Mary Ann Price Standefer


Monroe County, MS

Will Book, No. 1, pg. 247; Monroe County, MS
(This Will and following documents come from a DAR application, 1942,
and are presented as a certified copies.)

Last Will and Testament of Mary Ann Price Standefer


I, Mary Ann Standefer, considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of sound mind and memory, blessed be Almighty God for the same, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in the manner and form following:

First I Will (sic) that a note be paid out of my estate that I made payable to my son William P. Standefer for the sum of two hundred and ninety-five dollars and sixty-seven cents, dated 25th of May 1836 and due one day after date.

ITEM, I Will that my Negro boy Gilbert first be sold to pay said note and the remainder I Will that my daughter Charity Standefer, have together with my horse, hogs, cattle, all my household clothing, trunks, corn meal and singular all the goods and clothes that I possess or own in any except my bed.

ITEM, I will that my daughter Keziah Standefer have my bed and bedding.

ITEM, I will that my son William P. Standefer has possession of my Negro boy Gilbert until said note is paid and if paid without any sale, I Will that my daughter Charity Standefer have Gilbert above mentioned. I do not Will any thing to my son William P. Standefer or any of my daughters but those two above mentioned.

ITEM, I do hereby appoint my son William P. Standefer Sole executor of this my last Will and Testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the second day of August, 1842.

Signed, Mary Ann X Standefer seal mark

Witnesses: William P. Standefer, W. H. Gibbins, Stephen X. Gibbins

Probate Court of said County- June Term, 1848.


The State of Mississippi. PROBATE COURT June term 1848
Monroe County

Be it remembered that at a term of the probate Court on and for the County of Monroe in the State aforesaid begun and held at the Court thereof on the first Monday of June A.D. 1848, personally appeared in open Court, Stephen Gibbons one of the subscribing witnesses to the annexed instrument purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Mary Ann Standefer late of this County deceased be
bearing date of 2nd day of August 1842. Who being first duly sworn deposed and said that Mary Ann Standefer signed, sealed and published and declared said instrument as her last Will and Testament in the presence of this deponent on the day of this date thereof, that said testatrix was then of sound and
disposing mind and memory and more than twenty-one years of age and that this deponent subscribed and said instrument ???? at the instance and request of said Testatrix and saw the other subscribing witnesses William P. Standefer and William H. Gibbons subscribe the same as witnesses thereto in presence of said Testatrix in the presence of each other on his day and year aforesaid.

Subscribed and sworn his
in open Court this 6th day of Jun 1848 Stephens X Gibbons
T.W. Williams, Clerk Mark

NOTE: After the above and the foregoing pages were written, a document of the Monroe County Court was found that appointed William P. Standefer and Mary Ann Standefer as Administrators of Luke's estate and authorized the property be sold and proceeds divided among the heirs. The heirs of Elizabeth and Isaac could not be located. Date 1848

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