Baltimore County:

Last Will and Testament of Samuel Standefer


I, Samuel Standefer, being in perfect memory, do leave this my last Will and Testament, all others being void and of no force.

IMPRIMIS to my daughter Sarah one half of the powder and brass and one good feather bed with blankets and rug, one great pott, one small pott, one gray horse, six ewes, three sows, a sprayed colt and mill stones.

SECONDLY, I do leave my dear wife my sole executrix by virtue of this my last Will and Testament, do impower her to sell and make over a tract of land called Timber Hill (sic) is suthorn half to Archibald Rollo.  I do leave this my last Will and Testament whereunto I have set my hand and seal this ninth day of June 1708.

Samuel Standefer

Test. Benjamin Standefer, George Berry of Baltimore Co., Maryland.

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