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James Sandifer's Military Service and Pension File

James Sandifer, JR: b. 1750; d. 1824.  Entered service in 1776 under Capt. Samuel Hopkins.  Served two years in 6th VA Regiment.  Discharged at Williamsburg 1778.  m. Martha Coleman in Mecklenburg Co, VA 6 Jan 1781.  Martha Coleman b. 1758.  Moved to Mercer Co, KY 1796.

From: Revolutionary War Records - Mecklenburg County, Virginia by Katherine B. Elliott.

p. 195: James Sandifer, Pension W-8698: Martha Sandifer, widow. James Sandifer married Martha Coleman January 6, 1781.  Martha Sandifer was born November 13, 1786 (daughter of James and Martha).  Martha Ann Sandifer was born September 25, 1787.  Robert Sandifer was born May 10, 1790.  Note: The record states that 10 children were born to James and Martha Sandifer, but only these three were living in 1836.   The names of the other children were not given.


#W8698, State: VA
Age: 70, Application Date: 1820

James Sandifer: I first enlisted in Mecklenburg Co., VA in the fall of 1776.  I am now old and unsble to support myself.

Martha Coleman: No notes.

Affiant 1: James Clark  lived in Mecklenburg, VA with James Sandifer and now lives in KY near him.

Affiant 2: James Hicks. Same as James Clark.

Affiant 3: Sarah Blake. September, 1836. She lives in Perryville, Mercer Co., KY and is age 70. She is the niece of James Sandifer and was at his wedding to Martha Coleman in Mecklenburg Co., VA. Says that after James and Martha married, they lived sometimes at his father's home.  James Sandifer died in Mercer Co., KY

Affiant 4: Martha Taylor  September 24, 1836. She lives in Perryville, Mercer Co., KY and is at 72 on September 24, 1836.  She is now the widow of Henry Sandifer and her maiden name was Martha Taylor.  She has known Martha Sandifer, widow of James, from her earliest recollection. Martha was about six years older than her.  James Sandifer, now deceased was the brother of her husband, Henry Sandifer.  She was not at the wedding but was at the "Infair" the next day and was not yet grown.  A few years afterwards, she married Henry Sandifer who died a few years since in Mercer Co., KY.  "We moved to Mercer Co., KY about 50 years ago and James and Martha Sandifer moved to KY about 10 years later.  The oldest child of James and Martha Sandifer was born on Christmas Day following their wedding...they had 10 children but only three are now living.  The minister who married them was a Presbyterian."

Affiant 5: Henry Sandifer was brother of James and husband of Martha Taylor.

Other 1: Martha Sanders September 24, 1836.   She is the daughter of James and Martha Sandifer and her father died about 1824 or 6.  She was born in 1786 in Mecklenburg Co., VA.  Bible Records: James and Martha Sandifer married 6 Jan 1781; Martha Sandifer b. 13 November 1786, daughter of James and Martha; Robert Sandifer b. May 10, 1790; Martha Ann Sandifer born September 25, 1787.

*Submitted by Charles Caldwell, JR. From: Rev. War Pension #W8698

James Sandifer Bible
James and Martha m. 1/6/1781
Births Of Their Children
Martha Sandifer 11/13/1796
Martha Ann Sandifer 9/25/1787
Robert Sandifer 5/10/1790

Soldier applied for pension 1820, aged 70, Mercer Co. Ky., Affidavat of Martha Sandifer 9/24/1836, Perryville, Ky., widow, aged 72. Her maiden name was Martha Taylor, James Sandifer, bro. of soldier, states that the maiden name of wife James Sandifer was Martha Coleman, abt 6 yrs older than soldier, whom he m. 1/1781 in Mecklenburg Co.; Va.

Mr. Caldwell's note: It is very important when you are researching your ancestor that you never rule out two men with the same name. In my Sandifer/Sandefur research, I have often found that brothers carry the same first name and it is their middle name that sets them apart. Example: Elizabeth Sandefurs , wife of Calvin Phillip Sandefur, Will of York County, South Carolina, lists sons William Sandifer and Lowery Sandifer. Lowery Sandifer's first name was William and often lists himself as William L. Sandifer on Census of South Carolina.

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