Record of Deaths from Hamilton County, IL Newspapers

1874 - 1875 - 1886

The Golden Era 1874

Uriah Gunter, died January 28, 1874, age 28.  Born in KY.  Married in Northern IL.  Left wife and 3 children.

John Warren, died January 30, 1874.  Killed by a train 2 miles north of McLeansboro, IL.

Ichabod Mitchell died May 4, 1874, age 84.  Born in Halifax Co., VA February 14, 1790.  Came here in 1818.  Married Mary Lane.  Baptized by Rev. Milton Carpenter at Ten Mile Baptist Church.

Dietz - daughter of Samuel A. and Mary E. Dietz, died May 2, 1874 at Mason, Effingham Co., IL.  Age 7 months and 11 days.

Mrs. Julia Etna died May 1874 at res. near Spring Garden, Jefferson Co., IL.  Daughter of A. T. and Mary Sullenger.

Relick of Benjamin L. Kennady, died May 1874 age 34 years, 5 months and 2 days.  Leaves 3 children.

Jefferson D. Ellis died ? (April 3, 1874 paper).

Matilda Bryant died July 27, 1874.  Wife of Wm. Bryant.

Rev. Ebington Daily died at home of his father, Levi Daily.  (Oct. 5, 1874 paper).

John M. Boyd died October 19, 1874, age 36 years, 1 month and 17 days.  Leaves wife and 2 children.

Thomas J. Watson died September 20, 1874 at Salem, OR.  Raised in Mt. Vernon, IL, son of Esq. Asa B. Watson of McLeansboro, IL.

Nancy Woolridge, died February 4, 1874, age 72 years, 24 days.  Born in NC February 4, 1802.  Married John Woolridge December 24, 1819.  Late in life lived in home of son-in-law, John D. Hood.

A Memoriam for Moses Echoles.  (Nov. 6, 1874 paper).

Mrs. Taylor, died October 28, 1874.  Wife of I. C. Taylor.  Killed by a falling tree limb.

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The Golden Era 1875

John C. Heard, died January 20, 1875.  Buried City Cemetery.

J. J. Richards died.  (Reported January 22, 1875 paper).

Peter Leake died January 8, 1875.  Buried Union Hall Cemetery.  Body later taken up and buried with his wife October 12, 1875.  Member of the Presbyterian Church.

Mathias C. McPherson died January 5, 1875, age 25 years, 8 months and 6 days.

Essary, a son of Isaac K. Essary, died January 1875...Fatal accident.

Mark M. Hails died last Saturday.  (March 5, 1875 paper).

John Pratt died February 18, 1875.  Born in Queens Co., Ireland September 6, 1804.  Member of the M. E. Church.

Linville W. Creemens died May 22, 1875.  Son of R. B. T. Cremeens of Macedonia.  Born in Jackson Co., OH October 1838.  Member M. E. Church.  Brother of L. W. Cremeens of McLeansboro.  Leaves wife and 4 children.

S. D. O'Neal.  Memorial in July 16, 1875 paper.

James McGilley died August 3, 1875.  Native of Ireland.  Buried Catholic Cemetery at Oxiers Prairie.

Isabelle Heard died August 15, 1875.  Wife of C. H. Heard.  Born in Ireland.  Daughter of Daniel Marshall.  Member of C. P. Church.  First one to be interred in New McLeansboro Cemetery, I.O.O.F.

Julia A Oglesby died August 16, 1875.  (nee Brown)..Wife of Charles M. Oglesby.

Rev. Braxton Parish, died August 16, 1875, age 79 years, 9 months and 22 days.  Born October 24, 1795 in NC.  A Judge.  Reported in August 27, 1875 paper.

Mary Ellen Warfield died September 7, 1875.  Age 3 years.

Miriam Coker died September 15, 1875.  Born in NC September 19, 1813, daughter of John McAdams.  Married William Coker about 1836.  Member of M. E. Church.

John Mason died September 1875.

Sarah Sullenger died October 6, 1875 age 84.  Born in Raleigh, NC.  Married Capt. James Sullenger in 1816.  Mother of Mrs. W. P. Bowers and Mrs. McGhee.  Stepmother of Esq. A. T. Sullenger.

Anna L. Judd, died September 30, 1875, age 4 years, 9 months and 26 days.  Daughter of Albert and Mary A. Judd.

Frances Leake died October 10, 1875, age 44 years, 4 months and 10 days.  Widow of Peter Leake.  Daughter of Rev. Hillary Patrick.  Born in MS.  Buried in the new Cemetery, I.O.O.F.

John C. Aud, died September 6, 1875.  Native of PA.  Married daughter of Barnett Vandever.  Mem. English Lutheran Church.

Elizabeth Stelle died October 18, 1875, age 74 years.  Born in NJ. daughter of Wm. Lawyer.  Married Thompson Stelle, the grandfather of Judge T. B. Stelle.  Mem. Baptist Church.

Samuel McAdams died October 15, 1875.  Married a daughter of Wm. Coker.  Leaves wife and 4 small children.

Mary Elizabeth Gholson died November 7, 1875, age 45 years, 7 months and 6 days.  Born in Roanoke Co., VA.  Married Tomzen Gholson.  Member of C. P. Church.

Mark Harper died.  (Reported in November 26 paper).

C. H. Meltner died last week.  Reported in December 10, 1875 paper.  Killed by train at Broughton.  Leaves wife and 1 child now at Shawneetown.

From: Goshen Trails July 1980.

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The Leader, 1886

Jarrett Maulding, ex-sheriff died at Belle City Monday.  Was father of our present sheriff.  Feb. 4, 1886

Willis Rhine died February 7, 1886

Little daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Tucker died February 5, 1886.

Mrs. Harriet D. Savage died February 18, age 59 years, 28 days.  Born in Elizis, France January 20, 1827, daughter of Rev. Phillip Houser, a Lutheran Minister.  Married John Savage May 30, 1847 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Buried Odd Fellows Cemetery.

John Mann died.  (Front page of Feb. 25, 1886 paper).

Mrs. Margaret Edwards died February 23, age 66 years, 4 months and 3 days.  Born Monroe Co., TN August 25, 1819.  Married Thomas H. Edwards September 17, 1844.  Obit March 4 paper.

John Thrasher died April 12, 1886 at Broughton.  Born in Roanoke Co., VA in 1802.  Age 84 years.  Wife died in 1867.

The wife and child of Bill Ellis died.  (April 22, 1886 paper)

Elizabeth Richards died April 18, age 62 years, 8 days.  Born in KY April 10, 1824.  Married John G. Richards in Benton, MO September 24, 1842.  Survived by 7 children.  Her husband died 27 years ago.

Lucy Robinson died May 13, 1886, daughter of Moses and Elizabeth Robinson.  Born in Hamilton County in 1874.  Died at residence of a brother-in-law, A. B. McArthy.

Martha A. Anderson died May 17, 1886.  Born in Alabama.  Left an orphan when young, raised by an uncle, William Sturman.  Married March 1841 to Thomas Anderson.  Leaves husband and 5 children.

Weldon, a 3 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. M. Welden, died July 19.  Buried Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Mrs. Mary Matheny died July 18, 1886, at residence of her daughter Mrs. John Browder.  Buried Mary's Chapel Cemetery.  Born Stokes Co., NC in 1818.  Married to W. C. Matheny at age 19.  Left 7 children.

Neel, a young children (twin) of Charles Neel, died August 1, 1886 (From Belle City News)

John McNabb died August 9, 1886 here.

Miss Minerva Daily died at residence of her father, J. W. Daily.  (August 12 paper)

Mrs. Julia Upton died last Tuesday.  (August 19 paper).

Mrs. Nellie Lane, (nee Sullenger) died August 12, 1886 at their home in Shawneetown, Ill.  Wife of George E. Lane.  Leaves husband and 3 small children.  Buried Odd Fellows Cemetery in Hamilton Co., IL.

Lane, infant child of George E. Lane died last week at Shawneetown.  Buried Odd Fellows Cemetery, Hamilton Co., IL.

Charlie Wilson died September 3, age about 21 years.  Son of Jacob Wilson.  J. P. Wilson was brother-in-law.  Buried Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Hemer Elmer Goodridge died September 6, age 3 years, 2 months and 22 days.  Son of C. F. and Annie Goodridge.

Delia Frease died September 22, 1886.  Daughter of C. W. Frease.
Miss Adelia Frease died September 22, age 19 years, 10 months and 21 days.

Mrs. Nellie Boyd died September 22, 1886 at residence of her parents in New Burnside.  She had many friends in this city.

J. C. Salkeld died October 6, 1886, age 25.  Was a brother of Mrs. S. M. McConnel and died at their residence.

Edith Wilson Marshall died October 13, 1886, age 33 years, 10 months, 14 days.  Born Hamilton County, daughter of the late J. A. and Eliza Wilson.  Wife of J. F. Marshall.  Buried Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Mrs. Isaac Vaughn died October 17, 1886 in this city.

Miss Emaline Pascal died November 1, 1886 at residence of J. W. Marshall, Esq.  Age 73 years, born in SC.

Isaac T. Lawrence died November 11, 1886.  Leaves wife and 5 children.

Wilson, infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Green Wilson, died last month.  (Dec. 2 paper).

Mary Ethel Brydon died November 3, age 4 months. Only child of Dr. John and Laura Brydon.  Died at Griffin, IN.

Mrs. Julia Hardesty died December 27, 1886 at home of her mother, Mrs. Zimmerman.

Mrs. A. G. Cloud died December 22, at the family residence.  Age 75 years, 1 month and 24 days.  Buried Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Mrs. Minnie Anderson died December 24, wife of Wilson Anderson.  Leaves husband and a 10 month old baby.  Sisters are Mrs. J. N. Pool of Mt. Vernon, IL, Mrs. C. H. Denman and Mrs. Thomas Dale.  Brothers are Prof. W. F. Scott of Harrisburg, George N. Scott of St. Louis and Phillip Scott of Fairfield, IL.

From: Goshen Trail's, April 1982

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