A compilation of Hamilton Co., IL marriage records to 1940


From: Court Records, Bible Records, Obituaries, etc.

Please note that the marriages listed here were contributed by researchers who have knowledge of the marriages.  
For document copies
contact: Hamilton County Clerk, Public Square, McLeansboro, IL 62859-1489 (618/643-2721)

Karcher, Andrew Ayd, Christena February 28, 1867
Karcher, Gus Rubenaker, Henrietta December 8, 1864
Karcher, L. A. Engle, Katharine February 13, 1890
Kaufman, Benjamin Reyling, Angeline April 17, 1856
Kaufman, Charles Fry, Stevernoch/Stevenah May 1, 1870
Kaufman, Felix Ayd, Christena (Mrs.) May 10, 1852
Kaufman, Joseph Kaufman, Agatha August 20, 1852
Kelly, George D. Jones, Mary Katharine April 6, 1854
Kelly, James Davis, Mary (Mrs) January 20, 1859
Keniday, John S. Elledge, Eliza Ann (d/o Thorn B.) July 10, 1851
Kennedy, George Bond, Lockie Jane December 15, 1912
Kennedy, William L. Simpson, Ossie October 13, 1893
Kiefer, Leopold 1. Kater, Margaret December 1, 1861
Kiefer, Leopold 2. Hoover, Barbara 1871
Kiefer, Leopold 3. Schelbel, Maria Anna 1879
Kimberal, Henderson Stull, Rebecca November 19, 1851
Kinny, James Click, Lucinda March 3, 1862
Kisselbaught, William Dale, Malina February 23, 1868
Knapp, George G. Voliva, Florence A. January 16, 1909
Knapp, W. H. Rawls, Rebecca May 4, 1876
Knight, James M. Spain, Alseney (d/o Thomas) February 16, 1853
Knight, Joshua L. C. Coons, Delilah A. December 20, 1877
Knowles, William Bert Lasswell, Pearl Jane November 30, 1916
Koger, David W. Trotter, Martha A. September 8, 1881
Koger, Jacob P. Bradly, Orpha January 25, 1853
Koger, Thomas (d/o Mary) Hale, Susan J. (d/o Nancy) October 28, 1866
Kronmeyer, Chas. Armstrong, L. E. 1877
Krouse, Frank L. Badgley, Bettie November 2, 1871
Kuykendall, Abel Cook, Nancy Jane (Mrs.) June 2, 1864

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