Lovilla in Rhyme
by Maggie Goodrich of Palo Alto, IL in 1874
(Pub. in a local paper).

Lovilla has crumbled, you see at a glance,
While sister Dahlgren is in the advance;
Notwithstanding all this her inmates are seen
To scorn with disdain upon lovely Dahl-green.

There once was merchants of various kinds,
They sold to their customers dry goods and wines;
among them was one, an Irishman fath,
He went by the name of Charley M'Grath.

John Hally, another held forth in this place,
sold goods on a credit--of course in good faith;
He tired on credit--enough he has seen,
So he builds him a store house in lovely Dahl-green.

Buron and Goodrich was once on the path,
With Hally and others and Charley McGrath;
But Charley McGrath, Goodrich, Burton and Hally,
They all have good reasons for leaving Lovilla.

She has but one doctor that's still in her bounds,
The rest, all have fled to the neighboring towns;
We wish them all well where'er they're seen,
Let them live in Lovilla or lovely Dahl-green.

Our friendly old farmers who border our town,
Would love to sell out at prices low down;
But our walls are so ragged, our land is too thin,
We haven't no railroad like lovely Dahl-green.

And thus Mr. Newby the post office keeps,
He hands out the letters and papers in heaps;
His neighbors all like him they say they'r no better,
When you go to the office you'r sure of a letter.

He lives on the west of the Lovilla creek,
In the first house on the right, on top of a peak,
His wife Lizzie Newby, is post mistress,
If you want any stamps she's got them I guess.

Lovilla is small now its on the decline
The number of inmates I believer are nine;
And we a death striken and shocked to the bone,
Just sympathize with us while here all alone.

The building that once contained whiskey and wine,
I occupied now by (live) spirits devine;
There is a pulpit erected for the preacher to stand,
While expounding the scriptures to a backsliding band.

This town that I speak of Lovilla you know
All things that I've said about it is so;
Joking is joking, but this is the truth,
For I've lived in Lovilla when I was a youth.

And now Mr. Editor, I'll kindly thank you,
If you will please publish this in your issue;
Correct all mistakes for me, as a friend,
And I will announce to you that this is the end.

From: Goshen Trails, Vol. 11, No. 1, January, 1975
Reprinted by permission.

Copyright 1999.  All rights Reserved


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