Baltimore County Wills, Lib. 3, ff 539-540:

Last Will and Testament of Samuel Stansbury

I, Samuel Stansbury, of Baltimore County, Province of Maryland...

First. All my just debt and funeral expenses to be paid...

Second. My granson William Welch or his heirs after his mothers decease and after her death for him to take pershusson of the part of the track of Land called addistion (The Addition) all thay lays the fore side of Towson Run.

Thirdly. ...and all the remainder of the said Track of Land if the said William Welch dies without heir to fall to Solomon Stansbury or his heirs all the Track all the addisson. John Ensor Stansbury the sun of William Stansbury the sum of Fifty pound.

Fifth...I give to sun Jesper Stansbury Culston and my daughter Ruth Standsbury Culston the sum of Fifty pound each.

Six...To my daughter Tabathay Cross the sum of one Hundred pound and to Dela (Delilah) Standfor the sum of Fifty pound and Sebedy Hicks the sum of fifty pound each and to marthiar Galloy and Ruth Hicks the sum of one shilling each and to Polly Stansbury Culston my daughter the sum of twenty pound.

....and John Ensor Stansbury my hole execttor.

I have hereunto set my hand and seal (interlinde Before sind [underlined before signed] the words - remainer of & Culston.

Apr 19th, 1783

In the presencts of: Benjamin Stansbury
Samuel (His X Mark) Stansbury

*Baltimore County on 9th day of May 1783, came Benjamin Stansbury, John Talbot Risteau and William Stanbury and made oath they saw Testator sign and seal this will and pronounced same to be his Last Will and Testament...he was to best of their apprehensions of sound disposing mind and memory and they subscribed their names as witnessess.....

*Adminstration Accounts, Baltimore Co., Lib. 8-9 June 1784: p. 151
Samuel Stansbury - (John E. Stansbury, Exec.)
to Luke Stansbury, Delilah Standiford, E. Stansbury, Solomon Stansbury, Ruth S. Culliston and Mary Ann Stansbury (wife).

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