Miscellaneous Info. for Hamilton Co., IL
(Here you will find other info. that doesn't fit the other categories)

*New - Death Certificates

The Alligator Hotel
Cartways....early trails.
A Christmas Story
Another Christmas Story
Class of 1914 Program - McLeansboro; postcard transcriptions
The Cloud State Bank
Dahlgren Storekeeper Disappears - William Cook (Many surnames here)
Death Records from Hamilton County Newspapers
Old diseases - defined
FIRSTS...in Hamilton County
Graduating Classes of 1925
Goshen Trails
Hardesty 1920 Income Tax form.  Interesting!
John and Mary Charlotte Hutchcraft's divorce papers.  Shame on John!
July 4, 1876 in Hamilton County
The McCoy Library
Occupations in 1860
Parker Prairie - Farming in 1855
Parker's Prairie School  (A must read!)
The Press in Hamilton County
First White Settlers in Hamilton County
A strange story re. the General Lyon Disaster
Sheriff Appointment of S. H. Shepard 1942
Southern IL Hospital for Insane (Anna, IL) & Southern Penitentiary

The Tri-State Tornado of 1925 (3 counties here: Franklin, Hamilton & Jackson!)

Train Time
Transportation in early Hamilton County

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