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Harrison  Henderson Jefferson
Mason Mercer Nicholas
Shelby Unknown  

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Bourbon County:

From Bourbon County Estates: p. 21
Porter, John "From Virginia." Land bought in VA by William Porter, mentions Richmond and Westmoreland Counties, Sugget's Point, near Bowler's Ferry, VA; brother Edward, decd, sons, Luellen (b. 1796); John (b. Feb. 19, 1806); son, August (b. 1809); daughter, Lucretia (b. 1804); Written September 10, 1809; probated December 1809. Witnesses: N. C. Standiford, C. B. Garrard, James Metcalfe.

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Fayette County:

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Green County:

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Harrison County:

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Henderson County:

 Will Abstract, Henderson County, KY, Book A:

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March/April 1843: Ovid Keach for Nunn vs. H. C. Sandefur & Bennett Sandefur

March 1843: Deed from Bennett Sandefur, JR to Alexander Barrett

February 3, 1844: Obid Ceeth vs. Henry C. Sandefur & Bennett Sandefur

December 28, 1846: Court ordered Appraisers (Bennett and Gerrard Sandefur)

September 3, 1847: L. G. Sandefur/Bennet Sandefur

December 27, 1847: Court order re. Bennett Sandefur's estate

September 30, 1848: L. G. Sandefur/Bennett Sandefur

May 22, 1848: Appraisement order for estate of Bennett Sandefur

February 26, 1849: Guardian appointment for Bennett M. Sandefur

December 22, 1851: re. guardianship of Charles F. Sandefur

October 24, 1853: re. guardianship of Reuben E. Sandefur

January 14, 1854: re. 200 acres belonging to Bennett Sandefur  (his patent)

October 1858: re. guardianship of Jane Sandefur

October 16, 1840: Deed: John Bugg to Bennett Sandefur

March 28, 1843: Deed book re. M. J. Moss to Bennett Sandefur

December 28, 1846: appraisal

September 3, 1847: L. G. Sandefur to Bennet Sandefur

September 30, 1848: L. G. Sandefur to Bennett Sandefur

December 1847: re. estate of Bennett Sandefur

November 24, 1854: re. estate of Charles F. Sandefur, deceased.

October 27, 1857: re. settlement of Charles F. Sandefur's estate.

November 23, 1857: re. settlement of Charles F. Sandefur's estate.

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The Sandefur's were no strangers to the court!



Bennett Sandefur vs John Bilbo - July 1811 No.1233
Bennett Sandefur vs John Bilbo - March 1816 No.1574 #197
Bank of Commonwealth vs. Tandy Sandefur-March 1824 No.2942 #199B
George Atkinson & Others vs. Samuel Sandefur - Sept. 1832 No.4623 #201A
John Sandefur vs. Soafur & Dixon - March 1833 No.4736 #201B
William Sandefur vs. Hugh Nunn - March 1833  No.4741 #201B
Sterling Foulks vs. John Sandefur - Sept. 1833 No.4847 #201B
Nelson Henderson vs John Sandefur - Sept. 1834 No.4992 #202A
Tandy Sandefur vs. John T. Smith - March 1837 No.5279 #202A
Tandy Sandefur vs. Wm. T. Quinn - March 1837 No.5280 #202A
Tandy Sandefur vs. Bayless Chamblin - June 1837 No.5372 #202A
Addison Hopkins vs. James Sandefur - June 1837 Nos.5328/5329  #202B
Attorneys: Griffith, Triplett & Hopkins vs.Tandy Sandefur - June 1837  No.5357 #202B
Thomas E. Wilson vs. Tandy Sandefur - Sept.1837 No.5449 #202
George Atkinson vs. Richard Sandefur Jr. - June 1838 No.5541 #202B
James D. Hatchett vs. Richard Sandefur - June 1838  No.5613   #202B
Jacob S. Swan vs. Richard Sandefur - June 1838 No.5613 #202B
Garland Cosby vs. Tandy Sandefur - March 1839 No.5709 #202B
William Lockett vs. Richard Sandefur Jr. - March 1840  No.5943 #203A
Thomas Sandefur vs. John T. Hart - March 1840 No.5943 #202B
Garland Cosby, Sheriff vs Henry Sandefur - Sept. 1841 No.6275 #203A
Samuel Sandefur vs James A. Fowler - March 1842  No.6424 #202B
Bennett Sandefur vs William & James S. Jones - March 1842 No.6433 #203A
Walter Alves vs Henry C. Sandefur - Sept. 1842 No.6582 #203B
John Sandefur, Escro vs. Thomas A. Griffin - Sept. 1842 No.6655 #203A
D. H. Ford vs. Tandy Sandefur - Mar. 1843 No.6688 #203B
O. G. Cates, Agent vs. L. G. Sandefur - Mar. 1843  No.6708  #203B
Alexander B. Barret vs. Bennett Sandefur - Nov. 1843 Nos.6890/6891  #204A
George Brown vs. Henry Sandefur - Nov. 1843 No.6899 #204A
Alferd Hill vs Thomas Sandefur - Nov. 1843 No.6937 #204
William Nunn vs. H. C. & Bennett Sandefur - Nov. 1843 No.6984  #204A
John Sandefur for Others vs. Bennett Sandefur - Nov 1843 No.7006 #204A
Bennett Sandefur vs. Joshua Mullin - Nov 1843 No.7007 #203B
Truitt, Truett, Pendleton vs. Nathaniel R. Sandefur - Nov. 1843   No. 7022   #204A
James Alves vs Henry C. Sandefur - June 1844   No. 7079 #204A
R. G. Nunn vs C. T. Sandefur - June 1844 No.7140  #204
Alex B. Barret vs John Sandefur - Nov 1844 Nos. 7267/7268 #204A
Garland W. Lyne vs Tandy Sandefur - June 1845 No.7463  #204B
Jacob S. Swan vs Richard Sandefur - Nov. 1845 No.7548 #204B
Stephen R. Wilson vs John Sandefur - Nov. 1846 No.7678 #204B
Milton McCormick vs John Sandefur - April 1849 No.8021  #205A
George Eakins vs Richard Sandefur - April 1850 No.8213 # 205A
William McMurry vs L. H. Sandefur - Oct. 1850 No.8315 #205A
Thomas Sandefur vs Barnett M. Clay - Oct. 1850 No.8326 #205A
Samuel F. Staton vs Thomas Sandefur - Apr. 1852 No.8799
Cowan Spalding vs Harrison Sandefur - May 1852 No. 8599
John Jordon vs L. H. Sandefur - May 1852 No. 8609
Henry C. Sandefur vs William Ligon - Nov. 1852 No.8760 #205A
William P. Smith vs L. H. Sandefur - Nov. 1854 No. 9338
John Duncan vs L. H. Sandefur - Dec. 1856 No. 9901 #297A
Mary Biggs, Admr. vs. Henrietta & Mary Sandefur&Others - June 1857 No.10022 #207B
H & A RR Co. vs. W. H. Sandefur - June 1857 No.10170 #207B
John R. Cheaney vs Thomas Sandefur - Dec. 1857 No. 10365
James Alves & Others Exor. vs. William A. Sandefur - Dec. 1857 No.10270 #207B
Jacob Edwards vs. C. T. Sandefur & Others - June 1858 No.10413 #208A
Grant Green, Comr vs. C. T. Sandefur & Others - June 1858 No.10426     #208A
Patrick Murphy vs H. C. Sandefur & Others - June 1858 No.10478 #208A
Mary J. Cunninham vs C.T. Sandefur, Geo.A.Sugg & Others- June 1858  No.10560 #208A
Sam F. Slaton, Gdn & Others vs Sarah Ann Sandefur-June 1858 No.10613 #208A
Solomon Nesler vs Shaw Sandefur & Others-Dec. 1858 No.10716  #208A
Alex B. Barret vs. Ben Sandefur Heirs & Others - June 1859 No.10997   #209A
Felix Eakins vs Sarah Sandefur & Others - June 1859   No.11010 #209A
P. Semonin & Others a.a.S. E. P. Biggs vs. C. T. Sandefur & Others -Dec. 1859  No.11202
# 209A
H. C. Drury vs. C. T. Sandefur - June 1860 No.11346 #209B
John Ensley vs W. A. Sandefur - June 1860 No.11354 #209B
William S. Elam vs C. T. Sandfur & Others - June 1860 No.11358 #209B
B. M. Sandefur vs Vansant, VanSant & Parker - June 1860 No.11509 #208B
James Sandefur vs John R. Biggs & Others - June 1861 No.11809 #209A
J. E. Rickett & Others, apnee vs W. H. Sandefur - June 1862 No.12587 #209A
P. H. Sandefur vs JuliaH.Priest, adm.of Joshua H.Jarrett -  Dec. 1862 No.12587   #209A

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Case No. 1233 (July 1811 John Bilbo vs. Bennet Sandefur, SR)
*Very interesting depositions here!

Case No. 7268 & 7006 (September 27 1844 re. John, William and Bennett Sandefur)

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Click here to view Bennett Sandefur, SR's Will of 1840.

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Click here to view Bennett Sandefur, Jr. - Appraisement of estate, 1848

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Click here to view Claiborne Collier's Will of 1846 *Sandefur

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Jefferson County:

Kentucky Ancestors in the Acts approved by the Kentucky General Assembly, 1792-1796. (From Kentucky Ancestors, Vol. 29, #2, p. 94-95): James Standiford, 1794. An Act to establish a (new town) in Jefferson Co.

From: Early Kentucky Settlers (The records of Jefferson Co., KY); pub. 1988 [From the "Filson Club History Quarterly")

p. 300: James Standiford.  Written: January 15, 1821; Probated September 8, 1823.  To eldest son Elisha and eldest daughter Nancy Hinch, $1.00 each; to second daughter Betsey Robb, to second son William, to fourth son David, and to youngest daughter, Matilda, furniture, stock, etc. To son Nathan, plantation, he is to pay $100 a year rent until youngest son Stewart is twenty-one, when plantation is to be divided between Nathan and Stewart.  Residue to lawful heirs. 
Exe: Henry Robb
Wit: John Murphey, James H. West
[Book 2; p. 243]

Click here to view James Standiford's Will of 1821.

From: Early Kentucky Settlers, The Records of Jefferson Co., KY [Filson Club History Quarterly] 1988; p. 449
James Standiford estate. At the December 4, 1826, Court, on motion of Nathan Standiford, it was ordered that Arthur McCawley, John Murphey, Samuel M. Quertermous, John C. Beeler, Joshua McCawley, Alexander L. Woodrow, Robert L. Woodrow divide real estate of James Standiford, deceased, into two equal parts, and allot one-half to Nathan Standiford and divide the other half into seven equal parts, allotting one part to each Elisha Standiford, Mary Hinch wife of Samuel Hinch, Elizabeth Robb wife of Henry Robb, William, Nathan and David Standiford and Matilda McDowell wife of John McDowell, deceased.  Alexander Woodrow, John C. Beeler and Samuel M. 'Quertermous qualified on December 30, 1826, before John Murphey, J.P.J.C., and met at the residence of the late James Standiford then occupied by William H. Randall.  Alexander Woodrow, Jr. surveyed the land and found the tract contained about 153 acres and made division, allotting 49 2/3 acres, including mansion and spring to Nathaniel Standiford in his own right and in right of Matilda McDowell, and about 21 acres to each of the other heirs, above named.  Recorded March 5, 1827. [B1, p. 145]

Jefferson County Estates, p. 49:
Brooks, Joseph.  To his wife, Nancy; to son, Squire; to son-in-law, Elisha Standiford.  What is left to Joseph Anderson Brooks; to son-in-law Solomon Neill and his wife, Margaret; daughter Mary Pedegrass, Margaret America Pendegrass.  Executors: Joseph Anderson Brooks, Solomon Neill and Elisha Standiford.   Written September 10, 1818; Probated October 12, 1818.

From: Early Kentucky Settlers, The Records of Jefferson Co., KY [Filson Club History Quarterly] 1988; p. 313
Brooks, Squire. To sister Nancy, wife of Elisha Standiford, for her and her children, tract of land left him by father, Jacob Brooks, in codicil to his will.  After paying debts, residue of estate to three children, George W. Lyn, alias George W. Brooks, America and Joseph Beeler.
Witnesses: John Jones, Bryan Johnson, Thomas H. Johnson
Written March 30, 1826; probated May 1, 1826.[B2, p. 322]

Click here for Will of David Standiford, uncle of Elisha David Standiford.

Click here for Will of E. D. Standiford, 1900

From: Early Kentucky Settlers, The Records of Jefferson Co., KY [Filson Club History Quarterly] 1988; p. 337
Standiford, Nathan. To James Stewart Standiford, eldest son of testator's brother David Standiford, estate except a stand of drawers to his sister Nancy Hench.  Executors to have use of property for education of above named until James Stewart Standiford becomes of age, when he is to be given estate.
Executor: David Standiford, also guardian for Nancy Hench.
Witnesses: J. G. Pendergrast, Alfred Thornberyy.
David Standiford qualified as administrator and gave bond with Alexander H. Gailbreath and Henry Cummins as securities.
Written July 12, 1830; probated September 3, 1832. [B2, p.443]

Click here to view Will of Nancy Brooks Standiford - 1849

From: Early Kentucky Settlers, The Records of Jefferson Co., KY [Filson Club History Quarterly] 1988; p. 426
James Meriwether estate. At March Court, 1811, on motion of John P. Booker and Edward Booker, it was ordered that Joseph Smith, Thomas Hannah, and David Standiford divide two tracts of land in Shelby County among the heirs of James Meriwether.  Land surveyed July 17, 1811, by John Harbison, D.S.S,C., containing 281 acres, including seven acres which had been sold to John Doyel off northeast corner, described as beginning at N. E. corner of John Breckenridge's 1000 acre survey on North Fork of Clear Creek being the same on which Bolings Lick lies, etc., and in line of Allin's military survey.  Also another tract in Shelby County on Clear Creek containing 136 acres and touching Benjamin Van Cleave's pre-emption, surveyed by Harbison and divided between Judith, Elizabeth and Sarah Booker, and William, James, Jane, and Richard Meriwether.  Report made August 17. 1811.  Recorded December 10, 1811. [B1, p. 36]. 

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Mason County:

Will of Aquilla Standiford: Dated January 10, 1799; Probated June 24, 1799.
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Mercer County:

July 5, 1824: Administer Bond - Bond for James Sandifer, Deceased
Administrator: David G. Cowan; Surety: Stephen Mullins/Amount of Bond: $200.00. Martha Sandefer, widow of James Sandefer deceased renounces her right and claim to administer on the estate of her deceased husband and requests the Court to grant such letters to David G. Cown.  July 3, 1824
{X} Martha Sandefer, her mark
Wit: H. B. Tarkinton and Robert (his mark) Sandefer


(Through 1842 when Boyle County Kentucky was formed)

Year/Case/Judgement Box

1805: Robert Burton versus Henry Sandifer B#17
1815: Lewis Sandifer vs. Robert Burton S#15 (2) 
1815: Robert Sandifer (s/o James Jr.) vs. Fannie Slaughter S#15
1816: Lewis Sanidfer vs. Robert Burton S#16
1817: Robert Burton vs, Henry Sandifer B#32
1818: Robert Burton vs. Lewis Sandifer B#34
1821: John Walker vs. Lewis T. Sandifer and children W#20
1822: Worland and Adams vs. Lewis T. Sandifer W#18
1823: Lewis T. Sandifer vs. Richard Huff S#24
1823: John B. Hill vs. Lewis Sandifer H#41
1823: Henry P. Horine vs. Lewis Sandifer H#41
1824: C. M. Wallace vs. Lewis T. Sandifer W#19
1824: James Donegny vs. Lewis Sandifer D#22
1824: John W. Lewis vs.Lewis Sandifer L#19
1824: Sandifer and Moore vs. Edmund Shipp S#34
1829: Jonathan Sandifer vs. George Young S#35
1830: Francis Taylor vs. Jonathan Sandifer T#28
1830: Joshua Barbee vs. Robert Sandifer B#61
1836: John W. Lewos vs. Lewis Sandifer L#26
1837: John Gray's Executer vs. Edmund Sandifer G#23
1837: Wade Sandifer vs. Jonathan Sandifer S#41
1841: Samuel Sandifer, Idiot, Report of Committee S#47

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Nicholas County:

*Local officials of Kentucky commissioned by Governor James Garrad, 1798-1900:
(From Kentucky Ancestors, Vol. 29, #1, p. 11).

Nathan Standeford, Sherriff (12/1799)

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Click here to view John Collier's Will of 1829 * Sandefur

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Shelby County:

Kentucky Ancestors in the Acts approved by the Kentucky General Assembly, 1792-1796. (From Kentucky Ancestors, Vol. 29, #2, p. 94-95):  David Standiford, 1792. An Act for establishing a town, Shelbyville, at Shelby Co.

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Click here to view the Will of David Standiford, 1820

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Click here to view the Will of Abraham Standiford - 1828.

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Click here to view the Will of Frances Standiford - 1839

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Click here to view the Will of Carty Wells - 1812 (Standefords mentioned)

Shelby County Will Abstracts, p. 91:

Robert Daniel.  Executor borther, Martin Daniel. Sec. Benjamin Roberts.  Witness: Daniel Farley, Samuel Pryor.  Ap. Joseph Smith, David Standiford, John Miller, Bryant O'Neal.  Sister Bessie Meriwether and two sons, John Martin and Reuben Meriwether; brother Thomas Daniel; sister, Sucky Manes; brother, Coleman Daniel; father, John Daniel. (No date listed).

p. 95:
William Shannon.  2 Sept 1793; proved May, 1794.  Ex. Brother, Samuel Shannon, David Standiford.  Wit. Dorsey Penticost, Joseph Winlock, William Addams.  Ap. John Young, Jacob Newland, Peter Balea.  Mother, Sarah Shannon; sister, Margaret Byers; sister, Ann Brakin (Drackin or Bracken); nephew William Shannon, son of Thomas; niece, Sarah Shannon, daughter of Thomas; nephew John Shannon, son of Samuel.

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Unknown County:

Kentucky Ancestors in the Acts approved by the Kentucky General Assembly, 1792-1796. (From Kentucky Ancestors, Vol. 29, #2, p. 94-95):

Bullet5.gif (101 bytes)George Standiford, December 10, 1793.  An Act establishing Falmouth in the forks of Licking.

Extracts of Kentucky Assembly Records (1792-1799):

10 December 1793 Town (unnamed) established at junction of Main and South Forks of Licking on property of John Cook, William M'Dowell, John Waller.  Trustees: Notley Conn, John Hughes, John Cook, John Vance, Samuel Cook, Joseph Hume, William Monroe, James Little, George Standiford.


From Kentucky Records, Early Wills and Marriages: (No county listed)

p. 91: David Standiford is included in the Will of Robert Daniel  (See Shelby Co. above)

p.98: David Standiford is included in the Will of Wm. Shannon, dated 1793 (See Shelby Co. above)

p. 40: Elisha Standiford is included in the Will of Joseph Brook, dated 1818.

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