by Paul Kornmeyer

From: Goshen Trails, Vol. 9,  No. 1, Jan. 1973; p. 6
Printed by permission.

         Recorded in the US Census, 1860, of the County, were the following indicated professions, according to compiler's classifications:
25 School Teachers 2 Clergymen
14 Physicians 1 Music Teacher
6 Attorneys-at Law 1 Actor
3 Engineers 1 Law student
2 Artists

          Agriculture, service industries and unskilled labor, of course, led enumerations in employment while governmental occupations fell far behind, only slightly ahead of transportation employment professions ranking fifth, behind agriculture, service, labor and manufacturing.

          The names of the six resident attorneys were: S. S. Marshall, 37, born in Illinois and resident at McLeansboro, Ill.  Collumbus Carpenter, 20, born Illinois and resident of McLeansboro.  John McElwain, 38, born Pennsylvania, resident of McLeansboro.  Chester Carpenter, 31, born Illinois, resident of McLeansboro.  C. S. Vise, 36, born South Carolina, resident T5S R7E, P. O. Hall, Ill.  Samuel Close, 26, b. Illinois, resident S1/2 T3S R7E, P. O. McLeansboro, Il.

          There were, of course, other active clergymen in the county, but they were not so recorded: C. R. Pitman and Hosea Vise were two, and perhaps, J. C. Elliott, John B. Smith, J. L. Riley, Calvin Young Allen, were among others, probably still active in the county.  J. C Elliott was not enumerated as a county resident; John B. Smith, 50, was enumerated as a blacksmith; "John Riley," 32, was recorded as a farmer; whether or not "John Riley" and J. L. Riely were one and the same person is undetermined.  Calvin Young Allen ( Calvin Y. Allen or Young Allen) was recorded in 1860 as a farmer, although he remained active, at least intermittently, until 1889 or until his death in 1893.

          The "Actor" recorded as "Actor in Circus" was James Watson, 26, who was born in Indiana.

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