Peter Sandefur


Written March 7, 1774 in Elizabeth City County, VA now Hampton County.  Will was proven March 13, 1777 in Warwick County.  The town of Warwick, Virginia is now Newport News, VA.

Last Will and Testament of Peter Sandefur


In The Name of God Amen. I Peter Sandefur ~

Imprimis: I desire that all my just debt and funeral expenses be first satisfied and paid ~

Item: My will and desire is that my whole estate be kept together by my wife and the profits be applied towards the support of herself and all my children & their education until my son John shall arrive to the age of twenty one years, and that then my said wife take her Dower in my lands and slaves and that she also have the use of all my personal estate during her life and my will further is that after my wife's Dower in my slaves is set apart, which is to be done immediately upon my son John's arriving to the age of twenty one years as aforesaid two young Negroes of the values of twenty pounds each be taken out of the other two thirds which said two Negroes I give to my two younger children and the residue thereof be equally divided amongst all my children that shall be then alive ~

Item: My will and desire further is that at the death of my wife her Dower in my slaves and the personal estate which she shall dispose(?) of them equally divided amongst my surviving children and the issue (if any) of such as may happen to be dead at that time ~

Item: I give and bequeath to my son Peter my land in Eliza City County adjoining the land of my brother Robt Sandefur to him & his heirs forever ~

Item: My will & desire further is that if all my children shall happen to die without issue in the lifetime of my wife in such case I lend her my whole estate during her life and give her one third part of my slaves to her disposal & my will further is that six of the choicest of the other two thirds of my slaves in case all my children shall die without issue as afd be equally divided amongst my brother James Sandefur and my cousins representatives of Eliza Morris and Gerrard Sandifer and Elizabeth Patrick and Mary Young daughters of my brother James to them & their heirs respectively and my desire is that the slave which shall fall to my brother James lot may at his death descend to his son John and his heirs and the residue of my whole estate (if the contingencies should happen as aforesaid) be equally divided betwixt my brothers Joseph & Abraham & their heirs ~

Item: My desire is that my wife have the guardianship of my two younger children ~

Lastly I do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my loving wife to be Executrix and my friends Richard Cary & Hinde Russell Exors of this my last will and testament hereby disannulling and making void all former will or wills by me heretofore made. In witness I have hereunto set my hand & seal this seventh day of March 1774 ~

Peter Sandefur, Seal

Signed, Sealed, Published & declared to be the last will & testament of the testator in presence of Sarah Russell, Anne Reade andMargaret Hurst

May 11, 1775 Proved in Warwick County, March 13th 1777 Richd Cary & Hinde Russell the surviving Exors qualified thereto ~ ACony Richd Cary C.P.

Note: Peter Sandefer Testator has 3 children John, Frankey & Peter. The widow died soon after Testator. John died as an infant without issue. Bring suit for disposition of Negroes on acct. Samuel Armistead who intermarried with Frankey make Peter a party.

List of slaves of Peter Sandefur, deceased: Tom, Cupid, Peg, Kate, Betty, Nanny, Grace, Hannah, Barnabas, Judy, Joan & 2 children, Jenny & 1 child, Ben and Ned

When Peter mentioned his cousins, representatives of Eliza Morris and Gerrard Sandefur he probably meant their children because Gerrard had died 10 years earlier in 1764. (See Gerrard's will.)

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