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Great family histories are more than just names, dates and places.  Here I will place a potpourri of humor, poetry, prose, old-time recipes, etc. pertaining to Hamilton County, IL to enhance your genealogies.

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"I love the story about Papa's father, Levi Daily.  One morning after smoking the meat, they noticed that during the night someone had gotten into their smokehouse and stolen some hams.  They decided to never tell it and just see what happened.  Quite a while later some farm neighbors were visiting them.  During the evening this farmer said, 'Levi, did you ever find out who stole your hams?'  Levi answered, 'Not until now'."

Zelia E. Davis 1988 *Green Picking & Butchering - below.


          When my Dad was a bachelor schoolteacher (1905 and earlier), he had for lunch one day only some fired potatoes which had been boiled the day before  That was the day when the county superintendent came, unexpectedly, to visit the school.

          Dad, sharing his lunch, started to apologize but Supt. Biggerstaff assured him that potatoes cooked in that way were his favorite kind.

          The story was often told in our family, and we always called such potatoes "Biggerstaff potatoes".

Dorothy Pennington Tuel
Goshen Trails, Jan. 1982

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