Will of Israel Stantefor

 Will Recorded in Orange County, NC; B-267 Will in Archives:
Dated: August 30, 1793 - Proved: February, 1794

 The will is typed as written line by line.
*Contributed by Thomas E. Stanford (see below)

 Last Will and Testament of Israel Stantefor

In the name of God Amen This Thirtyeth Day of Auguste
In the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety
Three I Israel Stantefar of Orange County and State of North
Carolina being very weak of Body but of perfect and sound
memory thanks be given unto Almighty god for the same
and knowing the Mortallity of the Body that it is appointed
for all men once to die I do hereby Constitute Ratefie and
Confirm this my Last will and Testamente that is to say
I firste of all Recommend my soul and Body into the hands
of Almighty God who firste gave them to be Buried in a
Christian like manner at the Discretion of my Executors
hopeing at the Resurrection of the Dead to Receive the forgiveness
of my Sins through Jesus Christ my Lord -----
and I do hereby give and bequeath of the same in the following
manner & form ----- first of all I give & bequeath unto
my loveing wife Casasander Stantefar all my Moveable
property such as my household furniture Horses Cattle hogs
and Sheep and all other Such property I am Possest with
at this time I also give unto my Eldest son Epraim Stantefar
Twenty five pounds current money when there is a
Deed made for my land I now lives on I desire also to give
unto my Daughter Sarah Roades the Bed I and my wife lies on
after our Decease and after her Decase to her Daughter Casander
I Desire to give unto my Daughter Rosaner Rhoades one cow
after there is a Deed for the Land I also give unto my son Joshua
Stantefar my Plantation with Two hundred acres of Land Including
The Improvemente where I now lives---
I also give unto my son Isarel Stantefar one hundred
acres of Land called by the name of William Bakers place and
that my son Joshua Stantefar should make him a Deed
to the said land When he the sd Joshua Stantefar Obtains a
Deed him self and if the said Israel Stantefar Never comes
to Receive the land that it Should Remain my son Joshua
Stantefars I also give unto my Two Daughters Mary Stantefar
and Elizabeth Stantefar one hundred acres of land Begining
on the Watery Branch Adjoining Thomas Guyns John
Cabes William Turners making out one hundred acres my
Desire is that my son Joshua Stantefar Should make a Deed
unto my Two Daughters Mary & Elizabeth when he Obtains
a Deed I also give unto my Grandson Isarel Turner son of
Ruth Turner wife of William Turner Eighty Eight Acres of
Land lying on the North side of William Picketts cart Road Joyning
On Benjamin Peelers land when my son Joshua Obtains a
Deed I also Desire one hundred Acres of my Land to be sold when
A Deed is Obtained to pay of Legacys I also give unto my
son Benjamin Stantefar Forty Shillings Current money
When a Deed is Obtained for the Land I also give unto
my Daughter Casander Hendon Forty Shillings Currente
money when there is a Deed Obtained for the Land----
And I do appointe my wife Casander Statefar & my son
Joshua Stantefar as Executors of this my Last will & Testamente
Revoking and Disannuling all Other and former wills and
Testaments by me made as Witness I have hereunto set my hand
and affixed my seal the Day and year first above written

Joshia Standifor [signed]                 Isarel Stantefar (X) [his mark]

Mary (X) Stantefar [her mark]

Henry Bunch [signed]

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*I received a full-size copy of this will made directly from the original one found in the Archives of the State of North Carolina from Mr. Thomas E. Stanford. There are obvious differences to the Will previously posted and I have made those corrections which are reflected above.  Mr. Stanford is descended from Joshua Standiford. He believes from studying the will that Henry Bunch, one of the witnesses, wrote the will out for Israel, because of the similarity in the handwriting to Henry Bunch's signature. Here's what he says: "Israel Standiford lived in what was Orange County in the 1700's, in an area that is now the city of Durham.  There is a map composed by a Mr. Markham of Durham, NC some years ago showing the land of Israel Standiford in the vicinity of what is now downtown Durham, possibly near the present site of Duke University, but no exact location of his home or property has ever been identified to my knowledge.

My great-great-great grandfather was Joshua Standiford.   At some point in the early 1800's, Joshua relocated with his family to what was then Stokes Co., NC...near what became Winston-Salem.  The part that Joshua lived in became Forsyth County about 1849.  My great-grandfather, Henry Wesley Stanford, a grandson of Joshua by the mid-1800's opted for the form "Stanford" and all descendants of this branch have used this form ever since."

Mr. Stanford is interested in tracking down his ancestry to the British Isles.  He is not on the internet and anyone wishing to contact him may do so by contacting me.

The addition of this "verbatim" will is a great addition to our site.  Thank you, Mr. Sanford!

*UPDATE 6/23/99:  Kay Craft writes that she purchased a map of old homesteads and that it shows Israel's land and that Duke University is located in the Northwest corner of his land.

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