Slave Information 

Pub. New York Times, July 23, 1886


        LOUISVILLE, Ky., July 22--Old Uncle Isaac Parker, one of the best and largest human beings in Kentucky, who measures seven feet in his socks, died an easy death at Dr. Standiford's farm this morning.  He was an old servant in the family of Dr. Standiford's father, and was very popular with everybody on the farm, but owing to his advanced age did only the very lightest work about the pace.  Uncle Ike at an early hour this morning seated himself in the doorway and everybody thought he was taking a nap, but when rolled over stiff it was found that he had died suddenly and quietly, probably of heart disease.

* Dr. Elisha David Standiford (1831-1887) was the son of Elisha and Nancy Brooks Standiford.  Dr. Standiford was well known in Louisville.  Click here for his biography.

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