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North Carolina

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Anson County:

Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) Will of John McGrigor  (Transcribed by Gladys Sandefur and Contributed by Jo Ann S. Heinrich.  Thanks, Gladys & JoAnn!)
State of North Carolina, Anson County.  July Court 1797.
The ___will was proved in open Court in due form by Betsey Kelly a ___witness thereto and ___to be Recorded.  Wm Johnson____

In the name of god Amen.  I John Mcgrigor of Northhampton County being sick and week of body but thanks be to god of sound mind and memory do ordain this as my last will and testament in Manner and form following.
To Wit
I give unto my wife Mary Mcgrigor one negro girl named Eliz her choice of my bed, two cows and Calves and my Sorrel Mare that I purchased of my brother William Mcgrigor to her and her Heirs and asines for Ever, I likewise lend her the use of one third Part of the Land and Plantation I Now live on.
Item. I give Unto my daughter Sarah Williams one Negroe Wench Named Sarah and her two Children one bed and furniture two Cows and Calves all Which She has in Possession to her and her heirs and assines for Ever.
Item.  I give unto my daughter Francis Sandifur one Negroe girl Names Indy one bed and furniture and two Cows and Calves which she has in her possession to her and her heirs and assines for Ever.
Item.  Give Unto my daughter Cinthy Sandifur One Negroe girl Names Rachel one bed and furniture two Cows and Calves which she has in possession to her and her heirs and assine for Ever.
Item.  I give Unto Son Flower Mcgrigor one Negroe Boy Names gabril one bed and furniture tow Cows and Calves Which he has in possession to himm and his heirs and assine forever.
Item.  Give Unto my daughter Jean ____ One Negroe Boy Names Jacob one bed and furniture two Cows and Calves which She has in possession to her and her heirs and assines forever.
Item.  I give Unto my Son William Mcgirgor one Negroe Boy Named Aron and All the land I possess in the County of Northampton only that my Wife is have the one Third for live as heretofore Mentioned to him and his heirs and assines Forever.
Item.  Give unto My daughter Elizabeth Mcgrigor One Negroe Wench Names Silvie and her Child named Charity and their increase to her and her heirs assinges for Ever And I Likewise give Unto my said duaghter Elizabeth one Negroe girl Named Mary and her increase to her and her heirs and assines for Ever.
Item.  My Will and desire is that all the rest and Residue of My Estate of what Nature or Kind____Not heretofore given away be sold On twelve Months Credit for the Payment of My Debts and after the discharge of my debts the remainer if any to be Equally divided Betwix all my Children and Lastly I do hereby apoint my son inlaw John Sandifur my Exc. to this my Last Will and Testament revoking all former Wills heretofore by me made in witness Where of I have here Unto Set my hand and Affixed my Seal this 3 day of August one thousand seven and Ninety four
In presence of
John River, Adam Lockhart, Betsey (mark) Keller___
John (his marke) Mcgrigor

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Granville County:

 Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) From North Carolina Gen. Society Journal, Vol. III, No.4, p. 233; cited Migration as Shown in Powers of Attorney by B. Ransom McBirde

Avary, Archer and Sarah H. (his wife) of Columbia County, Georgia; 6 May 1839, appoint Gabriel JONES of said Columbia County their attorney to recover from John Y. SANDFORD, administrator on the Estate of Gabriel JONES, dec'd, late of Granville County, NC...all such sums due the said Sarah H. AVARY, daughter of Ambrose JONES, late of said Columbia County, deceased, and a brother to the said Gabriel JONES, dec'd.  Witness: Alexander PEARCE, JP

Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) (Same reference as above, p. 238):

HAWKINS, Robert of Marion County, Tennessee, 18 Dec 1838, nominates Gabriel Gregory of Graves County, Kentucky, his attorney to receive from John Y. SANDFORD and Thomas B. LITTLETON, executors of the Last Will of Gabriel JONES, dec'd. of Granville County, NC, all that is due as one of the Heirs of Phebe Gregordy, one of the legatees of said decendant, Gabriel Jones.

From North Carolina Gen. Society Journal, Vol. IV, No1-.4, p. 57; cited Migration as Shown in Powers of Attorney by B. Ransom McBirde

Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) YARBROUGH, William and Catharine C. (his wife) of Columbia County, Georgia, 1 May 1839, appoint Gabriel Jones of said Columbia County their attorney to recover from John Y. Sandford, administrator on the Estate of Gabriel JONES, dec'd., late of Granville County, NC, all such sums due the said Catharine C. Yarbrough, daughter of Ambrose Jones, late of said Columbia County, deceased, and a brother to the said Gabriel Jones, dec'd.  Wit: William Glover, JP

From North Carolina Gen. Society Journal, Vol. IV, Nos. 1-4; cited Migration as Shown in Powers of Attorney by B. Ransom McBirde

Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) p. 111:  DAVIS, John and Mary (X), his wife, of Fayette County, AL, 13 July 1840, appoint James Thompson Littlejohn of Granville County, NC their attorney, to receive from John Y. Sandford, Administrator on the estate of Gabriel Jones, deceased, late of Granville Co., NC, all that may be due them as distributees of said Estate.  The said Mary Davis is the daughter of Phebe Hawkins (formerly Phebe Jones, a sister of the said Gabriel Jones, dec'd.).  Wit: James A. Morrow, JP MOORE

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Mecklenburg County:

  Notes from: The Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Mecklenburg Co., NC 1780-1800 
transcribed by Herman W. Ferguson.

Book 1, p. 344; April Session, 1782:

Isaac Stanford vs. Samuel Davidson, Indictment found by the Grand Jury for assault and battery. Plantiff pleaded guilty.

Book 1, July Session, 1783:

p. 422: Isaac Stanford vs. Robert Benson

p. 424: Isaac Stanford served on Jury

Book 3, April Session, 1792:

p. 116: Advertisement: "Whereas Julian Sandford had eloped from my bed and Board, I forewarn any person or persons from giving her any credit on my account for I do protect against paying any of her contracts from this time forever. Signed, Isaac Stanford.

Book 1, January Session, 1783:

p. 386: Isaiah Sandford vs. Will Baird. Verdict 2 & 6 pence cost against defendant.

Book 2, July Session, 1789:

p. 87: It was ordered that a Capias be issue against James Stanford to cause him to appear before Justice of Mecklenburg Co. to enter into a Recognisance with sufficient security in the sum of 200. Conditioned that said Stanford keep the peace towards the citizens of this state and particularly keep the peace toward his wife, Juliana for one year and one day and on default to stand committed.

Book 3, April Session, 1792:

p. 117: Robert Stanford appointed as juror.

p. 119: Robert Stanford served on Grand Jury.

Book 4, October Session, 1796:

p. 174: Isaac Stanford sold to Robert Morrow 172 acres of Land dated December 20, 1796. A bill of sale was presented to Robert Morrow from Isaac Standford for all the goods and Chattles in his present dwelling house with seven heads of cows and three heads of sheep, eight hogs and four horses. Dated November 10, 1795.

Book 4, October Session, 1797:

p. 189: Samuel Pickens vs. Samuel Stanford. Defendant found guilty as charged. Samuel Pickens vs. Jonathan Standford. Defendant found guilty as charged.

Book 4, January Session 1798:

p. 90: Isaac Stanford vs. William B. Alexander.

 Court Records, January 20, 1859: T. T. Sandifer witnessed the will of James Porter.

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Northampton County:

John Sandifur's Will of 1826. Click here!

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Orange County:

  Israel Stantefar's Will of Orange County, NC;  Dated: August 30, 1793  Click here!

 Land Grant Orange County:

 No. 1717, The State to Israel Standefer:

To all to whom these presents shall come Greetings. Know ye that for and in consideration of the sum of fifty shillings for every hundred acres hereby granted paid into our Treasury by Israel Standefer, have given and granted and by these presents do give and grant unto the said Israel Standefer a tract of land containing five hundred & eighty eight acres lying and being in the County of Orange on the headwaters of Second Creek a branch of Newhope, bounded on the East by land of John Rhodes and on the North by land of William Rhodes, beginning at a Post Oak running East fifty chains to a White Oak, then South ten chains to a Red Oak, Thence Each fifty two chains to a Post Oak, thence North twelve chains to a White Oak, Thence East nineteen chains to a White Oak, thence North twenty chains to a pine, thence West twenty one chains to a Pine, thence North twenty four degrees West thirty seven chains to a Post Oak, thence South twenty four chains to a Hickory, thence South Twenty six chains to the first station.

Entered this 11 March, 1798* as by the Plat hereunto annexed doth appear together with all wood and water, mines, mineral, hereditaments and appurtenances to the said land bringing an opportunity to the said Israel Standefer his heirs and assigns forever yielding and paying to us such sums of money yearly or otherwise as our General Assembly, from time to time, may direct, PROVIDED - always that the said Grantee shall cause this Grant to be registered in the Registrar's office of our said County of Orange within twelve months from the date hereof, otherwise the same shall be void. In Testimony whereof we have caused these our letters to be made Patent, and our Great Seal to be thereunto affixed. James Turner Esquire our Governor Captain General and Commander in Chief at Raleigh the 26 day of April in the twenty nineth year of our Independence and in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Five. By Command, W. White Secy. Registered 24 Nov 1807. J. Turner

* Some researchers think that this date is incorrect and believe it to be 1778 instead.

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Stokes County:

Will of James Williams
Written June 2, 1838; probated March, 1844

In the name of God Amen

I James Williams of Stokes County in the state of North Carolina being of Sound mind & memory do this Second day of June 1838 make published & declare the following to be my last will and Testament, that is to Say,

It is my will and desire that after my death my wife Lavinia if she should survive me, shall remain on my plantation & enjoy all the profits of the same during her natural life.  It is also my will and desire that she shall have one horse and one bed & furniture of her own choosing together with all my stock of cattle, sheep & hogs and such of my household and kitchen furniture as she may desire or which may be necessary for her comfort.  And that he residue of my estate if any should remain after paying my debts be sold & the money arising there from be divided as follows.  That is to say ten dollars to be laid out by my executors in clothing or other necessaries for the children of Jenny Lowder, wife of Jonathan Lowder and ten dollars in like manner for the children of Polly Standifer, wife of William Standifer & the balance if any to be equally divided among my daughters, Nancy, Barbara, Rebecca, Catharine & Lavinia.  It is further my will that after the death of my wife my plantation together with all the other property bequeathed to her be given to my daughters Nancy, Barbara, Rebecca, Catharine & Lavina.  But that the plantation shall be used for the benefit of my daughter Nancy & shall not be sold or divided until her marriage or death without her consent.  Lastly I do hereby nominate constitute & appoint my friends Theophilus Virley and Jacob S_vers executors to this my last will and Testament the day & year above written.

Signed Sealed in the presence of
Jno Hill
Isaac Golding

James Williams (Seal)

March tern 1844.  The execution of the last will and & Testament of James Williams decease of which the foregoing is a true copy was duly provided in open court by the oaths of John Hill and Isaac Golding subscribing witness thereto & ordered to be recorded.  M. Hill---

In the estate of Nicholas Hendricks of Stokes Co., NC, who died intestate, and in the settlement is the name William Standfor who owed him $23.20.  The settlement list is dated October 21, 1837. *Contributed by Pat.

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Unknown County:

From: North Carolina Wills, p. 10
1794 McGregor, John, Mary (wife); William, Elizabeth and Flowers; Sarah Williams, Frances Standifer, Cynthia Standifer and Jean Brown (daughters)

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