Baltimore County, Maryland

Wills and Court Records

* Note: The Gregorian Calendar was not adopted until after September 14, 1752.

(Early Wills mentioning our surnames are listed here also)

MD Calendar of Wills, Vol. 2, p. 118: 1696 - Mary Standeber witnessed the will of Richard Adams [wife: Margaret; son: Charles, granddaughter: Tamasin Nowllman; property "Neeves Choice" in Cecil Co., MD].  Other witnesses were George Hancock and William Desonn (Deason?).

Preogative Court Abstracts 1688-1698, by Skinner, p. 64

Richard Adams.  The amount of the inventory also included £11532.
June 3, 1697
Appraisers: Samuell Sicklemore, Thomas Smith.
List of debts: William Osborne, Garret Toppin, ohn Eweing, James Frizzell, John Boone, Thomas Shard, William Standefer, Sr., William Gallaway, John Campbell, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Taylor, Capt. Pitts, Edmond Hansley, John Purnell, John Liminton, Phillip Macannada, Mary Stinson, John Viner, John Hill & Edward Jessup; William Burns, Charles Pines.
Executors: Charles Adams (son) and Mary Adams (relict)

Preogative Court Abstracts 1708-1711, by Skinner, p. 71

John Standford, James Standford, Benjamin Standeford, and Edward Stadeford are mentioned in the list of debts for the estate of William Pecket, August 17, 1710 in Baltimore Co., MD.

p. 67:
William Adams, £142.17.3; December 4, 1709
Appraisers: Fran. Dallahide, Moses Groom
Creditors: Edward Stevenson
List of debts: Thomas Youngblod, Stephen Wells, Moses Groom, John Lagett, Henry Denyer, Walter Morrow, Walter Bosely, Daniel Mackentous, Mrs. Mary Standover (adminstratrix of Samuel Standover), John Roberts, Clearles Simmons, William Slade, Oliver Harrod, George Newport.

Preogative Court Abstracts 1711-1713, by Skinner, p. 59

Standiver, Samuell, £6.1.9; February 26, 1712
Payments to: Thomas Preston, Sarah Skates, James Presbury
Adminstratrix/Executrix: Mary Bond, wife of John Bond.

Preogative Court Abstracts 1738-1744, by Skinner, p. 107

Samuel Watkins, £113.0.0; November 25, 1743-January 27, 1743
Appraisers: Thomas Gittings, Darby Henley
Creditors: William Dallam
Next of Kin: Abraham Enlow, Martha Standford, William Watkins
Administrator/Executor: Samuel Watkins

  Will of Israel Skelton: Maryland Wills Book 1, p. 67; film GS013590; will dated Feb. 15, 1706 and was probated August 13, 1706.

This Will is important because it establishes early Standiford relationships. Click here!

  From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; comp. By J. B. Cotton & R. B. Henry; Vol. III Wills from 1703-1713:

  p. 110: Samuel Standefer, Baltimore Co., Written June 9, 1708; Prob. July 22, 1708: Wife, extx., empowered to transfer "Timber Hill", Baltimore County to Archibald Rollo. Test: Benjamin Standefer, George Berry (12, 269).  Click here.

Samuel Standiford:
July 22, 1708: Estate inventoried by John Rallings and Matthew Green.  Value: 108.16.9, plus 6043 (or 6843) lbs. of tobacco.  Inv. 3:344
August 22, 1711: Estate administered by executor Mary, now wife of John Bond. Accounts 2:172
February 26, 1712/1713: Estate administered by administrator Mary, wife of John Bond. Accounts 1:370]
[From an unpublished work of Robert Barnes, "Early Baltimore County Estates" in August, 1968, submitted to the MDGENSOC.]

 p. 146: Henry Wriothesley, Baltimore County; Written May 18, 1709; probated July 20, 1709:
1. To Thomas Wriothesley Sicklemore and heirs, 200 A. "Drisdall's Habitation" at the head of Swan Creek.
2. To wife Ann, extx., residue of estate
Test: Roger Matthews, Jr. John Standifer and Mary Standifer (Part 2-12, 156)

 p. 238: Samuel Showell, written April 18, 1695; prob. July 18, 1713……..Land adjoining Samuel Sandford's. (13, 502)

 p. 68: Stephen Sandford witnessed the will of Matthew Eareckson November 15, 1704. (3,672)

John Standifer (also John Standerfor): March 11, 1720 - estate inventoried by Nicholas Day and John Taylor.   Value: 90.5.3.  Mrs. Margaret Standiford was the administrator.  Edmund Standifer signed, as did Jno. Crockett, a creditor. [From an unpublished work of Robert Barnes, "Early Baltimore County Estates" in August, 1968, submitted to the MDGENSOC.]

 James Standford posted bond for the estate of Henry Matthews in June, 1720.

 James Standiford posted bond and administered the estate of Ralph Dandy on March 2, 1725.

Prerogatives Court Abstracts, 1733-1738 by Skinner, p. 40

Thomas Hutchesn
April 17, 1732; August 8, 1734
Appraisers: John Willmutt, John Boring
Creditors: Elisabeth Smith (ex. of William Smith), Jos. Middlemore
Next of Kin: John Hutchins, William Standefor
Excutors: Thomas Huchins, Nicholas Hutchins.

   From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; comp. By J. B. Cotton & R. B. Henry; Vol. IX Wills from 1744-1749

 p. 115: Archabald Rollo, Baltimore Co., written July 28, 1747; probated August 27, 1747

To daughter Mary Ann Standefor, land called "Temperance Lott."
To daughter Rebecca Rollo, 100 A tract "Rollors Adventure."
To daughter Temperance Roberson, 100 A tract called "Turkey Hills."
To James Hicks, son of Henry Hicks, 49A tract "Archabald Addition".
To the love and affection which I have for his mother, 52 A remaining part of "Rollo Adventure"; at decease of my wife.
William Robertson and my wife, Rebecca Rollo, exes.
Wit: John Bond, Thomas Bond (both Quakers), Phoebe Jackson (25.114)

(Mary Ann Standefor was the wife of Samuel Standiford).

 p. 124: Samuel Standeford is mentioned in the will of John Crockett of Baltimore Co. August 3, 1747, (25. 171-172)

Prerogative Court Abstracts (1744-1748) by V. Skinner, p. 27

Ephraim Standiford, December 15, 1744
Appraisers: Darby Hernley, John Holloway
Creditors: William Dallam, N. Ruxton Gay
Next of Kin: Margaret Hicks, William Standerford
Administrators/Executors: Solomon Armstrong and his wife, Sarah Armstrong.

Note: Margaret Hicks was the former Margaret Skelton who married John Standiford.

  From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; comp. by J. B. Cotton & R. B. Henry; Vol. XI Wills from 1753-1760

 p. 33 William Watkins, Baltimore County, Planter; Written August 26, 1753; Prob. June 10, 1754

To wife Ann Watkins, extx., plantation on "My Lady's Manor" where I now live.
To Brother Samuel Watkins, John Watkins and my sister, Mary Watkins, and Mary Standefor and Solomon, 1sh. Ea. Wit: Richard Boddington (Barrington), W. Slade, William Pocock. (29.154)

  From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; comp. By J. B. Cotton & R. B. Henry; Vol. XIII Wills from 1764-1767

 p. 141: Richard Robinson, Baltimore County, Written June 21, 1770; Prob. August 13, 1770

To children: William's children and heirs of my son
Richard Robinson: Edward, Ann Elliott, Hannah Bull, Charles and Jemima Standiford
Tracts: "Robinson's Venture" and "Clarkson's Purchase".
Exec. Wife Mary and son Charles
Wit: Isaac Band, Ann Bond, William Bond, son of Joshua. (38, 44)

 Abstracts of Wills of Baltimore Co, MD, 1783-1850; comp. Burns, Annie Walker; p. 540

 Skelton Standiford; d. April 24, 1797, St. Johns Parish, Joppa, Baltimore Co., MD. : wife Elizabeth; children: Sophia, John and John

 John Standifer: WILL: Probated 1 Nov 1813; Balto Co, MD; wife Jemima (d. April 1, 1813).

Righttan.jpg (1229 bytes)Click here for Samuel Stansbury's Will of 1783.

 Maryland Calender of Wills, Vol. 16, p. 161:

 Sarah (Standiford) Richardson, Baltimore Co (wife of Thomas Richardson)Written:December 29, 1769; Probated: February 1, 1771

To Children: Thomas and Vincent land called "Timber Hill" being a patent I had before marriage.Wit: Daniel Maccoms, son of William, George Houston and John Wilson. 38.191

From Maryland Deponents, 1634-1799 by Henry C. Peden, JR

p. 176: Samuel Standifer of Baltimore County, aet.30 in 1704. H. W. no. 2, 367

p. 176: Archibald Standiford of Baltimore County, n.a., dep. in 1757; mentions William Crabtree and Don Connolly, schoolmaster near "My Lady's Manor." Md. Arch. xxxi, 209.

From Leber III, Folio 330:
Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. 16; p.141

William Standiford, written October 30, 1775; probated May 29, 1776: 

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From Maryland Account Books, by Burns:

p. 210. The account of John Weasley and Mary his wife, executor of Jno Bond, late of Baltimore Co., dec'd. Disbursement to......, Sarah Standifer (Handifer) dec'd, husband of this accountant. June 8, 1722.

p.312. Account of James Standford of Baltimore County, admr. of Ralph Dandy, late of said county, dec'd.  Representatives are the widow and two children.  March 14, 1731.

394. Account of William Standiford, admr. of James Hicks, late of Baltimore County, deceased. August 16, 1834.  Aquila, David, Richard (no reference).

From Chancery Court File: 1813/02/13

2960: James Kelso and Wiliam Hitchcock v. John Standiford. BA. Estate of Abraham Standiford.
Accession No. 17, 898-2960.  MSA S512-3044

From Chancery Court File: 77, p. 100; 1810/02/12

4399: Ruth Richardson and Skelton Richardson vs. Abraham Standiford, James Kelso, and Elizabeth E\Kelso.  VA. BA. Petition to see World End.  Recorded in Chancery Court.  Acession No: 17, 898-4399-1/2. MSA S512-4546

From Chancery Court File:  1842/11/30

10909: Cladius Standiford and Cordelia Standiford vs. William Standiford, Jacob Standiford, William Price, Elijah Spurrier, Mary Spurrier, James Covender, Elizabeth Galloway, Bathia Galloway, Mary Ann Gambel, Elijah Gambel, Elizabeth Gambel, Thomas J. Matthews, Lydia Matthews, Ann Morris Standiford, Lydia Standiford, Abraham Williams and Casander Williams.  BA. Estate of Vincent Standiford - lot in My Ladys Manor.  Recorded in Chancery Court 162, p. 255  Accession No: 17, 898-10909. MSA S512-10754 2/39/3

Maryland Archives

In April 1756, Archibald Standiford, deposed that Don Connolly kept a School the last  year in the said County near my Lady’s Manor, and that the said Connolly warranted two or three Persons for schooling their Children, and at the time of trying one of the Warrants against William Crabtree before Justice Boyce, he, this Deponent, heard the said Don Connolly then say that the said Crabtree would not pay him because he the said Connolly was a Papist upon which the said Justice said he would not be concerned with it but desired them to leave the same to be decided by two of their Neighbours and further saith  not. (ARMD 31:209).

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