Some of this genealogy was contributed by
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Bev Sandefur and genealogy compiled by Ina Mae Sandefur and Glenn Sandefur and others.
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 Mr. Fred Eggleston has generously offered a critque of the following genealogy.  I believe his comments are worth noting and I have presented them here in blue type.

Updated March 21, 2003

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Wills and Charles Parish Records are important to this genealogy and can be viewed on this website. 
There is a great deal of Sandefur info. on this site that is not present in this report.

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 SANDEFUR was born 1666-1685 in York County, VA, and died 1747-1748 in Charles Parish, York Co, Virginia.


Parents and wife of this line are unknown. It is possible that Matthew Sandever was the father of this John but there is no proof.

John was probably born in York County, VA.

This line is clearly established by Wills. All of John's sons are tied together as brothers by the Will's of Robert in 1769 and Peter in 1774. Also important is the Will of Merit Bland dated March 2, 1773 of Elizabeth City County, VA. These Wills can be viewed in the Virginia Will Section of this website.

*Deed of Gift 1742-1742, Elizabeth City, Virginia; Deed of Gift February 156 1743, Elizabeth City County, VA: John Sandefur to sons Robert, William and Peter who must have been over age 21 since it was a deed. He was the father of James, Sr., Joseph and Abraham also.

Right.jpg (1401 bytes)Click here to view the Deed of Gift

*There is no indication this John was born or died in York County. Instead, besides Elizabeth City County, he had a connection with Warwick County, where there were early Sandefurs. [For example, Margaret Sandifor received 2 cows and a calf as a goddaughter under the will of Margaret Crew of Warwick County, widow of John Stephens and Beheathland Crew, dated 1687 and proved in 1688/9. Warwick County, Va., Record Bk., 1687-1688 (fragment). A William Sandefur was a juror in Warwick in 1705 and appraised an estate there in 1713/4. Warwick County, Va., Court Ordres, 21 June - 21 July 1705 (fragment), p. 463; 1713-1717, p. 42. This William may or may not have been the one who had a daughter by wife Elizabeth baptized in Charles Parish in 1709.] Whether or not born in Warwick, John of Elizabeth City moved to Warwick late in life and died there. In Elizabeth City he was a tavern keeper, with ordinary licenses in 1742-1744. Elizabeth City County, Va., Court Orders, 1731-1747, pp. 317, 346, 348, 371. His wife at that time was probably the Barbara Sandefur who, along with John Sandefur, was paid a witness fee for testimony in court in 1744. Ibid., p. 398. Soon after, they moved to Warwick County, where John Sandefer was prosecuted for not attending church on 3 May 1750, the charges being dismissed on 5 July. Warwick County, Va., Court Minute Bk., 1748/9-1762, pp. 85, 94. On 3 July 1755, the appraisal of the estate of John Sandifur, deceased, was ordered recorded in Warwick court. Ibid., p. 326.

Children of JOHN SANDEFUR are:

i. JONATHAN J. SANDEFUR, b. 1705-1709, York or Elizabeth City County, VA; d. abt 1757.

ii. SARAH SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1710, York or Elizabeth City County, VA; d. aft. 1773, Mecklenburg County, VA.

iii. ROBERT SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1711, York Co, VA - Charles Parish; d. 1772, Elizabeth City County, VA.

iv. ELIZABETH SANDEFUR, b. 12 Aug 1712.

v. WILLIAM S. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1716, Elizabeth City County, VA; d. 1782, Elizabeth City County, VA.

vi. PETER SANDEFUR, b. Bef. 1718; d. 7 Mar 1774, ELIZABETH CITY, WARRRICK CO., VA..

vii. JOSEPH SANDEFUR, b. 11 Apr 1721, York Co, VA - Charles Parish; d. 9 Feb 1813, Sampson Co. N.C.-will dated Aug 10, 1812.

viii. JAMES SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1722, York or Elizabeth City County, VA; d. abt. 1807, Henderson County, Ky.

ix. ABRAHAM SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1725, Goochland, Cumberland, VA; d. 7 Jul 1784, Cumberland Co., VA-will dated Jul 7, 1784-bk 2 Pg 346.

Generation No. 2

2. JONATHAN J.2 SANDEFUR (JOHN1) was born 1705-1709 in York or Elizabeth City County, VA, and died abt. 1757 in abt 1757. He married CONSTANCE.


Right.jpg (1401 bytes)Click her to view Will.

*Jonathan. The middle initial seems a mistake. Some researchers get confused by the "marks" which some individuals used to sign their names on their wills. These were often just their first or last initials. Few Virginians at this time had a middle name, and those who did generally used them in full all the time. I doubt he was born in York; more likely, Elizabeth City County


                               i.   GERARD SANDEFUR, d. Will dated 1764.

   Son: John Morris

iii. ANNE SANDEFUR, b. Nov 1741.

iv. ANTHONY SANDEFUR, b. 18 Mar 1743/44; d. 28 Mar 1748, Charles Parish, York VA.

3. SARAH2 SANDEFUR (JOHN1) was born abt. 1710 in York or Elizabeth City County, VA, and died Aft. 1773 in Mecklenburg County, VA. She married MERIT (MARRIOTT) BLAND.


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4. ROBERT2 SANDEFUR (JOHN1) was born abt. 1711 in York Co, VA - Charles Parish, and died 1772 in Elizabeth City County, VA. He met ANN RUSSELL abt. 1746 in Virginia.


Right.jpg (1401 bytes)Click here to view Will.

*Robert. Again, probably born in Elizabeth City County. There is no indication that he ever formally married Ann Russell, or that the Anne who was mother of daughter Anne in 1748 was the same as Ann Russell. More likely, he took up with Ann Russell after his wife Anne died.


i. ANNE SANDEFUR, b. 3 Nov 1748, Charles Parish, York County, VA; m. JOHN READE.

ii. ELIZABETH SANDEFUR, b. 26 Nov 1750; d. Bef. 1770.


Elizabeth is not mentioned in father's Will.

iii. ROBERT RUSSELL SANDEFUR, b. 25 May 1768.


* Robert Sandefur Russell, not Robert Russell Sandefur. Robert Sandefur Russell left a will in Elizabeth City County dated 5 November 1798 and rpoved 26 July 1799, naming relatives Pennell Russell, Peter Garrow, and Francis Garrow, along with Richard Morris (relationship not specified). Joan Charles, Elizabeth City County, Virginia, Deed Abstracts, 1787-1800 (Bowie, Md., 1994), p. 105.

5. WILLIAM S.2 SANDEFUR (JOHN1) was born abt. 1716 in Elizabeth City County, VA, and died 1784 in Elizabeth City County, VA. He married ELIZABETH NORVELL abt. 1759 in Virginia, daughter of HUGH NORVELL and MARY.


Right.jpg (1401 bytes)Click here to view Will.

*William.  No middle intial.


i. ROBERT SANDEFUR, d. 1808, Frankin Co, IN.

ii. WILLIAM SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1748, Elizabeth City County, VA; d. 1832, Mercer County, KY; m. NANCY LOTT.

iii. JAMES NIXSON SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1761, Lunenburg County, VA; d. 1816, Green County, KY; m. ELIZABETH DURHAM, 1790, Warren County, NC.


Will proved 28 Oct 1816 Bk 2 Pg 6
Right.jpg (1401 bytes)Click here to view Will.

iv. SARAH (SALLY) SANDEFUR, b. 23 Mar 1771, Charles Parish ,York County, VA; m. FRANCIS PETTY, 5 Nov 1797, Mercer County, KY.

v. RICHARD SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1774, Mecklenburg County, VA; d. 1853, Henderson County, KY

vi. MOLLEA SANDEFUR, b. 11 Jun 1775, Charles Parish, York County, VA.

vii. ELIZABETH (BETSY) SANDEFUR, b. 31 Mar 1777, Elizabeth City County, VA.

viii. PATSY SANDEFUR, b. 26 Aug 1781, Charles Parish, York County, VA.

6. PETER2 SANDEFUR (JOHN1) was born Bef. 1718, and died 7 Mar 1774 in ELIZABETH CITY, WARRRICK CO., VA. He married (1) FRANCES.


Right.jpg (1401 bytes)Click here to view Will.

*Peter. For most of his career Peter was a bricklayer living in Warwick County, where he was often in court litigation and many times appointed to appraise estates. Warwick County, Va., Court Minute Bk., 1748/9-1762, pp. 10, 19, 53, 72, 77, 157, 162, 168, 200, 305, 379, 521, 562, 571, 607, 615, 619; York County, Va., Deed Bk. 1741-1754, p. 551

Children of PETER SANDEFUR and FRANCES are:

    1. PETER SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1755.
    3. PETER SANDEFUR, b. 13 Jul 1765
    4. JOHN SANDEFUR, d. died as an infant.


7. JOSEPH2 SANDEFUR (JOHN1) was born 11 Apr 1721 in York Co, VA - Charles Parish, and died 9 Feb 1813 in Sampson Co. N.C.-will dated aug 10, 1812. He married JUDITH WALKER JONES abt. 1743 in Virginia.


Joseph purchased 210 acres of land in NC on December 21, 1756. In 1759 he was living in Dobbs County, NC.

*Joseph. This placement of Joseph is as good as any, but the statement made back under the first John that "This line is clearly established by Wills" is too strong. For example, the reference in Peter's will to James and his son John and his brothers Joseph and Abraham could be taken to mean either that Joseph and Abraham were brothers of James or that they were brothers of John.






8. JAMES2 SANDEFUR (JOHN1) was born abt. 1722 in York or Elizabeth City County, VA, and died abt. 1807 in Henderson County, KY. He married (1) ELLENER MNU abt. 1743 in VA.He married (2) ANN HAMMOCK 13 Jan 1796 in Warren Co, N.C

*Census records available on this site.

Notes for ANN HAMMOCK:

Ann was a widow of Charles Hammond and her maiden name might have been Young.

Children of JAMES SANDEFUR and ELLENER are:

i. MARY YOUNG SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1744; d. will dated Oct 1821- Mecklenburg Co. Va.; m. JESSE BUGG, abt. 1791, Mecklenburg Co, VA.

ii. JAMES SANDEFUR, JR, b. abt. 1750, Mecklenburg Co, VA; d. 22 Jun 1824, Perryville, Mercer Co. KY.

iii. WM. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1755, Mecklenburg Co, VA; m. CATHERINE.

iv. HENRY SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1760, Lunenburg Co, VA; d. abt. 1833, Mercer Co. Va.

v. BENNETT SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1765, St James Parish Mecklenburg, VA; d. Oct 1840, Henderson, KY.

vi. ELLENDER SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1770, Mecklenburg Co, VA; m. ABEL GREGORY, 9 Oct 1793, Mercer Co. Ky.


9. ABRAHAM2 SANDEFUR (JOHN1) was born abt. 1725 in Goochland, Cumberland, VA, and died 7 Jul 1784 in Cumberland Co., VA. He married JOANNAH BRANCH 1750 in St James Northam Parish, Chesterfield County, VA, daughter of JOHN BRANCH and JOANNAH HANCOCK.


This information from Ina Mae Sandefur of Kokomo, IN, published in the Claiborne County Historical Society conflicts with the parentage of this Abraham. She states that he was the son of James Sandifer and believes his first name to be William Abraham Sandifer but no proof is presented.

Abraham Sandifer was born in 1738 in Goochland Co. VA and died July 7, 1784 in Cumberland Co., VA. Will dated Jul 7, 1784-bk 2 Pg 346

Right.jpg (1401 bytes) Click here to view Abraham's Will

He had as many as 24 slaves and would have been considered quite wealthy.

*Abraham. There is no direct proof that this Abraham was the same one mentioned in Peter's will, although it seems likely. There was another Abraham who was probably living at the time of Peter's will, namely the Abraham Sandifer who witnessed a deed in Fairfield District, S.C. in 1800 (Fairfield District, S.C., Deed Bk. N, p. 78), and who died intestate in Chester District in 1810, with Frances and Burrell Sandifer qualifying as his administrators in March (Chester District, S.C., Index to Probates, referring to Will Bk. E, p. 3).

*Abraham of Cumberland would not have been born in Goochland County or even in Cumberland County, neither of which was formed at the time of his birth. He was also pretty clearly the first Sandefur in the central Virginia area. If he was a son of John as supposed, then he would have been born in Elizabeth City or Warwick Counties. His marriage to Joanna Branch may well have been in Chesterfield County, but St. James Northam Parish was not in that county, and there is no record of the marriage as occurring in 1750, which looks like a reasonable guess. Researchers can easily be confused by the format of the Douglas Register, as published by W. Mac. Jones, unless the fine print is studied. This was not a record of any particular county or parish, but a personal record kept by Parson William Douglas, an itinerant preacher who performed baptisms in several counties, including Cumberland (but not Chesterfield). Moreover, the table of marriages referring to Abraham Sandefur is not a list of marriage ceremonies (with dates) performed by Rev. Douglas, but instead is a list of marriages implied by his practice of listing the mother's maiden name along with the father's name when he recorded a child's baptism. The date in this list is the year of the first baptism of a child by Rev. Douglas, not the marriage date.

Abraham Sandefur probably did not die on 7 July 1784. That is the date he wrote his will. He died shortly before 22 November 1784, when the will was proved in court. Cumberland County, Va., Will Bk. 2, pp. 346-348. Like Peter Sandefur, Abraham seems to have been trained as a bricklayer, as one John Clayton was apprenticed to Abraham to learn that trade in 1749. William L. Hopkins, Southam Parish Vestry Bk., p. 8.


Said to be related to King Henry I of England through her grandfather, Samuel Hancock.

 From the William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 26, p. 115-116:

Will of John Branch of the Parish Dale. Weak and infirmed, signed with a mark, dated January 11, 1769, was recorded in Will Book II, p. 44……To daughter Johannah Sandifer featherbed and furniture. To son Samuel one negro and furniture. To son Matthew, rest of my estate. Exec. Samuel Branch. Will proved 1772.


                               i. FRANCES SANDEFUR, b. 29 Aug 1752, Patrick County, VA; d. 29 Jan 1831, Mercer 
                               Co., KY

                                *Frances. She could not have been born in Patrick County, which would not be formed
                                for 40 years. Likely she was born in Cumberland County.

    ii. JOHN SANDEFUR, b. 1754, Patrick Co., VA.

    iii. ABRAHAM J. SANDEFUR, b. 1758, Patrick County, VA; d. Davidson County, TN;        m. MARY "POLLY" PHILLIPS, 2 Jan 1809, Patrick County, VA.

    *Abraham - presumably born in Cumberland. No basis for a middle initial. Marriage bond with Polly Phillips in Henry County, not Patrick County. He was also in the Henry County personal property tax in 1809. The Abraham taxed in Davidson County, Tenn. In 1811 may well have been the same, but I'm not aware of any proof.

    iv. ELIZABETH RIDLEY SANDEFUR, b. 1760, Patrick County, VA; d. Henderson Co., KY; m. JOHN DEANE.

    *Presumably born in Cumberland

    v. SUSANNAH SANDEFUR, b. 5 Aug 1764, Patrick Co., VA.

    *Presumably born in Cumberland

    vi. DIANNA SANDEFUR, b. 30 Nov 1766, Patrick Co., VA.

    Notes for DIANNA SANDEFUR:

    The other date of birth is November 5, 1766.

    * Dianna - presumably born in Cumberland. She married John Hogatt (20 November 1750 - 24 July 1824). William & Mary College Quarterly, v. 11 (1st ser., 1903), p. 70; Crockett A. Harrison, The Allens and the Harrisons of the Kingdom of Calloway (1981), p. 474.

    vii. MATHEW SANDEFUR, b. 1770, Goochland, Cumberland, VA; d. Mar 1843, Floyd Co. VA

    *Presumably born in Cumberland but not "Goochland."  More below under 18.

Generation No. 3

  1. GERARD3 SANDEFUR (JONATHAN J.2, JOHN1) died in will dated 1764.

            Notes for GERARD SANDEFUR:

            Right.jpg (1401 bytes)    Click here to view Will

              * Gerard. An account of his estate's expenses stated that he died on 1 July 1773. York County, Va., 
              Wills Bk. 22, pp. 184-185. 1764 is just the date he wrote his will.

            Children of GERARD SANDEFUR are:



11. ROBERT3 SANDEFUR (WILLIAM S.2, JOHN1) died 1808 in Franklin Co, IN. He married WINIFRED BAILEY.


Robert drowned in the Whitewater River in Franklin Co, IN.





12. RICHARD3 SANDEFUR (WILLIAM S.2, JOHN1) was born abt. 1774 in Mecklenburg County, VA, and died 1853 in Henderson County, KY. He married (1) SARAH BENNETT. He married (2) ELIZABETH PETTY 25 Apr 1798 in Mercer County, KY.


i. WILLIAM4 SANDEFUR, b. 13 Feb 1799, Henderson County, KY; d. 19 Jun 1863; m. ELIZABETH BENNETT, 9 Sep 1824, Ohio County, KY.

ii. FRANCIS A. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1801, Henderson County, KY.; d. Aft. 1880, Ohio County, KY.



i. MOSES4 WESTBROOK, b. 1769; d. abt. 1835, Fairburn, GA.

14. JAMES3 SANDEFUR, JR (JAMES2, JOHN1) was born abt. 1750 in Mecklenburg Co, VA, and died 22 Jun 1824 in Perryville, Mercer Co. KY. He married MARTHA VINES 6 Mar 1781 in Mecklenburg, VA.


Fought in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. He was a private, serving for a period of two years from the fall of 1778 to the fall of 1778. He enlisted with Captain Samuel Hopkins at Mecklenburg Court House, VA. He served in the 5th Virginia Regiment, which was commanded at various times by Colonel Buckner, General Lewis and General Lee. James Jr. was at the Battle of Stony Point with General Wayne. He was honorably discharged from Captain Hopkins' company, at the time commanded by Abraham Clay, at Williamsburg.


i. MARTHA SANDEFUR, b. 13 Nov 1781.

ii. ROBERT SANDEFUR, b. Oct 1790.

15. HENRY3 SANDEFUR (JAMES2, JOHN1) was born abt. 1760 in Lunnenburg Co, VA, and died abt. 1833 in Mercer Co. VA. He married MARTHA TAYLOR 14 Dec 1785 in Mecklenburg Co., VA.



ii. SARAH SANDEFUR, m. FRANCIS RETLEY, 9 Nov 1797, Mercer Co., KY.

iii. JAMES B. SANDEFUR, d. 22 Oct 1816, Green Co. KY; m. ELIZ. DURHAM, abt. 1790.


v. EDMUND SANDEFUR, b. 1793, Mercer Co.,KY; m. JANE GRAY, 15 Dec 1814.

vi. POLLY SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1798; m. ISIAH CALVERT, 3 Jun 1816, MERCER CO. KY.

16. BENNETT3 SANDEFUR (JAMES2, JOHN1) was born abt. 1765 in St James Parish Mecklenburg, VA, and died Oct 1840 in Henderson, KY. He married JUDITH BILBO abt. 1778 in Mecklenburg Co, VA, daughter of JEAN BILBO and ANN WALKER.


Check this website for other information.


i. JOHN T. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1781, Mecklenburg Co, VA; d. abt. 1849, Will filled Henderson, KY.

ii. NANCY ANN SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1786, Mecklenburg, VA; m. LEONARD (?) GRADY, Bef. 1811, Possible in Henderson Co., KY.

iii. WM. J. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1789, Mecklenburg, VA; d. abt. 1850, Henderson Co, KY.

iv. CHARLES TANDY SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1792; d. 23 Aug 1852, died on boat from AR with cholera.

v. JOSHUA BENNETT SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1795, Meckenburg, VA; d. 13 Mar 1848, Henderson Co, KY.

vi. JUDITH ANN SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1795, possibly in Mercer Co, KY; d. abt. 1846, Henderson Co, KY.

vii. JAMES RICHARD SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1800; d. abt. 1878, Beech Grove, McLean, KY.

viii. SAMUEL A. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1804, Henderson Co. KY; d. 2 Feb 1884, buried in Wright family plot - McLean Co. KY.

17. FRANCES3 SANDEFUR (ABRAHAM2, JOHN1) was born 29 Aug 1752 in Patrick County, VA, and died 29 Jan 1831 in Mercer County, KY. She married REV. GEORGE STOVALL STOKES SMITH 24 Jul 1773 in Patrick County, VA, son of THOMAS SMITH and FRANCIS STOVALL.


Frances Sandifer may have been born in Patrick Co., VA
*Frances. She could not have been born in Patrick County, which would not be formed for 40 years. Likely she was born in Cumberland County.


The Stovall's raised 15 children in the wilderness of Kentucky. They moved to Garrett County, Kentucky in 1782 and settled in Keene, Jessamine Co., KY in 1785. He was a delegate of Fayette County to the Constitutional Convention in 1792. He served as ensign in the Revolutionary War.

Children of FRANCES SANDEFUR and REV. SMITH are:

    1. MARTHA "PATSY" SMITH, b. 28 Oct 1774.

ii. ELIZABETH SMITH, b. 1 Aug 1776.

iii. HANNAH SMITH, b. 28 Apr 1778.

iv. THOMAS STOVALL SMITH, b. 14 Apr 1780, Jamestown, VA.

v. GEORGE SMITH, b. 26 Jan 1782.

vi. PHILLIP GATCH SMITH, b. 8 Jan 1784.

vii. JAMES SMITH, b. 20 Nov 1785.

viii. JOHN SMITH, b. 22 Sep 1787.


x. LUCY SMITH, b. 29 Apr 1791.

xi. PETER SMITH, b. 8 May 1793.

xii. ABRAHAM SANDIFER SMITH, b. 4 Feb 1795, Keene, Jessamine County, KY; d. 7 Sep 1872, Ohio; m. MARY POLLY TRABUE, 16 Feb 1813, Keene, Jessamine County, KY.


Abraham and Mary Polly had eleven children.

xiii. JUDITH SMITH, b. 30 Aug 1796.

xiv. MARY "POLLY" SMITH, b. 30 Aug 1799.

xv. LUCINDA SMITH, b. 9 Nov 1802.

18. MATHEW3 SANDEFUR (ABRAHAM2, JOHN1) was born 1770 in Goochland, Cumberland, VA, and died Mar 1843 in Floyd Co. VA. He married (1) MARY GOODSON. He married (2) MARY JOHNSON WILLS 25 Apr 1793 in Amelia, Patrick County, VA, daughter of THOMAS WILLS and ELIZABETH MORGAN.


His will dated 22 Mar 1843; Floyd Co. VA

Right.jpg (1401 bytes)Click here to view Will.

Captain in the Militia.

* Matthew. Not born in "Goochland." This is a separate county (also part of Rev. Douglas's territory), not a place in Cumberland County. Unless my note is wrong, his will was proved in March 1844, not 1843. Floyd County, Va., Will Bk. A, pp. 243, 270-271, 304; Court Orders, 1843-1849, p. 51. His marriages are shown in the wrong order. The full names of the first wife's parents were Thomas Tabb Wills and Elizabeth Ridley Morgan, as shown in their Amelia marriage bond. Matthew's early children would have been born in Amelia County, not in Floyd or Patrick Counties. Matthew was taxed for personal property in Amelia after his marriage, and served there as undersherrif in 1794 and 1795 and as Lieutenant in the militia from 1796 until replaced on 28 January 1802. Amelia County, Va., Court Orders, Bk. 20, 1792-1795, pp. 16, 501; Bk. 21, 1795-1797, p. 236; Bk. 22, [page not noted]. The latter date would be a good one to use to separate the Amelia-born children from the Patrick-born children, since he moved to Patrick County at about that time, paying land tax there for the first time in 1803. He served there as undersheriff in 1822 and county escheator in 1824. Patrick County, Va., Court Orders, Bk. 3 (no pagination), and apparently was a militia captain since identified by that title in marriage bonds. In 1832 and again in 1838 he was appointed deputy clerk of court of Floyd County. Floyd County, Va., Court Orders, 1831-1843, pp. 86, 265. His first wife, Mary Johnson Wills, died in Patrick County on 12 January 1837, age 61, leaving 10 children. Obituary of Mary Wills, Richmond Enquirer, 7 February 1837, p. 3, c. 6. He married his second wife, Mary Goodson, daughter of Thomas Goodson of Turtle Rock in Floyd County, under bond there dated 30 September 1837. Virginia Appalachian Notes, v. 11 (1987), p. 30; Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly, v. 9 (1971), p. [not noted].


i. ELIZABETH JANE SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1839, Floyd Co. VA; m. JACOB P. HELMS, 24 Jan 1856, Floyd County, VA.

*Elizabeth Jane. Her marriage was performed on 5 February 1856. The earlier date was the bond date. Floyd County, Va., Marriage Register, Bk. 2, p. 67.


ii. ELIZA BRANCH SANDEFUR, b. 22 Feb 1794, Amelia County, VA; d. 2 Mar 1871, Ogden, Weber County, UT; m. JOHN NORMAN CLARK JR., 24 Apr 1816, Patrick County, VA.
           Right.jpg (1401 bytes)Click here for family information and great photo!

iii. MARTHA WILLS SANDEFUR, b. 5 Jan 1797, Patrick County, VA; d. Henderson Co, KY; m. ROBERT BOAZ, 17 Feb 1818, Patrick County, VA.

iv. MARY TABB SANDEFUR, b. 1799, Patrick County, VA; d. 1860; m. ARCHELOUS H. STOVALL, 11 May 1822, Patrick County, VA.

v. JOANNA ELIZABETH MARY SANDEFUR, b. 1802, Patrick County, VA; m. WILLIAM THOMPSON, 11 May 1822, Patrick County, VA.

vi. WILLIAM ALEXANDER SANDEFUR, b. 9 Jul 1804, Patrick County, VA; d. 1875, Claiborne County, TN; b. Sandefur Cemetery on the Rev. Joseph Lambert farm.

vii. ELIZABETH C. SANDEFUR, b. 1807, Patrick County, VA; d. 1901, KY; m. ROBERT H. HUNTER, 22 Apr 1830, Patrick County, VA.

viii. AMERICA H. SANDEFUR, b. 1809, Patrick County, VA; d. KY; m. WILLIAM GOODSON, 7 Jan 1832, Patrick County, VA.

*America. She and William Goodson had two children, whose names I did not note. Dr. Amos d. Wood, Floyd County (1981), pp. 66, 93. William also had 5 children by an earlier wife, Mary Abbie Banks. Susan Jefferson Shelor, Pioneers and Their Coats of Arms of Floyd County (1961), pp. 134, 143.

ix. GABRIEL PENN SANDEFUR, b. 1817, Patrick County, VA; d. Jun 1866; m. MARTHA HOWELL, 15 Mar 1836, Patrick County, VA.

*Gabriel Penn Sandefur. He and wife Martha apparently separated in the 1860s, with Gabriel going to Washington County, Va., where he was listed in the census index. Martha took the younger children to Surry County, N.C. U.S. Census, 1870, Surry County, N.C., p. 373; 1880, Enumeration District 125, p. 10, line 30.

Children of Gabriel and Martha Sandefur:

a. Abram M. Sandefur, born about 1839 in Patrick County. Under bond dated 13 September 1854 in Patrick County, he married Susan M. Barnard, 17, daughter of James and Elizabeth Barnard. Jimmie Martin Steele, Patrick County, Virginia Marriages, 1854-1874, p. 80. They divorced before 6 February 1869, when Susan H. Sandefur, 30 and divorced, married Richard F. Thompson of Carroll County, 22, son of James and Sarah Thompson. Ibid., p. 91. Abram was presumably the father of Columbia Sandefur (1860-1915), who married James Fountain Goad, son of Reubin & Celestia (Bobbitt) Goad, and was buried with him in Carroll County. Cemetery Records of Carroll County, Va., Partial Index.

b. Lucinda Sandefur, born about 1839 in Patrick County; under bond there dated 13 April 1854, married Thomas Delaplaine Scott, son of Thomas and Sarah Shelor Scott. He was later a primitive baptist minister, and died in March 1910 at age 84. Ibid., p 81; Shelor, op. cit., pp. 8, 16-17.

c. Samuel T. Sandefur, born about 1843 in Patrick County. He served in the Confederate Army as corporal and first sergeant in Company C, 21st N.C. Regiment, formed in Surry County, and was captured at Gettysburg. Lemuel Wallace Kallam, Surry County Military (1983), p. 26. At the 1870 census he was listed in Stewart's Creek Township with wife Virginia, 25, and daughter Lula, 2, both born in Virginia. U.S. Census, 1870, Surry County, N.C., p. 375. In 1880 he was listed with his mother, wife Elizabeth, 24, and children Lula, 12, and Susan M., 9, the latter three all shown as N.C.-born. U.S. Census, 1880, Surry County, N.C., Enumeration District 125, p. 10, line 28.

d. Susan Sandefur, born about 1843 in Patrick County; under bond in Surry County dated 6 October 1868, maried Rufus A. Jurrell, son of Fountain and Fanny Jurrell. Surry County, N.C., Marriage Register, 1867-1876, p. (not noted).

e. Martha Sandefur, born about 1850 in Patrick County.

f. Matthew Sandefur, born about 1853 in Patrick County.

g. Thomas B. Sandefur, born about 1860 in Patrick County; under bond there dated 11 September 1884, age 24, married Nina L. Peatross, 16, daughter of J.L. & E. Peatross of Stokes County, N.C. Steele, op. cit., p. 165. Thomas left a will indexed in Surry County in 1889, which I have not seen.

Generation No. 4

19. FRANCIS A. SANDEFUR (RICHARD3, WILLIAM S.2, JOHN1) was born abt. 1801 in Henderson County, KY and died aft.1880 in Ohio County, KY. He married MARY BENNETT
7 Nov 1822 in OHIO, CO. KY. She was the daughter of JEFFERIES BENNETT.






20. JOHN T.4 SANDEFUR (BENNETT3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born abt. 1781 in Mecklenburg Co, VA, and died abt. 1849. Will filled Henderson Co., KY. He married NANCY C. MOSS.

Children of JOHN SANDEFUR and NANCY MOSS are:

i. HENRY C. SANDEFUR, b. 10 Feb 1811, Henderson Co. KY; d. 29 Oct 1878, Henderson Co., KY-buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery.

ii. ELIZA W. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1820, Henderson Co, KY; d. 3 May 1853, Henderson Co, KY

iii. SUSAN F. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1828, Henderson Co, KY; d. 1890.

iv. SARAH SANDEFUR, b. 17 May 1819, Henderson Co, KY.; d. 20 Aug 1892, Henderson Co, KY.-buried Pleasant Valley Cemetery.; m. ALFRED WILLIAMS, 20 Dec 1841, Henderson Co, KY

v. MARTHA SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1835.

  1. WM. J.4 SANDEFUR (BENNETT3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born abt. 1789 in Mecklenburg, VA, and died abt. 1850 in Henderson Co, KY. He married (1) ELIZ. KILGORE 9 Oct 1817 in Henderson Co, KY

          Children of WM. SANDEFUR and ELIZ. KILGORE are:

i. JUDITH E. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1823, Henderson Co, KY; m. LAZARUS WILLINGHAM, 5 Apr 1852, Henderson Co, KY

ii. MARTHA ELLEN SANDERFUR, b. abt. 1825.

iii. JOHN WILLIAM SANDERFUR, b. abt. 1827.

iv. MARY J. SANDERFUR, b. 1830, Henderson Co, KY; m. THOMAS WILLINGHAM, 15 Jun 1852, Henderson Co, KY

v. ELIZA JANE SANDEFUR, b. 1833; m. BENNETT M. SANDEFUR, 13 Mar 1839.

22. CHARLES TANDY4 SANDEFUR (BENNETT3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born abt. 1792, and died 23 Aug 1852 on boat from AR with cholera. He married (1) MARTHA ROBERTS 8 Feb 1813 in Geneva, KY. He married (2) SHILO WATSON 8 Dec 1831 in Henderson Co, KY


i. HENRY C. SANDEFUR, b. 10 Feb 1814, Henderson Co, KY; d. 29 Oct 1878, buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery.

ii. WILLIAM HENRY SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1815, Ark.; d. 24 Mar 1889, tuberculosis-Henderson Co., KY

iii. JAMES H. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1815; d. 14 Dec 1854.

iv. CHARLES TANDY SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1816, Henderson Co, KY *merchant/tailor/farmer; d. 3 Jul 1892, outside of Geneva, Henderson Co., KY

v. NATHANIEL R. SANDEFUR, b. 21 Mar 1822, Henderson Co, KY; d. 11 Jul 1879, buried in Pleasant Valley cemetery.

vi. ELVIRA SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1823.

vii. BENNETT M. SANDEFUR, b. Henderson Co., KY; m. (1) Elizabeth Jane Sandefur, 13 Mar 1849, Henderson Co., KY.; m. (2) Eliza Jane, 13 Mar 1839.

viii. ELIZABETH JANE SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1817; m. (1) BENNETT SANDEFUR, 13 Mar 1839, Henderson Co, KY; m. (2) BENNETT M. SANDEFUR, 13 Mar 1849, Henderson Co. KY.


                              ix. ELIZA JANE SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1832


xi. PETER W. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1834.

xii. ISABELLA SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1836, IND.; d. Jefferson, AR.

xiii. PHILO H. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1838, Henderson Co, KY.; d. Henderson Co., KY-*Store Clerk.

xiv. BENNETT W. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1842.

xv. THOMAS P. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1846, Hend Co, Ky..

xvi. JULIA ANN L. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1847.

xvii. GEORGE SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1849.

xviii. JOHN B. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1850, Jefferson, AR

23. JOSHUA BENNETT4 SANDEFUR (BENNETT3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born abt. 1795 in Meckenburg Co., VA, and died 13 Mar 1848 in Henderson Co, KY. He married Unknown MOSS abt. 1818.

Children of JOSHUA SANDEFUR and Unknown MOSS are:

i. WILLIAM ALLISON SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1820, Henderson Co, KY; d. 29 Dec 1890, buried in Fernwood cemetery in Henderson Co., KY.

ii. JAMES HARRISON SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1823, Henderson Co, KY; d. 14 Dec 1854, on riverboat from AR to KY of typhoid fever.

iii. LEONARD HENRY SANDEFUR, b.16 Nov 1825, Henderson Co., KY; d. 10 Aug 1892, Independence Co, AR-buried in Pine Grove Cemetery.

iv. BENNETT M. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1830, Henderson Co, KY. *Was a wagoner/kept stables

v. CHARLES FRANK SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1831, Henderson Co, KY; d. November 14, 1854;  m. SARAH E. EAKINS, 6 Jan 1852, Henderson Co., KY.  Sarah married 2. Henry Thomason September 1, 1858 TX.

Right.jpg (1401 bytes)Click here to view Sarah's biography

vi. MARTHA HOLLAND SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1832, Henderson Co, KY; d. abt. 1890, in Jackson Co AR and is buried in Brown's Cemetery; m. ELIJAH FRASER -FRAZIER, 1 May 1850, Henderson Co., KY.

vii. REUBEN E. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1834, Henderson Co. KY; d. abt. 1896, Henderson Co., KY

viii. JOHN THOMAS SANDEFUR, b. 4 Jul 1836, Henderson Co, KY.; d. 25 Feb 1924 Henderson Co, KY and is buried in the Fernwood cemetery.

ix. GEORGE WOODSON SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1837, Henderson Co, KY; m. (1) MALINDA F. SHOUSE, 23 Sep 1867, Henderson Co., KY; m. (2) ELLA WAY, 28 Dec 1892, Henderson Co., KY

x. EMILY JANE SANDEFUR, b. 1839, Henderson Co., KY

24. JUDITH ANN4 SANDEFUR (BENNETT3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born abt. 1795 possibly in Mercer Co., KY, and died abt.1846 in Henderson Co., KY/ She married OVID KEACH 12 Jul 1816 in Henderson Co., KY.


i. JUDITH ANN KEACH, b. abt. 1817; m. J.C. ROBINSON, 5 Aug 1854, Henderson Co., KY

ii. CATHERINE H. KEACH, b. 11 Jul 1819, Henderson Co, KY; d. 11 Jul 1898, Robards, KY - buried in Pleasant Valley cemetery.

iii. OVID JAMES KEACH, b. abt. 1826; d. 20 Sep 1862, Henderson Co, KY -killed in battle Co. B 10th Ky.

iv. LAVINIA ELIZA KEACH, b. 3 Aug 1828; d. 21 Jul 1897, Henderson Co, KY-buried in Cash Creek cemetery.

v. ELEANOR C. KEACH, b. abt. 1832.

vi. SARAH JANE KEACH, b. abt. 1833; m. GEORGE W. GRIFFIN, 26 Dec 1853, Henderson Co, KY/

vii. GEORGE THOMAS KEACH, b. 4 Aug 1834, Hend Co, Ky.; d. 28 Oct 1910, buried in Cash Creek cemetery. (SENILITY-66 YRS).

25. JAMES RICHARD4 SANDEFUR (BENNETT3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born abt. 1800 and died abt. 1878 in Beech Grove, McLean Co., KY. He married (1) SARAH B. BIGGS 1 Nov 1826 in Henderson Co., KY. He married (2) ELIZABETH SARAH ALGOOD 1 Jul 1841 in Henderson Co., KY..


From Henderson Co guardianship records: all 6 children from James's 1st marriage were declared as heirs Dec. 1847. Ovid Keach appointed guardian of all. In 1849 Thomas and Alexander B. chose Wm. Biggs as guardians (their mother's family). James Richard Sandefur remarried in 1841 in Henderson Co., KY to Elizabeth Sarah Algood and there were 10 children born to this marriage.


i. THOMAS HUBERT SANDEFUR, b. 2 Aug 1828, Hebbardsville, Henderson Co., KY; d. 13 Feb 1918, Henderson Co., KY. He is buried in Cash Creek cemetery; m. MILDRED C. BIGGS, 4 Dec 1866, Henderson Co. KY.-BK 7 PG 295.

ii. ALEXANDER BURGESS SANDEFUR, b. 2 Apr 1830, Henderson Co, KY; d. 16 Aug 1908, Beech Grove, McLean, KY. He is buried in Mt. Zion cemetery. Union Soldier. He was a private in Co., H at Camp Calloway, Calhoun, KY when he had the measles in January 1862. He was at Fort Donelson as a Corporal when he was wounded in his right leg with a muscle wound from gunshot, but had no bones broken. Classified as seriously wounded, he was sent to Field General Hospital at Mount City on February 15, 1862. He was sent by steamer "Diamond" down the Cumberland river to Paducah, KY on February 19,1862. In Mar of 1862, he was sent up the Ohio river to Cincinnati, OH for surgery on his leg and spent nine to ten days in the hospital. In April of 1862 he was furloughed home for 30 days. At roll call August 17, 1862, he was listed at home on furlough for a gunshot wound. Alexander rejoined his regiment at Athens, AL in May of 1862 as a Corporal. Alexander was promoted to Sergeant Major. His is listed as suffering from Chronic Bronchitis from April 11 to April 17, 1863. He continued to have lung problems throughout his life. He is listed as Sergeant Major on November 10, 1862, and as a 2nd Lieutenant of Co. "B" on July 4, 1863, at Manchester, TN. On September 27, 1864, his is listed as a 1st Lieutenant of Company "G" at Pinetop, GA where they combined with the 3rd Division Army of the Tennessee. He was discharged at Louisville, KY on January 23, 1865. He was not yet 35 years of age.

iii. JOSEPH W. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1832, Henderson Co, KY.; d. 20 Jun 1862, at the Army hospital in Corinth, MA. Joseph enrolled in the 17th KY Volunteers at Camp Calloway, Harford, KY on October 27, 1861, with three of his brothers, Hugh R. Sandfeur, Alexander Burgess Sandefur and Francis Marion Sandefur. He mustered in for a period of 3 years on January 4, 1862. He was a Private in Co. "H" under Capt. Goerge Little. Joseph was wounded in the battle at Pittsburg Landing (Shiloh Battlefield) on April 5 or 7, 1862 according to his pension file. While he was in the field hospital at Corinth, MS, he contracted typhoid fever on June 1, 1862, and he died there on June 20, 1862. Joseph was buried in a trench along with several other soldiers. After the war ended, he was disinterred and placed in an unmarked grave in the Military Cemetery at Corinth, MS.

iv. MARTHA SANDEFUR, b. Jan 1834; m. JOHN DEXTER, 28 Feb 1884.


vi. HUGH R. SANDEFUR, b. abt. 1846, Henderson Co, KY; d. 1 May 1900, near Hazelwood, Ballard Co., KY. He enrolled in Company "H", 17th KY Volunteers on October 27, 1861, at Camp Calloway, Hartford, KY, under Capt. George Little. Hugh was 5'6" tall, fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair, and had epilepsy and spinal injury before his army service. He was a Private when he contracted measles at Corinth, MS in June 1862. His back, spin, shoulders, head and heart were affected according to his pension file.


vii. FRANCIS MARION "FRANK" SANDEFUR, b. 1842, KY; d. 4 Dec 1893, Clay County, AR.


From his pension file: He was 5'8" tall, fair complexion, dark haired and blue eyed. He was a Private in Co. "H", 17th KY Volunteers, Union Army. He was shot in the left hand and fingers at the Battle of Kennesaw, GA during the siege of Atlanta on May 27, 1864.

Vol. 1, p. 974, #43: Company H, 17th KY Volunteer, Union Army, Private Francis Sandefur enrolled October 27, 1861; mustered in January 4, 1862, Calhoun KY, for three years; discharged July 25, 1862 at Louisville, KY.

26. SAMUEL A.4 SANDEFUR (BENNETT3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born abt. 1804 in Henderson Co. KY, and died 2 Feb 1884 and is buried in the Wright family plot- McLean Co. KY. He married OBEDIENCE O'BANNION COLLIER 12 Nov 1826 in Henderson County, Kentucky, daughter of CLAIBORNE COLLIER and MALTILDA DUNCAN.  She was born abt 1808 and died abt 1890.

Right.jpg (1401 bytes)Click here to view Claiborne Collier's Will

Right.jpg (1401 bytes)Click here to view Joseph Duncan's Will

Right.jpg (1401 bytes)Click here to view John Collier's Will


Bev Sandefur writes:

Samuel at one time owned and lived on a farm 3 miles north of Beech grove. Here his son, Albert Gallatin, was born on October 17, 1854. Years later another son, William Powhatan, bought the farm, but Samuel continued to live there until his death in 1883.

Samuel was buried in the Wright Family Plot at Beech Grove. No marker has been found and the grave along with all the others has been lost. As of 1980, there are monuments piled haphazardly in four different locations, away from the mound-like cemetery plot. It is green and pretty...mowed down and kept neat by the herds of cattle that graze there. There is a quietness and calm around the plot as if the inhabitants were sleeping peacefully, as if it didn't matter that their last resting place will never again be known to people on this earth. May he rest in peace in his unmarked grave.

Samuel A. Sandefur served in the Union Army. He was a private in Company B, 12th regiment of the Kentucky Volunteer. He enrolled on the 8th day of August 1862 at Hartford, KY. He was described in his discharge papers as being 5'7" tall, fair complexion, blue eyes, light haired, and a farmer by trade.


The majority of Obedience's ancestors who came to the new world seem to have settled in Virginia, with some branches in the Carolinas. They settled in the 1600's and 1700's, and lived there during the early Indian Wars along the Atlantic seaboard. William Duncan, the Great-Great Grandfather of Obedience, was commissioned in 1747, and fought in these wars.

After the French and Indian Wars, which lasted from about 1689 to 1763 with several years of uneasy peace between the four major conflicts, war broke out again, with the Colonies fighting for their independence from England. The men were experienced from the fighting either the French and Indian tribes. After the fighting of the Revolutionary War and the freeing of the Colonies, Land grants were given in return of the support of Patriots during the years of fighting. These grants gave many people an opportunity to leave for the wilderness west of the Appalachians.

Obedience O'Bannon Collier was born about 1808. Since both her parents died in Nichols County, that is where she might have been born, but there is no proof of that. Obedience's middle name, O'Bannon, was from her grandmother Caty O'Bannon. Obedience married Samuel A. Sandefur in 1826, they moved to McLean County sometime during their marriage and died there.

She was buried in the Mackey Cemetery, on the outskirts of Beech Grove. The grass has been green for ninety years on the grave of Obedience O'Bannon Collier Sandefur in Mackey Cemetery, yet no marker showed that she had existed. She reared ten children to maturity and shared the joys and sorrows of life with her husband, Samuel. Only a few people living in 1981 new the location of her last resting place. Louise Willis and her daughter Glenda Sue Willis, considered it important to mark the grave before it was lost forever. So a stone was ordered and placed at the grave of Obedience in September of 1981. It was desired to remember Samuel in some way. He had been buried at the Wright Family Plot. It being impossible to mark his actual grave, his name was placed on the stone with his wife.


    1. JAMES COLEMAN SANDEFUR, b. 28 Aug 1826, Hend Co, Ky.; d. 11 Mar 1911, Hend. Ky; m. MARY ANN BOTTON, 28 Aug 1852.

ii. ELIZABETH FRANCES SANDEFUR, b. 26 Aug 1830, Hend Co, Ky.; d. 4 Aug 1920; m. (1) JAMES BOTTOM; m. (2) LOUIS RAY.

iii. BABY (SEX UNKNOWN), b. 1836.

iv. ALBERT GALLATIN SANDEFUR, b. 17 Oct 1854, McLean Co. KY; d. 18 Feb 1929, b. Mackey cem., Mc Lean Co, KY; m. (1) ODELIA SMOCK, 2 Jun 1881, Daviess County, KY; m. (2) LUCK AVERELL REEDER, 14 Oct 1897; m. (3) FLORENCE BROWNING HENDRICK, 28 May 1914.


Albert died at his home Monday, February 18, 1929. Present at his bedside were his third wife, Florence, his son, Billie Herman AND a daughter, Mary Parson. He murmured, "Raise me up", and when this was done, he breathed once more and was gone.

The weather turned bitterly cold the night of February 18, 1929. A deep snow came and sleet fell on top of the snow. They had a one-horse buggy to drive, but Billie Herman didn't think one horse could make the three mile trip through the snow to the church. He went to a neighbor, Boyd Fireline, and borrowed double shafts so they could use two horses.

During the funeral, the intense cold and wind increased. Only a few men and the minister started to the cemetery. The women and children remained at the church. Before they reached the cemetery the minister turned back. Billie and Luther had to carry their father's casket to the grave, as all but a few men had turned back.

His grand daughter, Louise Sandefur Willis, remembers that her grand daddy Albert liked watermelons and always raised a big patch. He liked sorghum molasses and filled his big jugs each year. Albert sold his farm to Robert E. Brown in 1918.

(Deed Book 9, P.302, Calhoun Court House), and moved 3 miles to Beech Grove. He lived in the first house on the right, at the edge of town, on the Calhoun-Beech Grove Road.

                     Notes for ODELIA SMOCK:

Odelia Smock Sandefur was born in Marion County, Kentucky on March 3, 1858, to Thomas and Mary Ann Brand Smock. After moving to Daviess County near the McLean County line, Odelia married Albert Sandefur, Monday, January 2, 1881 at the home of her brother Tom in Daviess County, Kentucky.

Twelve years and six children later they lived at the Sandefur farm near Delaware Creek. They had a large orchard and garden and a large Apple House for storing the crop.

One fateful November morning in 1892, she got up from a chair and turned around. Her long skirt swirled out catching a flame from the open fireplace. Her only thought must have been of water to douse the fire, for she ran to the water pail, it was empty, but the slop bucket was full so she used that to douse the flames. Badly burned, she took a chill from the wetting that resulted in pneumonia, from which she died in a few days. Her youngest daughter, Mary, was only nine months old when Odelia died.

v. ALEXANDER HAMLETT SANDEFUR, b. 11 Jan 1836, Daviess County, KY; d. 18 Dec 1897, McLean Co. KY; m. SARAH ELIZABETH DAVIS, daughter of Billie and Jane Downs Davis, 6 Nov 1860, McLean Co. KY.  She was born March 26, 1844 and died December 18, 1903.


Alexander Hamlett Sandefur also enlisted on August 14,1862 in the Confederate Army at Clarksville, Tennessee. He was a private in Company B of the 10th Cavalry under A.R. Johnson. His family down through the years referred to him as " the one who fought on the other side". This caused bitterness and dissension in the family.

Alexander died about two weeks after the accident on December 18, 1897.

He and his wife are buried at Travis Cemetery on Hwy 56 near St. Joseph, Kentucky.

vi. MALINDA SANDEFUR, b. 1841.

vii. MATILDA MELVINA SANDEFUR, b. 8 Mar 1851, McLean Co. KY; d. 8 Mar 1889. Matilda is buried in the Mackey cemetery, McLean Co, KY; m. JOSEPH ALEXANDER WELLS, 22 Dec 1870, KY.

viii. NARCISSA SUE SANDEFUR, b. 10 Jul 1828, McLean County, Kentucky; d. 23 Feb 1911, McLean County, Kentucky; m. JAMES WILLIAM COLTHORPE, 6 Jan 1852.


James Colthorpe came with Simon Mackey To Wrightsburg Landing, March 20, 1848. When he came to the area now known as Beech Grove, it was not a settlement. It was mostly a grove of Beech Trees where wild life was plentiful and he hunted for deer and turkeys all over the Green River Bend.

Simon Mackey was a blacksmith and James got a job as an apprentice. When he and Narcissa married, they settled there on a farm. Their two-story white house overlooked Green River where it made a hairpin turn around the hill. Between the house and the river were the Colthorpe Bluffs, later damaged by a rock quarry.

James was a Home Guard during the Civil War. He was hiding in the bushes when Guerillas rode by. He heard them say they were going to kill every home guard they found. Narcissa saw them coming and sent her daughter, Victoria, to hide the silver and money. She ran out into the back of the house and put it under a wash kettle, but was seen by some of the men who took it all. James Colthorpe came with Simon Mackey to Wrightsburg Landing, March 20, 1848. When he came to the area now known as Beech Grove, it was not a settlement. It was mostly a grove of Beech Trees where wild life was plentiful and he hunted for deer and turkeys all over the Green River Bend.

ix. WILLIAM POWHATAN SANDEFUR, b. 18 Oct 1846, McLean Co. KY; d. 29 May 1929, b. Travis Cemetery; St. Joseph, KY; m. RACHEL SHARP, 1872, McLean Co. KY.  She was born December 25, 1856.

x. CLAIBORNE SANDEFUR, b. 13 Jul 1834, join confederate army 1861 in Hopkinville, Ky; d. 4 Nov 1861, Company H 8th Confederate Service A.

xi. VIRGINIA SANDEFUR, b. 1842, McLean co. Ky; d. 1872, McLean County, Kentucky.


Jenny was 18 years old in the 1860 census of McLean Co., KY. She was not in the 1870 census. Her mother, Obedience, in her application for a pension stated that Jenny had died in 1872. Jenny was 18 years old in the 1860 census of McLean County, Kentucky.

xii. SAMUEL HAYES SANDEFUR, b. 14 Apr 1844, Daviess County, Kentucky; d. 9 Oct 1897, Old Buck creek, Livermore, McLean Co. Ky; m. MARTHA DAVIS, 19 Oct 1869.  She was the daughter of Billie and Jane Downs Davis.


Samuel Hayes Sandefur was a private in the Union Army during the Civil War. He was in Company K, 35th B. He served under Captain William A. Fasseens; he volunteered on the 3rd day of August 1863 and was discharged December 29, 1864 at Louisville, KY. He was 19 years old when he joined.

Samuel lived near Livermore, KY in 1897. On October 9th of that year, he was farming with a team of horses. The team ran off and Samuel was killed. Samuel Hayes Sandefur was a private in the Union Army during the Civil War. He was in Company K. 35th B. he served under Captain William A. Fasseens. he volunteered on the 3rd day of August 1863 and was discharged December 29, 1864 at Louisville, Kentucky. He was 19 years old when he joined.

Samuel lived near Livermore, Kentucky in 1897. On October 9th of that year, he was farming with a team of horses. For some reason the team ran off and Samuel was killed.

Samuel was 5'4" tall. He had blue eyes, dark hair, and fair complexion.

27. WILLIAM ALEXANDER4 SANDEFUR (MATHEW3, ABRAHAM2, JOHN1) was born 9 Jul 1804 in Patrick County, VA, and died 1875 in Claiborne County, TN; He is buried in the Sandefur Cemetery on the Rev. Joseph Lambert farm. He married NANCY MARTHA SHARP 30 Sep 1827 in Patrick County, VA, daughter of WILLIAM SHARP.


William and Nancy came to Claiborne County, TN in 1858. They had seventeen children.

1 August, 1830 Patrick Co., VA. Book 7, Page 410., William A. Sandefur was Grantee on the following deeds: 1 Aug, 1830, from Abram Staples, George Carter & Silas Carter, Commissioners appointed by Decree of Co. Court of Patrick in case of Shelton against Shelton at Aug Court 1829. Land to William A. Sandefur for $100. 125 acres on South Mayo River.

William and Nancy came into Washington Co., Va in the late 1840's as he is listed with their children in the 1850 WCV Census. Nancy was not listed, but ten years later she turns up in the 1860 Lee County Census along with William and 4 of her children. WCV Census 1850, HH #72., Wm A. Sandefur, age 45, laborer, Margaret age 20; Robert, age 19, laborer; Samuel, 17, laborer; Casey, age 15; Johnanna L., age 13 ;Lucy, 11; Gabrella, 8; Eliza, 5; Sheldon, 2. Note: Nancy is not listed.

June 1853, WCV, William is listed in the Personal Property Records of Washington Co., VA.

Free white males - over 16, 1 under 16. Wm. was taxed on horses, cattle, and a clock. March 1854, he is again listed in Personal Prop. Records for WCV, 1 male over 21 and 1 under 16. Again, he is taxed on horses, cattle, and 1 clock. William disappears from WCV after 1854 and turns up in the

1860 Lee Co., Va Census. With him are Nancy and four of their children: Lucy, Eliza, Shelton and William C. Sandefur.

1860 Lee County, Va Census: lists William A. Sanderfer, age 54, b.  Patrick Co., VA. living in HH #178, farmer; with Nancy M., age 53; Lucy A., 18; Eliza A. 14; Shelton, 12; all born Patrick Co., Va. and William C., 6, born Washington County, Va.

1870 Claiborne Co., Tennessee Census - Wm. is with his son, Rev. Robert Sandefur

Fact 1: 13 March 1834, Deputy Sheriff Patrick Co. Court Order

Fact 2: 12 March 1835, Deputy Sheriff Patrick Co. Court Order

Notes for Nancy Martha SHARP:


Nancy was born 14 Mar 1807 and was the daughter of Robert Sharp and Philipina 'Pena' Shelton, b 1777 to Captain Eliphaz Shelton and wife, Nancy in Patrick Co., Virginia. They had 18 known children. Nancy died in 1900, Claiborne Co., Tenn. and is buried on the Rev. Joe Lambert farm. William was a school teacher. William lived in Patrick Co., Virginia near  Taylorsville County Seat before 1850. He and family were in Washington County, Virginia by 1850 Census and their last two children were born in WCV. They left Washington Co after 1853 and moved to Lee County, VA.

Nancy was a Cherokee Indian.


i. MARY FRANCES SANDEFUR, b. 25 Oct 1828, Patrick County, VA; d. KY; m. MATTHEW S. THOMPSON, 24 Dec 1844, Patrick County, VA.

ii. MARGARET JANE SANDEFUR, b. 30 Mar 1830, Patrick County, VA.

iii. REV. ROBERT SHARP SANDEFUR, b. 30 May 1831, Patrick County, VA; d. 20 Jun 1885, Claiborne County, TN; buried in the Sandefur Cemetery on the Rev. Joseph Lambert farm; m. SUSAN ASKEW, 1 Jun 1855, Patrick Co.., Va.


*Robert Sandefur. Wife died 1 September 1901, a daughter of Michael Askew. Children (Letter from Glenn E. Sandefur of Monroe, Michigan, a descendant):

a. William Henry Sandefur, 21 March 1856, Va. - 14 April 1946, Claiborne County, Tenn.; buried at Forge Ridge Cemetery. Married Mary. At least 1 child:

i. Clint Sandefur, born 1882-1883, Claiborne County, Tenn. On 18 June 1908 at Lee County, Va., age 25, a resident of Claiborne Co., married Belle Freeman, 25, born in Ky., daughter of Lizzie Tompkins. Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Lee County Marriage Register 2, 1885-1914, p. 131 (from p. 129, line 61).

b. Floyd W. Sandefur, 14 November 1858, Va. - 17 May 1946, Claiborne County, Tenn.; buried at Forge Ridge Cemetery.

c. Nancy E. Sandefur, born 21 March 1861, Claiborne County, Tenn.

d. Samuel A. Sandefur, 16 January 1863 - 7 May 1874, Claiborne County, Tenn.

e. Lucy A. Sandefur, born 10 January 1865, Claiborne County, Tenn.; married John Dalton.

f. John A. Sandefur, 22 December 1868 - 3 July 1943, Claiborne County, Tenn.; buried at Forge Ridge Cemetery.

g. Shelton Sandefur, 20 October 1871 - 11 September 1953; buried at Forge Ridge Cemetery.

h. Mary E. Sandefur, born 21 March 1873, Claiborne County, Tenn.; married (1) Robert Dalton; (2) Mr. Anders.

i. Robert Samuel Sandefur, 4 October 1875 - 1 December 1965, Claiborne County, Tenn. Married (1) Dora Greer, died of tuberculosis about 1896-99. On 25 July 1900, married (2) Margaret Rice (30 January 1883 - 7 June 1963), daughter of Asher & Martha (Hayes) Rice. First 2 children by 1st wife; others by 2d:

a. Frank Sandefur, born and died, 1890s, Claiborne County, Tenn.

b. Robert Sandefur, 26 September 1896 - 25 June 1960, Claiborne County, Tenn.; buried Burchett Cemetery, Forge Ridge; 28 December 1919, married Nellie Ayres.

c. Dessie Lee Sandefur, born 14 June 1901, Claiborne County, Tenn.; married (1) 7 January 1917, George W. Lambert; (2) Hallie Hatfield.

d. Ellie Mae Sandefur, 27 December 1903 - 28 October 1964 , Claiborne County, Tenn.; married 16 march 1919, Ira Ellison, son of Thomas & Lizzie (Hatfield) Ellison.

e. Lucy Sandefur, 9 August 1905 - 13 June 1978, Claiborne County, Tenn.; married 15 November 1920, Alvis Victor Crockett.

f. Ledford Sandefur, born 15 February 1908, Claiborne County, Tenn.; married (1) Mary Chumley, daughter of W.W. Chumley; (2) Bonnie.

g. Mossie Naomi Sandefur, born 10 March 1912, Claiborne County, Tenn.; married Curtis Burke.

h. Otis Sandefur, born 6 February 1917, Claiborne County, Tenn.; married (1) Lucille Cavins; (2) Lorene.

i. Sylvia Lee Sandefur, born 20 October 1920, Claiborne County, Tenn.; married 3 July 1946, Spurgeon Johnson, son of Lee & Bertha (Williams) Johnson.

j. Dock Sandefur, 19 July 1922 Claiborne County, Tenn. - 4 August 1978, Flat Rock, Michigan; buried Oak Ridge Cemetery; married (1) Myrtle Woodby, divorced 21 March 1946, 2 children born at Forge Ridge, Tenn.; (2) 30 March 1946, Ora Ruth Stanifer, daughter of Leamon 7 Lula (Whittaker) Stanifer; divorced 21 November 1974, one child (Glenn E. Sandefur) born at Monroe, Michigan; (3) Nora Kuglar, 1 child born at Trenton, Michigan.

k. Elmer Sandefur, 28 June 1925 - 11 March 1980 Claiborne County, Tenn.; married 6 December 1940, Ethel Hatfield, daughter of Aaron & Nora (Davis) Hatfield.

                    j. Susan Sandefur, born 2 September 1878, Claiborne 
                    County, Tenn.; married Mr. Marson.

                    k. Eliza A. Sandefur, born 16 August 1882, Claiborne
                    County, Tenn.; married, age 21, 19 June 1904 at Lee
                    County County,  VA., Sherman Crigger, 20, son of Steven
                    & Sallie Crigger of  Lee County.  Carpenter, op. cit., p. 131 
                    (from p. 116, line 70) (Mother shown as Lucy).

                    l. Martha Sandefur, born 4 June 1885, Claiborne County, 
                    Tenn.; married Mr. Phillips.

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                      descendants of Robert Sharp Sandefur.

Notes for SUSAN ASKEW:

Susan was a French girl.

iv. SAMUEL MATHHEW SANDEFUR, b. 9 Jan 1833, Patrick County, VA; d. 12 May 1885, Claiborne County, TN; b. Cave Springs Cemetery; m. (1) REBECCA EMELINE FARRIS, 10 May 1850, Washington County, VA; m. (2) ALICE ELIZABETH MARCUM, 25 Dec 1870, Claiborne County, TN.

v. PENNY JOHNSON SANDEFUR, b. 19 Sep 1834, Patrick County, VA.


Penny died young.

vi. FAIREST SANDEFUR, b. 1835, Washington County, VA.


Fariest died young.

vii. JOHANNA L. SANDEFUR, b. 1836, Washington County, VA.

viii. SAVANNA JOHANNA SANDEFUR, b. 28 Jan 1838, Washington County, VA.

ix. LUCY SANDEFUR, b. 1839, Washington County, VA.

x. GATRILLA SANDEFUR, b. 1841, Washington County, VA.

xi. G. ELLA SANDEFUR, b. 1842, Washington County, VA.

xii. GABRELLA LUCITTA SANDEFUR, b. 29 May 1845, Washington County, VA; d. 15 Sep 1859.

*27xi and xii. Gabriella Sandefur, born 30 June 1842 in Patrick County, Va. [if correct, so must her older siblings have been born there], died 15 September 1859 in Lee County, Va. Ada Grace Catron, Lee County, Virginia Court Records, v. 1, Death Records (1968), p. 26. [Note that two children could not have been born on 29 May and 4 May in the same year, as shown for xii and xiii.]

xiii. ELIZA AUGUSTA SANDEFUR, b. 4 May 1845, Washington County, VA; d. 15 Feb 1917, Claiborne County, TN; she is buried in the Sandefur Cemetery on the Rev. Joseph Lambert farm; m. JEREMIAH ELLISON, 4 Mar 1872, Claiborne County, TN.

xiv. SHELDON SANDEFUR, b. 15 Oct 1847, Washington County, VA.

*Shelton Sandefur. He married Nancy Taylor and died 24 April 1916 at Baccus, Tenn. Letter from Glenn E. Sandefur of Monroe, Michigan.

xv. SHELTON SANDEFUR, b. 16 Oct 1849, Washington County, VA.

xvi. WILLIAM DAVID SANDEFUR, b. 13 May 1853, Washington County, VA; d. 19 May 1932, Claiborne County, TN; b. Forge Ridge Cemetery; m. ADALINE MASSENGILL, 8 Feb 1880, Claiborne County, TN.

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