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The Macedonia Methodist Church is located in the town of Macedonia, Illinois.  The land for the Church was deeded on September 13, 1866.  Macedonia is the dividing line between two counties, one being Hamilton County and the other being Franklin County.  The Church is located on the Franklin County side.  This transcription has been graciously provided by Jo Ann McGhee and Patti Breaux.

The earliest tombstones in the Church Cemetery date from about 1860.  The earliest grave in this transcription is dated 1856.  It is believed that burials took place in this cemetery before that date; however, there are no records to substantiate this.  Certainly there are a number of unmarked gravesites.  Jo Ann McGhee has included many of the “unknown” people interred here based on various sources of information.  These unmarked graves are preceded with an arrow.  I have also included some unmarked graves that I have identified.  My entries are preceded with (SH:  UNMARKED), followed by the person’s name and what is known about them.

The additional “commentary” I have added for a number of people buried here has been derived from various sources. First and foremost is information from the descendants of Zopher and Phebe Cooper Johnson and the descendants of Elizabeth Sims Carney/Kearney.  Other sources of information include various censuses of Hamilton County and Franklin County, IL; Rev. James William Dupree’s book “Early Johnsons of Hamilton County (IL); Harold G. Felty’s “Legacy of Kin, Hamilton County, IL;  the book “Franklin County, IL 1870 Plus” by Judith Walley Couey; Volume I and Volume II of “Northern Township Franklin County, IL A History”, by David E. Goss; and the centennial publication,

“Macedonia 1976” compiled by the Macedonia Eastern Star 1028, Mrs. Dorothy Pickard, Chairman of Macedonia History and Mrs Margaret Harper, Chairman of Church Records.

With regard to Ms. Couey’s work, in her book “Franklin County, IL Federal Census of 1840, Veterans of Franklin Co. and Federal Census of 1850 Plus”, a number of Civil War soldiers known to be interred in the Macedonia Methodist Church Cemetery are listed in this work as being buried in Logan Cemetery.  After several inquiries, I have been unable to confirm that the Macedonia Methodist Church Cemetery was at one time also known as “Logan” Cemetery.  Nor have I been able to confirm a separate Logan Cemetery exists in Franklin or Hamilton County.  In the interest of honoring all Civil War soldiers even possibly interred here, I have included the names of these Civil War soldiers according to Ms. Couey who are buried “at Logan Cemetery”.  These additions are preceded with “PER JC” followed by the soldier’s name and civil war unit number.

I deeply regret that full and complete research on every person interred in the cemetery could not be accomplished.  The time limitations made this an impossibility; however, it is my intention to provided additional commentary on as many people as possible.  Several persons buried in this Cemetery have a short biography at the website “Yesterdays of Hamilton County”.  I would encourage you to visit this wonderful website at  For more information on Civil War soldiers, please visit the State of IL website that has a complete roster of soldiers.

My great-grandfather, James A. Johnson, his brother, Zopher Alexander, his sisters, Elizabeth Jane and Phebe Adeline, and  his parents, Christopher Cooper and Kathryn Kerbaugh Johnson, and his grandparents, Zopher and Phebe Cooper Johnson,  came to the Macedonia area from Greene County, TN in 1853/4.  James A. Johnson was a soldier in the Civil War, serving with IL 40th, Company A.  The IL 40th Infantry Company A was largely mustered from residents of Hamilton County.  IL 40th Infantry Company F was mustered from residents of Franklin County as was the 13th IL Cavalry.  James’ brother, Zopher A. Johnson, was also a soldier, serving with the 13th IL Cavalry.  Brothers, James A. Johnson and Zopher A. Johnson are credited with purchasing the bell for the Church bell tower.  The bell remains there to this day.  Both brothers as well as many family members are buried in the Church Cemetery.  There are over 50 Civil War soldiers interred at this cemetery.  A roster of these brave men is included at the end of the transcription.

We have been granted permission by the compiler, JoAnn McGhee, and the Frankfort Area Genealogy Society to post this Cemetery Transcription at our website.  We are much indebted to Jo Ann for this wonderful piece of historical work.  Jo Ann has requested that any corrections or additions be emailed to her at 

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MACEDONIA CEMETERY LISTING - Jo Ann McGhee Apr 2002 ; Alphabetized by Patti  Breaux 

Click here to view list of Civil War Veterans buried at Macedonia Cemetery.


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