Revolutionary War Records

DAR Patriot Index:

 Benjamin Standefer: b. May 17, 1764; d. March 18, 1839 in Marion Co., TN. ; m. 1st Rachel Forrest; 2nd Nancy Echols: Ord. Sgt., North Carolina. NSDAR; DAR Patriot Index; 1966; p. 641 Ordnance Sgt. NC. Benjamin enlisted for service in the American Revolution from Orange County, NC, in 1780 under Capt. Douglas and Col. Dudley in Orange Co; N. C. He volunteered again under Capt. Abraham Allen and Col. Mebrane and was in the Battle of Lincoln's Mill. He also served under Capt. Grisham. Pension Records: Bk. E; Vol. 7; p. 61 Revolutionary Claim June 7, 1832; East Tennessee; Dept. of General Services, Washington, D.C. Pension Record filed by his widow, Nancy Jones Echols in Oglethorpe County, GA; Dec. 29, 1802. Nancy Echols Standefer d. February 28, 1864 in Hamilton County, TN.

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 David Standifer: b. September 23, 1758; d. January 27, 1822; m. Frances Ashby; Ens., Virginia
Copy of notorized War record found in DAR files (Dated January 29, 1942).

"I. P. D. 111. Which is a "Pay Roll of a detachment of Jefferson County Militia under the Comman of Aquilla Whitiker Captain ordered on Command of John Floyd County Lieutenant from the 31st of May 1782 to the 22d of June following," the following appears: David Standaford, Ensign Commencing 31 May 1782; Ending June 22, 1782 -- 23 days in service. Pay L5:12:0:

Certificate from the George Rogers Clark Collection. "Sr. Ishue provisions for one man of the Militia Now on Duty at this place for two Days commencing the 23d and ending the 24th of May both days included Fort Nelson. To Com  David Standiford, Enn, John Crittenden BM"

 Luke Standefer: b. 1758; d. prior 1810; m. Mary Ann Price; 2nd Lt., Henry Co., Virginia
NSDAR; DAR Patriot Index; 1966; p. 641
He served in the American Revolution in the Henry Co, VA militia; Gwathney; Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution; Soldiers-Sailors-Marines; 1775-1783 p. 735. He is buried near Amory, Monroe Co, MS where there he has a Revolutionary marker. NSDAR Patti Willis is a descendant. He came from Sequatchie Co, TN to MS. His estate was probated August 1834. It lists 8 children (Elizabeth was deceased.)

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 William Standefer: b. March 30, 1757; d. June 21, 1826; m. Jemima Jones; Lt. Virginia NSDAR; DAR Patriot Index; 1966; p. 641 William served in the American Revolution as an ensign in the Virginia militia under J. Rentfro of Capt. Hailes's Co.; Henry County, VA.

 William Abraham Sandefur: (Son of James Sandifer) b. 1736 Goochland Co., VA.; d. July 7, 1784 in Cumberland Co., VA.; m. Joannah Branch, daughter of John and Hohan Hancok Branch. Had seven children. He contributed supplies to the Patriots during the Revolutionary War. DAR application: #547,141,459. (Children: Frances, John, William A., JR, Elizabeth Ridley, Susannah, Dianna, Matthew) Note: William contributed supplies to the PATRIOTS during the Revolutionary War in Goochland, VA.

Abraham Sandifer/Sandefur: (b. Unknown; d. January 24, 1785 VA); m. Joanna Unknown; PS VA

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  James Sandifer/Sandefur, SR: (b. abt 1726; d. abt November 1807 KY); m. Eleanor Unknown; CS VA

  Phillip Sandifer/Sandefur: (b. abt 1744; d. August 7, 1817 SC); m. Elizabeth Unknown; Cav CS PS SC

  Abner Stanford: (b. May 12, 1747 MA; d. May 27,1821 NH); m.1. Jemima Green  m. 2.Sarah McIntyre; Cpl MA

  Abraham Stanford: (b. abt 1741; d. February 17, 1823 PA); m. Mary Unknown; Pvt. PA

  Caleb Stanford: (b. August 31, 1716; d. October 13, 1777 NH); m. Ruth Cozens; PS NH

  John Stanford: (b. abt 1760 NC; d. 1825 GA); m. Rachel Unknown; Pvt GA

  John Stanford: (b. abt 1746 MA; d. January 16, 1842 ME); m. Elizabeth Thorndike McCaffery; Pvt. MA PNSR

  John Stanford: (b. abt 1760 SC; d. abt December, 1818 KY); m. Mary Lucas; Pvt SC

  Joseph Stanford: (b. March 9, 1744 MA; d. abt May 23, 1777 NH); m. Sarah Unknown; Pvt MA

Joshua Stanford, SR: (b. 1740 MD; d. May 1, 1826 GA); m. Mary Rookes; Sol MD

  Josiah Stanford, SR: (b. September 11, 1722 MA; d. p. 1780 MA); m. Sarah Woodbury; Pvt MA

  Moses Stanford: (b. August 3, 1753 MA; d. November 2, 1827 MA); m. Jemima Flagg; Pvt. MA WPNS

  Richard Stanford: (b. December 19, 1740  MA; d. p. 1784); m. Elizabeth Winch;   Pvt. NC WPNS

Samuel Stanford: (b. October 11, 1764; d. May 16, 1833 NC ); m. Margaret Torrence; Pvt. NC WPNS

Stephen Stanford: (b. abt 1742 MD; d. September 24, 1805 GA); m. 1. (Unknown); m. 2. Nancy Unknown; Pvt MD

Thomas Stanford: (b. December 28, 1756 MD; d. March 2, 1795 MD); m. Amelia (Milly) Disharoon; Sgt MD

   Thomas Stanford: (b. abt 1756 VA; d. p. 1843 AL); m. Martha Brown; Pvt SC PNSR

  William Stanford: (b. Unknown; d. September 24, 1810 GA) m. (Unknown) PS GA

  Jeremiah Saniford, JR: (b. September 28, 1751 MA; d. February 29, 1816 MA); m. Mary Fowler; Pvt. MA

NOTE. The following names are listed in the DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, Part III as being SANFORD, SANDERFORD, SANDFORD AND SANTFORD.    Only the first names are listed with last name being one of the above. Abbreviations: CL=Continental Line; CS=Civil Service; Grd=Guard; PNSR=Soldier Pensioned; PS=Patriotic Service; Sol=Soldier (no details known); WPNS=Widow Pensioned.

  Aaron: (b. May 16, 1757 CT; d. February 8, 1849 CT); m. Lydia Hawley; Sgt CT

  Amos: (b. December 29, 1740 CT; d. Unknown) m. Eunice Bradley; Pvt CT

  Augustine (SR): (b. abt 1745 VA; d. 1785 VA) m. Henrietta Randall; PS VA

  Benoni Stebbins: (b. March 5, 1762 CT; d. October 24, 1816 CT); m. Prudence Bostwick; Pvt CT

  Caleb: (b. August 22, 1761 CT; d. June 6, 1822 NY); m. Lucinda Pike; Pvt CT

  Daniel W. Sandiford: (b. January 6, 1729 CT; d. August 5, 1783 CT); m. Thankful Toles; Lt CT *Sea Service

  Daniel: (b. 1737 NY; d. November 8, 1807 NY); m. Mary Sandford; Pvt NY

  David: (b. November 16, 1737 CT; d. June 15, 1787 CT); m. Abial Lacy; Pvt CT WPNS

  David: (December 11, 1737 CT; d. April 7, 1810 MA); m. Bathsheba Ingersoll; Chp MA

  David: (bpt February 6, 1737 CT; d. 1790-1808 NY); m. Patience Sullivan; Pvt NY

  Ebenezer: (b. 1739 CT; d. May 1, 1778 NY); m. Esther Hotchkiss; Pvt CT

  Edward: (b. 1753 VA; d. June 5, 1814 VA); m. Margaret Ann Washington; Lt VA

  Elihu SR: (b. May 6, 1731 CT; d. May 28, 2808 CT); m. Hannah Sanford; Sgt CT

  Elihu JR: (b. April 26, 1759 CT; d. October 9, 1839 CT); m. 1. Sarah Thorpe; m. 2. Mrs. Nancy (Atwood) Carrington; Sgt CT PNSR

  Elisha: (b. July 11, 1750 CT; d. July 12, 1841 CT); m. Rhoda Johnson; Pvt CT

  Ellada: (b. abt 1755 CT; d. November 4, 1820 CT); m. Nancy Todd; Pvt CT

  Elnathan: (b. October 11, 1727 CT; d. April 19, 1803 CT) m. 1. Deborah White; m. 2 Hannah Unknown; PS CT

  Ezekiel: (bpt. December 21, 1745 CT; d. January 9, 1833 NY); m. 1. Sarah (Chloe) Cook; m. 2. Rebecca (Barker) Foote; Cpl CT PNSR

  Ezekiel: (bpt. July 4, 1742 CT; d. March 8, 1809 CT); m. 1. Sarah Sturges; m. 2. Abigail Starr; Capt CT

  Ezekiel: (b. June 14, 1717 NY; d. June 21, 1790 NY) m. 1. Sarah Phebe Higgins; m. 2. Mrs. Elinor Hallock; PS NY

  Ezekiel: (b. September 7, 1754 NY; d. October 17, 1836 NY); m. Hannah Halsey; PS NY

  Ezra: (b. April 15, 1747 CT; d. April 22, 1822 NY); m. Ann Hopper; Pvt NY

  George: (b. 1726 MA; d. March 1820 MA); m. Merch Phillips; Pvt MA

  George: (b. abt 1737; d. 1782 VA); m. Sara Unknown; PS VA

  Halsey: (b. October 10, 1766 CT; d. May 13, 1845 MA); m. 1. Lydia Dimock; m. 2. Miriam Lamphear; Pvt CT PNSR

  Henry: (b. January 22, 1752 CT; d. December 25, 1830 CT); m. Rhoda Perkins; Pvt CL CT

  Jairus: (November 21, 1762 CT; d. September 9, 1851 CT); m. Lucy Cook; Pvt CT PNSR

  James: (b. 1758 CT; d. April 14, 1842 CT); m. Sarah Beach; Pvt CT

  Jeremiah, SR: (b. November 4, 1739 VA; d. August 11, 1825 GA); m. Mary Modesett (Motley) Sol VA

  Jessee: (b. January 3, 1763 VA; d. February 18, 1827 GA); m. Martha Goodwyn Mitchell; Sol VA

  John: (b. abt 1737 EN; d. 1784 GA); m. Mary Esther Unknown; Col GA

  John: (bpt May 20, 1744 CT; d. 1815 NJ); m. Rebecca De Bow; Capt CL NJ NY

  John: (b. 1724 NY; d. November 26, 1785 NY); m. Esther Unknown; Capt PS NY

  John: (September 1, 1759 NJ; d. February 15, 1851 NY); m. Catherine De Bow; Pvt NY PNSR WPNS

  John: (b. 1762 VA; d. abt January 12, 1821 MO); m. Nancy Unknown; Pvt PS VA

  John M.: (b. 1761/62 NY; d. 1844 NY); m. 1. Unknown; m. 2. Sarah (Sallie) Race; Sol NY

  Jonah: (b. August 1, 1735 CT; d. January 21, 1817 CT); m. Rhoda Woodruff; Ens CT

  Jonah: (b. 1749 CT; d. November 15, 1824 NY); m. 1 Mary Dunbar; m. 2 Unknown; Pvt CT

  Jonathan: (b. March 15, 1757 CT; d. December 2, 1836 NY); m. Jerusha Sanford; Pvt CT PNSR

  Joseph JR: (b. July 28, 1745 CT; d. December 13, 1813 CT); Mehitable Young; Capt CT

  Joseph: (b. October 6, 1727; d. August 13, 1791 CT); m. Ann Hickock; Ens CT

  Joseph: (b. abt 1720; d. November 13, 1784 RI); m. Bethia Lothrop; Pvt CT

  Joseph: (April 7, 1735 CT; d. August 26, 1802); m. Mahitabel Clark; Pvt CT

  Joseph: (June 20, 1736 Ct; d. November 25, 1777 CT): m. Hepsibah Griffith; Pvt CT

  Joseph: (b. June 24, 1761 MA; d. 1843 MA); m. Eleanor Macomber; Pvt MA PNSR

  Joseph: (b. abt 1741 VA; d. about 1828 VA); m. Jane Bunbury; Sgt CL VA

  Kingsbury: (b. September 14, 1753 CT; d. February 20, 1834 NY); m. Lavinia Edgerton; 1Sgt Pvtr CT PNSR

  Lemuel: (b. April 18, 1740 CT; d. March 12, 1803 CT); m. Mary Russell; CS PS CT

  Liffee: (b. August 30, 1750 CT; d. December 3, 1815 CT); m. Huldah Blackman; Sgt CT

  Moses: (b. May 7, 1725 CT; d. p. 1781 CT) m. Mary Robinson; Pvt CT

  Nehemiah SR: (b. January 10, 1725/6 CT; d. November 16, 1815 CT); m. Elizabeth Morehouse PS CT

  Oliver: (b. September 20, 1741 CT; d. March 14, 1814 CT); m. Rachel Coley; Pvt PS CT

  Oliver: (b. Mary 24, 1744 CT; d. December 18, 1817 VT); m. 1. Phebe Newton; m. 2. Mrs. Robert Green; Pvt VT

  Peleg: (b. February 28, 1739/40 MA; d. June 8, 1804 MA); m. Alice Unknown; Pvt MA

  Peleg: (b. October 23, 1751 RI; d. May 14, 1789); m. Lilias Wilcox; Pvt RI

  Peter: (b. February 17, 1738 NJ; d. January 2, 1830 NY); m. Eleanor Turner; 1Lt NJ

  Philo: (b. September 7, 1761 MA; d. September 8, 1835 NJ); m. Lydia Whiting; Pvt MA

  Raymond: (bpt September 13, 1752 CT; d. March 1805 CT); Rebecca Chatfield; Capt CT

  Restcome: (b. March 3, 1759 RI; d. March 15, 1823 NY); m. Sarah (Sally) Coggeshall; Pvt RI

  Richard: (b. abt 1755 VA; d. 1795 KY); m. Winifred Redmond; Sgt VA

  Robert: (b. 1735 VA; d. 1782 VA); m. Susannah Kerenhappuch Turner PS VA

  Robert: (b. March 12, 1745 VA; d. March 18, 1792 VA); m. Jean Sanders; PS VA

  Robert: (b. Unknown VA; d. July 23, 1787 VA); m. Anne Durrett; PS VA

  Royal: (b. May 17, 1760 RI; d. December 30, 1834 RI); m. Rhoda Wilds; Pvt RI PNSR

  Samuel SR: (b. abt 1739 CT; d. March 17, 1804 CT); m. Parthena Baldwin; Capt CT

  Samuel JR: (b. April 15, 1766 CT; d. September 18. 1857 OH); m. Rhoda Atwater Pvt CT PNSR

  Samuel: (b. August 27, 1760 CT; d. December 24, 1834 CT); m. Ruhamah Wheeler; Sgt Grd CT PNSR

  Samuel: (b. 1721; d. May 12, 1794 CT); m. 1. Abigail Beaumont; m. 2 Mrs. Deborah Williams; CS CT

  Seth: (b. August 23, 1735 CT; d. July 3, 1805 CT); m. 1. Rebecca Burr; m. 2. Abiah Unknown; m. 3 Abigail Unknown; Ens CS CT

  Stephen: (b. April 17, 1740 CT; d. August 13, 1790 CT); m. Sybil White; Pvt CT

  Strong: (b. October 9, 1760 CT; d. May 3, 1846 CT); m. Temperance Hotchkiss; Sgt CT PNSR

  Thomas: (b. abt 1750 VA; d. 1809 VA); m. Unknown; Artl VA

  Thomas: (b. March 3, 1732 CT; d. March 24, 1814 CT); m. Lydia Clark; Pvt CT

  Thomas: (b. July 26, 1739 CT; d. March 3, 1810 CT); m. Keziah Brackett; Sgt CT

  Thomas: (bpt. April 18, 1736 CT; d. p. 1800 VT); m. Susannah Palmer; PS VT

  Timothy: (b. February 8, 1734 CT; d. 1784 CT); m. 1. Mary Meeker (Sanford); m. 2. Mrs. Esther Whitney; PS CT

  William: (b. July 26, 1739 CT; d. January 2, 1815 CT); m. Lydia Grannis Brockett; Pvt CT

  William: (b. November 12, 1752 NJ; d. March 14, 1842 NJ); m. Ann Chapman; Ord 1Sgt NJ

  William: (b.1732; d. May 31, 1828 NJ); m. Jerusha Arnel; Pvt NJ WPNS

  William: (September 27. 1757 RI; d. October 26, 1837 NY); m. 1 Abigail Simmons; m. 2. Susan Brigham Howe; Sgt RI PNSR

  William: (b. April 1734 VA; d. December 12, 1806 GA); m. Rachel Medford; Mar Capt VA

  Youell: (b. abt 1732 VA; d. abt January 21, 1794 VA); m. 1. Elizabeth Spence; m. 2. Mrs. Eleanor (Moxley) Sanford; PS VA

  Zachariah: (bpt. May 29, 1737 CT; d. January 14, 1807 CT); m. Ann Hills; Sgt CT PNSR

  Zachariah: (b. December 8, 1722 CT; d. 1803 CT); m. Rachel Gould; PS CT

Virginia Revolutionary War Pensions:

 Edward Sandford; Richmond County; Sergeant - Virginia Line; $96.00 annual allowance -$1,185.52 amount received; July 31, 1819 Pension started: Age 79; Suspended May 1, 1820;Restored September 22, 1833.


 From A History of Henry County, Virginia by Judith Parks Hill;1976; p. 320: "John Rentfro appointed captain of the upperpart of Capt. Haile's Company. Thomas Jones 1ts Lieut., Joshua Rentfro 2nd Lieut. and William Standefer, Ensign. Joseph Jones is appointed 1st Lieut. Luke Standefer 2nd Lieut. and Wm. Manifee, Ensign under Capt. Thomas Haile."

 From Virginia Militia in the Revolution, p. 510; #26: John Sandifer, for victualing 46 of the Warwick Militia, and C. P. Acco't, 20.

  From The Virginia Papers of the Draper Collection of Manuscripts; pub. 1815; p. 197, #5ZZ34: May 9, 1777, Israel Standefer. Receipt to Thomas Madison for 12, 10s., his pay as a SPY. (D.S. 1p.) AND May 9, 1777, Israel Standefer, Receipt to Thomas Madison for Simon Delosair's wages as a pack horseman. (D.S. 1p.)

From Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants (Awarded by State Governments) by Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck. p. 464:   Sandefer, Samuel. VA. Private. Contl Line, 22 November 1783 - 100 acres                                         
Sanderford, Amos. NO. CAROLINA, Private. 13 Sept 1820 -  640 acres                                
Sanderford, Samuel. VA. Private, State Line. 1 May 1783 - 200 acres                                
Sandford, John. NEW YORK, Private. 8 Jul 1790 - 500 acres.                                
Sandford, John. NEW YORK, Captain. 9 July 1790 - 1800 acres.                                
Sandford, John. VIRGINIA, Private, State Line. 25 April 1783 - 200 acres                                
Sanford, Benjamin. CONN. Sufferer. New E. Haven. 32.5.11                                
Sanford, William. VIRGINIA. Captain. 25 September 1807 - 746 acres                                
Sanford, Zachariah. CONN. Sufferer. Fairfield. 2.5.0                      

From: Revolutionary War Records - Mecklenburg County, Virginia by Katherine B. Elliott.  

p. 126: Henry Sandifer, Public Service - Served as a Juror 12 August 1783.  Moved to Mercer Co., KY 1796 (O.B.4, p.326)

From Revolutionary War Pensions of Virginia, Vol. 28:

James Standifer, officer of Henry County, VA, was drafted for three months and discharged at Redstone on Potomac.

  Virginia Magazine of History and Biography; Vol II; p 52 gives James Standifer's Revolutionary Service. Henry Co, VA from Its Formation in 1776 to the End of the Eighteenth Century; 27 Feb 1783; "James Standifer's Revolutionary Service: One, James Standefer, 5 sheaves oats, 300 wt. of hay, 6 bushels of corn to Brigade of wagons on return from Charlotte to the Northward. Two, James Standifer for rations for 4 men & 10 bundles Fodder for the guard under Capt. James Tarrant on their return with British prisoners to Winchester.

From Revolutionary Patriots of Calvert & St. Mary's Counties, MD (1775-1783) by Henry C. Peden, Jr.

  James Stanforth, Private, Capt.  Thomas Truman Greenfield's Company, Calvert County Militia [Ref: J-1146, M-150].

  John Stanforth, Private, Capt. Frisby Freeland's Company, Calvert County Militia, 1778 [ Ref: J-1146, M-148].  Took the Oath of Allegiance in Calvert County in 1778 [Ref: L-38, which listed name as "John Standforth"].

John Stanforth, Jr., Private, Capt. Thomas Cleland's Company, Calvert County Militia, 1778 [ Ref: J-1146, M-147].  Took the Oath of Allegiance in Calvert County in 1778 [ Ref: L-38, which listed the name as "John Standforth, Jr."].

Richard Stanforth, Private, Capt. Thomas Truman Greenfield's Company, Calvert County Militia, 1778 [ Ref. J-1146, M-150].  Took the Oath of Allegiance in Calvert County in 1778 [Ref: L-38, which listed the name as "Richard Standforth"].

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From Rooster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution, by Bobby Gilmer Moss

p. 844: James Sanford (R 9193); d. March 5, 1838; m. Ester Brooks, October 1, 1826; no other records.

p. 890: John Stanford: He served as a matross in the Fourth Regiment under Capt. H. Davis.

p. 844:  John Sanfort: He served as a deputy clothing general of the Continental troops in South Carolina.

p. 844: Peter Sandiford: He served ninety-one days in the militia under Captain Steele.

p. 844: Philip Sandifer; He served as a horeman at Briar Creek.  In addition, he was a horseman under Captain Wallace and was foragmaster and horseman under Capt. Britton during 1780.

p. 844: Samuel Sandford; He served in light dragoons under Captain N. M. Martin, Lt. Colonel Polk and General Sumter.

p. 844: Samuel Sandiford: He served seventy-one days in the militia.

p. 890: Thomas Stanford: b. Potomac River, VA. He enlisted, while residing in Chester District, during February 1777 under Captain George Wade and Colonel Sumter.  Next, he was under Captain Nixon and Colonel Lacey and was in the battle at Rocky Comfort against the Indians.  Afterwards, he was under Captain John McClure, Colonel Lacey and General Sumter.  He was in the battlers of Friday's Fort, Camden, Thompson's Fort and the skirmish at Rice Bluff. (Moved to AL).

p. 842: William Samerford; He served under Capt. Jacob Barnett and supplied beef to Colonel Brandon.

Pension Papers of Samuel Sandeford from Wake County, Virginia. From Revolutionary War Papers, compiled by Ransom McBride.  Taken from the NC Gen Soc Journal, Vol. V, Nos. 1-4, p. 92:

Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) Samuel Sandeford, aged 82 years, resident of Wake Co., VA.  Application for Federal pension under Act of Congress of 1832, 21 August 1832.  He served a total of 9 months on four different tours.   He is a native of Southampton Co., VA and continued to reside there until after the close of the Revolutionary War.  He served his first tour of 2-3 months under Captain Butts and Col. Wilson in 1777, and was marched to Portsmouth, where he remained until his term expired.  In his second tour, he enlisted in the Southampton County Militia in 1780 under Capt. Whitehead & Col. Josiah Parker for about the same length of service, and marched to Stoner's Mill near Smithfield in Isle of Wight Co., and then to Suffolk, where he remained until his tour was up.  For his third tour, he enlisted in the militia in April 1781 under Capt. Whitehead and Col. Gaskins for about the same term and marched to Petersburg.  There, an engagement with the British forces under Gen. Philips occurred, and the American forces retreated to Chesterfield Court House and then to the "coal pits in the same county....& thence to Tuckahoe Ferry on James River..&  thence down to Richmond.  That at this last place, they met the Regular Army under Gen. De Lafayette who took command.  After many maneuvers with the British--who had burnt Manchester on the night before the declarant reached Richmond--the company to which this declarant belonged was ordered down to New Kent Court House & from there they marched back to Richmond--thence they crossed the James River at Richmond & marched down to Osborn's..a little place between Richmond and Petersburg--and thence they crossed the James River again at Wilton's ferry---thence they marched back to Richmond and there remained seven or eight days and thence march to Hanover--where this declarant was discharged."

On August 7, 1781, he entered the Militia for a 2-3 month's term in Southampton County under Captain Whitehead and Col. John Brooke Wells.  They marched to Meades Mill, Nansemond County, VA, and then to the Glebe on the Nansemond River near Portsmouth.   They returned by way of Smithfield to about a mile below Williamsburg and thence to Yorktown.  This declarant was at Stone Mill, a few miles from Yorktown, when the British troops surrendered there.  He was dismissed "without any regular discharge."  Signed: Samuel (X) Sandeford

**A signed statement by John (X) Scarborough and Samuel Scarborough note that they were residents of Southampton Co., VA, during the Revolutionary War, were acquainted with the applicant and knew that he served in the War.

From: North Carolina Pension Roll of 1835: Samuel Standeford; Wake County; Private; Virginia Cont'l Line; $30.00 Annual Allowance; $90.00 amount received; February 23, 1833; Pension started: Age 84.

From: Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution; Pierce's Register, 1776-1783, Vouchers, p. 464:

Name: Samuel Standeford
Rank: Do
Sums received: 90.00
Description of Service: VA Continental Line
Commencement of pension: Do
Age: 84

Other *Contributed

Peter Sandifur-Sandiford:   filed for Revolutionary War claims August 6, 1783, South Carolina

Phillip Sandifur-Sandifer: 1780; He was a forage master and horseman under Captain Britton.  He filed for Revolutionary Claims on August 6, 1783.  He was born in Virginia and died August 7, 1817, York County, South Carolina

Robert Sandefur-Sandifer: Private from North Carolina

Samuel Sandefur, JR: Filed for Revolutionary War claims August 6, 1783 South Carolina.

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Harford Co., Maryland.  Revolutionary Patriots of Harford Co., MD 1775-1783 by Henry C. Peden, JR.

p. 120: Richard Hutchins (Hutchings).  b. 1741; d. 1826.  Married Zana Phyllis Standiford or Phillisanner Standefer in 1767.  2nd Lt., Capt. Baker's Co., No. 15 January 27, 1776.  Signer, Association of Freemen, 1776, Eden Hundred.  2nd Lt., 8th Battalion, 1778.  Signer, Oath of Fidelity and Allegiance to Maryland, 1778.

p. 122: John James. Married Avarilla Standeford in 1761.  Signer, Association of Freemen, 1776, Deer Creek upper.

p. 127: Moses Johnson.  Married Priscilla Standeford in 1757.  1st Lt., Capt Baker's Co., No. 15, January 27, 1776.  Company Election Judge, Upper Cross Roads, Nov. 1776.  Signer, Association of Freemen, 1776, Bush River Upper.  

p. 189: Benjamin Richardson.  Married Jemima Standiford in 1753.  Signer, Oath of Allegiance 1778.

p. 212: James Standiford, Signer, Oath of Allegiance to MD, 1778.

p. 212: Samuel Standiford (Standerford), Signer, Oath of Allegiance to MD, 1778.

p. 212: Samuel Standiford, JR., Private Capt. Taylor's Co., No. 7, September 9, 1775.  Signer, Association of Freemen, 1776, Gunpowder Upper.

p. 219: Charles Taylor: Married Elizabeth Standeford in 1750.  Signer, Association of Freemen, 1776, Gunpowder Upper.  Signer, Oath of Allegiance to MD 1778.  Harford County Grand Juror, 1779.

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