A compilation of Hamilton Co., IL marriage records to 1940


From: Court Records, Bible Records, Obituaries, etc.

Please note that the marriages listed here were contributed by researchers who have knowledge of the marriages.  
For document copies
contact: Hamilton County Clerk, Public Square, McLeansboro, IL 62859-1489 ( 618/643-2721)

Ingram, Columbus Faulkner, Nancy November 13, 1864
Ingram, Francis A. (Certificate) Gunter, Edith July 6, 1859
Ingram, Hosea V. Upton, Martha L. September 9, 1866
Ingram, J. T. Waller, Laura L. July 25, 1880
Ingram, John T. Richards, Mary Ann December 9, 1851
Ingram, John W. (Certificate) Echols, Lorany? June 18, 1859
Ingram, John W. (Certificate) Hunt, Wilma A. May 7, 1928
Ingram, Kenan Wright Upton, Laura Josephine July 29, 1871
Ingram, Milton Carpenter  (Certificate) Hunter, Evaline July 6, 1860
Ingram, Sewell (Certificate) Barnett, Sarah A. (Mrs.) May 25, 1865
Ingram, Theopholas J. McCoy, Samantha A. January 8, 1868
Ingram, William A. Nora Victoria Daily June 2, 1947
Ingram, William A. (Certificate) Clark, Rosetta December 31, 1877
Ingram, William C. McDaniel, Elisabeth January 4, 1854
Ingram, William Calvin Holland, Lavina September 14, 1853
Ingram, William Calvin Porter, Eliza Ann November 8, 1888
Ingram, Young Sewell Craig, Mary Ann December 28, 1865
Irby, Charles Barker, Susan April 21, 1852
Irby, Henderson Davis, Catharine March 15, 1860
Irwin, C. C. Maulding, Mary A. June 20, 1875
Irvin, Benjamin Franklin Oliver, Lucinda (d/o Lauson) February 3, 1853
Irvin, Frank L. Bond, Eliza I. October 27, 1908
Irvin, Henry Shirley, Milly (d/o Moses) December 17, 1829
Israel, Charles H. Mann, Mary Cordelia January 16, 1885
Israel, George Braden, Susannah October 4, 1858
Israel, John R. Laswell, Nancy Ellendor (Ellen) November 27, 1851

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