sandifer holds by Harry Beverly his guardian.  Frances Sandifer has her right of dower in the land.  1 Sep. 1724.  

From Middlesex County, VA Will, 1713-1734, p. 132-133:

p. 69: Wm. Sandeford.  Sale of estate.  25 Feb 1716.  Purchases were Mr. John Grimes, James Hipkins (bought mulatto boy Wm. Cocklen), Roger Jones, Francis Sandeford, Geo. Wortham, Jno Curtis, John Gibbs, Saml. Smith, Mr. Bartw. Yates, Thomas Smith, John Bradley, John Fearn, Richard Hill, Jacob Stift, Saml. Thompson, John Ingram and George Hardin.

p. 1: Thomas Jones.  Inventory ? Nov. 1713.  Appraised by Robert Johnson, John Sandeford, Chr. 

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Pittsylvania County:

 p. 262: "Stephen Heard of Pittsylvania County, died Oct 29, 1774, probated November 24, 1774. Witnesses: Peter Gillam, Isham Belcher, Robert Hughes, George Heard, Ch. Cocherham. , : wife Mary, children Jesse, Stephen, George, Mary Heard, Anne Gwilim, and Susannah Standeford."
Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Click here for the complete Will

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Richmond County:

  Will Abstract, Richmond County, VA:

 Last Will and Testament of Samuel Samford, Will drawn. 13 SEP 1735; Will probated 4 OCT 1736; sons: Thomas; James; William and John. Son Samuel, land I bought of Richard King. Daughters: Elizabeth Bogus and Winifred Webb and Isaac Webb. [Samuel Samford m. 1st Elizabeth Keene abt 1687; m. 2nd Isabella Langhee abt 1707]. Inventory taken 1 NOV 1736; final inventory taken 6 DEC 1736.

 From the William and Mary Quarterly: Vol. 23, No. 4, p. 267:

  "December 20, 1719. Captain Maurice Jones probated the will of Thomas Sandiford (This name was also spelled Sandford and Sanford). This will was dated September 21, 1721 and recites, "I, Thomas Sandiford living at Maurice Jones at Fleet's Bay in North'd Co." names Swann Jones, Mrs. Judith Jones (wife of Capt. Maurice), Judith Jones, Jr., Betty Smith, his father Mr. (Dr.) Thomas Sandiford and Captain Maurice Jones.

 James Sanford, of Richmond County, in his will probated there November 2, 1700 names his grandson Thomas Sandford and leaves a legacy to Sanford Jones. Sanford Jones was a son of Edward Jones (will probated 1715), who names his sons, Sanford, Edward and Charles and daughter, Alicia Payne. Raleigh Travers, will Feb. 20, 1701, leaves legacies to Samuel and Mrs. Peachy and Edward Jones. Mary Peachey's will, 1713, names her daughters, Mary Tarpley and Elizabeth Jones. These wills are all from Richmond County, VA.

 Virginia Wills, p. 299; Richmond County, VA:

 James Samford, will written September 27, 1703 and probated November 2, 1704. Grandsons, Thomas Samford, James and the rest of the children of my son, Samuel. Son Samuel's wife, Elizabeth; grandsons: William, Giles and John Samford; legacy to Stamford Jones. At the same time that Capt. Maurice Jones presented the will of Thomas Sandiford for probate, he made a deed for land to Dr. Thomas Thornton---Mrs. Judith Jones, his wife, relinquished her dower rights by her atty. Mr. Richard Lee. Mentions land bequeathed by Thomas Samford to grandson James Stamford; to Elizabeth, wife of son Samuel Samford; To grandsons William Giles and John Samford; to Samford Jones; to grandson William Samford; to Edward Jones; son Samuel to be executor. Wit: Giles Webb, Richard Taylor and Edward Jones.

  Will Abstract, Richmond County, VA:

 Last Will and Testament of Samuel Samford, Will drawn. 13 SEP 1735; Will probated 4 OCT 1736; sons: Thomas; James; William and John. Son Samuel, land I bought of Richard King. Daughters: Elizabeth Bogus and Winifred Webb and Isaac Webb. [Samuel Samford m. 1st Elizabeth Keene abt 1687; m. 2nd Isabella Langhee abt 1707]. Inventory taken 1 NOV 1736; final inventory taken 6 DEC 1736.

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Southampton County:

From Wills and Administrations of Southampton Co, VA by Blanche Adams Capman:

p. 10-11: Sandefur, William. Leg...son Hill; son William; to unborn child.  Exe. wife, Mary Sandefur. died 27 May 1755; Recorded 13 Nov 1755. Wit: Joseph Jones, Richard Pond, Martha Pond Ruth Sweney.

p. 181: Sandefur, William. Estate appraised by Arthur Arrington, Joseph Vasser and Richard Pond.  Signed, Mary Sandefur. Recorded 11 Dec 1755, p. 185. (*Contributed by Ann Davis)

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Stafford County:

 From Virginia Will Records, Stafford County, Administrations, Inventories, etc. 1664-1760:

Thomas Sandiford, deceased 1723.

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York County:

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes) Will of John Sandifor (d. 1691)  Click here!

  From Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 19; p. 180: Inquisitions on Escheated Land 1665-1675

 Jno Sandifer, York Co. Jury Member 1665.

 York Co. Levy Tax: John Sandifer p.idem 200, 1662

From York County, VA Records 1665-1672, compiled by Benjamin B. Weisizer, III, 1987

p. 121: Elizabeth Barnes and Thomas Sanford are ordered 40 lb. tobacco each as witnesses for George Hough against Edward Wade.   December 7, 1668

p. 420: February 24, 1670.  Inventory of Mr. Nicholas Bond's estate taken by Mrs. Richard Stock and Mr. Thomas Dennett (lists contents of each room and their value). Tobacco debts: John Overstreet, John Bach, William Fletcher, Thomas Sandford, Peter Frake, John Leister, Thomas Allen and Robert Dobbs.

p. 388: A Mr. Jones for a Mr. Standford was listed as having a debt due the estate of Major Croshaw, dec'd. April 10, 1668.

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Unknown County:

From Israel Standifer's DAR file.  Taken from An Old Virginia Court by Marshall Wingfield; p. 134:

July Court 1788.  Israel Standifer Gent Produc'd a Com. from his Excellency the Governor appointing him a Lieut. for the Militia of this County, who Qual'd accordg to Law.  Swimfield Hill, coroner for this County, return'd to the Court an Inquest taken on the Body of Ste. Evans & the Jurors for that Purpose inpanneled.  Brougt in thie Verd. w'ch was ordered to be Recorded.   Sauders vs. Miller. Judgt Conf'd by Rentfro on a Repy Bond w'th Costs.  A Deed Peter Holland from Ashford Napier Atto. for Peter Gillams & Israel Standifer Ack'd & Susannah the wife of Standifer, Being Priviley Examined, Reling'd her Right of Dower.  Sam Cockram Pro'd a Com. from his Exellency the Governor appointing him an Ensign for the Militia of this County who Qual'd accordg to Law.  A Deed from Benj. Griffith to John Ferguson Ack'd & Catherine the wife, being Privily Examined as the law Directs, Reling'd as her Right of Dower & O. R.  A Deed from Thomas Aruther to Rob. Ellison & Thos. P. Jourdin Ack'd & O. R.  Thomas Arthur vs. Thomas Doggett Dism'd.

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