A compilation of Hamilton Co., IL marriage records to 1940


From: Court Records, Bible Records, Obituaries

Please note that the marriages listed here were contributed by researchers who have knowledge of the marriages.  
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contact: Hamilton County Clerk, Public Square, McLeansboro, IL 62859-1489 (618/643-2721)

Yates, Steven C. Cook, Hannah L. May 8, 1849
Yates, Isaac Askey, Winny September 28, 1866
Yerian, George Davis, Sarah E. July 17, 1851
York, Eli Harrison, Elizabeth October 13, 1866
York, Samuel A. Metcalf, Martha December 8, 1881
York, William W. Crawford, Rebecca Jane July 16, 1859
Young, Frank Rich, Sarah January 26, 1861
Young, Joseph Allen, Catherine E. November 20, 1849
Young, Nathan Cook, Samantha June 6, 1857
Young, Thompson M. Davis, Ann C. April 1, 1856
Zackman, Allis Schroeder, Lottie Belle July 16, 1892
Zachman, F. M. Sefried, Katie 1889
Zachman, Lawrence/Lorance Wolf, Rosilla Anna  May 17, 1857
Zachman, Theodore Benjamin (s/o Frank) Kaercher, Emma Henrica (d/o Louis) August 17, 1926
Zachman, Thomas (s/o Marcellus) Esswein, Helen (d/o Albert) November 21, 1876
Zachmann, Frank Marcellus (s/o Lawrence) Sefried, Catherine Sophie November 26, 1889
Zachmann, Lawrence (s/o Marcellus) Wolf, Anne Rosalie May 19, 1857
Zachmann, Paul Frank (s/o John) Brendel, Helen Cunegunda (d/o Geo.) June 5, 1925
Zackmann, Stephen (s/o Lawrence) Wenzel, Catherine (d/o John) January 18, 1887
Zelhart, Willie Edward Harrison, Nellie Marie September 18, 1921
Zellers, George Vaughn, Martha November 13, 1870
Zellers, Nelson Thierry, Emily J. March 25, 1872
Zimmer, Anthony Joseph (s/o Thomas) Neiss, Rosalie Theresa (d/o James) January 12, 1920

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