Dahlgren in Rhyme
by E. J. Deitz in 1874

EDITOR ERA, this time you will find
The news from our village all written in rhyme,
And now Mr. Era, of a truth I can say
That the village of Dahlgren is winning the way.

No sister town around here can compare
With our neat little village so lovely and fair;
Of its size 'tis most handsome of any I wean,
Our beautiful village we call Dahl-green.

Its inmates are social and courteous, too--
You can search the counties of Egypt all through,
And just such another can never be seen
As our beautiful village of gay Dahl-green.

I'll first tell of our merchants of which there are four,
Who greet you with smiles as you enter their door;
Each one with the other doth try to compete
And to sell the most goods try each other to beat.

There is Porter and Hally and Mr. Steve Martin,
McGonigal, Butler and James Burton--
Sure so much business would make our town thrive
Where all for their interest unceasingly strive.

Now our Physicians come next in the row;
When they ain't found at home--they are all on the go;
They all meet in council and tell what they've seen,
Those very good doctors of gay Dahl-green.

The first that we notice is Dr. Bernard;
He has our best wishes and kindest regard,
Of our friends he is truest and ever has been,
This good natured doctor of Gay Dahl-green.

The next that we mention is Dr. Denbo,
The best of physicians we all of us know;
He is lively and funny, he is tall and he's lean,
This sociable Dr. of gay Dahl-green.

And Dr. Brumbaugh, though I bring him in last,
At curing our ills he cant be surpassed;
His face with good nature and pleasure doth beam,
This jolly old Dr. of gay Dahl-green.

Next come our hotels which abound in good grub;
If per chance you get hungry just call on Al Judd,
And there's Mr. Curch where the cannon did boom--
For all who seek lodging there is plenty of room.

Our Stave Factory too, that runs day by day,
From it we get money our taxes to pay;
And there all the timber our farmers can haul,
Is quickly disposed of to Spencer and Wall.

Mr. N. Garrison keeps lumber yard,
I'm sure he can please in plank soft or hard;
He is old but good looking as ever I've seen,
This good clever fellow of gay Dahl-green.

The next is our tinner, when you come to town,
Just call at his shop and he'll show you around;
He has stoves of all sizes and ware bright and clean,
This very good tinner of gay Dahl-green.

The next is our Blacksmith--you know Mr. Mack,
He can mend anything from a break to a crack;
The best of all workmen--himself is a team,
This toiling old blacksmith of gay Dahl-green.

Now comes our carpenters both men of honor,
Respectively named McGonial and Conner;
They are both as good workmen as ever has been 
In our beautiful village of gay Dahl-green.

McGonigal also the post office keeps,
And does up our letters and papers so neat,
And, like Mr. Connor, he loves a good joke,
And oft at each other their fun do they poke.

While Mr. McGonigal makes up our mail,
Mr. Connor is buy with hammer and nail;
He can make everything that ever was seen,
This old joking fellow of gay Dahl-green.

Next we boast of a Club--some call them a grange,
To which all belong who have any brains;
Whatever they do and whatever they mean
'Tis clear that in future will plainly be seen.

We also have court where our Esq. -- doth preside;
He stands ever ready to council and guide;
The law he expounds till plain it does seem,
In his snug little office at gay Dahl-green.

And all of us know, he is young it is true,
But he gets the most of the business to do,
There he sits ready with book and with pen,
To measure out justice in gay Dahl-green.

And now Mr. Era with me you'll agree,
'Tis the greatest of towns you ever did see;
Of its size 'tis the finest I ever have seen,
This beautiful village of gay Dahlgren.

From: Goshen Trails, Vol. 11, No. 1, January, 1975
Reprinted by permission.

Copyright 1999.  All rights Reserved


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