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Dorchester County, Maryland

* Note: The Gregorian Calendar was not adopted until after September 14, 1752.

(Early Wills mentioning our surnames are listed here also).

 From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; comp. By J. B. Cotton & R. B. Henry; Vol. IV Wills from 1713-1720;

 p. 95: William Merchant, planter, Dorchester Co., Written January 30, 1711; Probated September 23, 1717

  • To son Joseph and heirs, personalty and 50 A "Merchant's Outlett", and 200 A., "Herriford". He failing issue, to grandson Thomas Wall and heirs.

    To grandsons Alexander and William Wall and their heirs, residue of "Herriford" and land called "Slow" equally between them; for want of issue in said grandsons to pass to rightful heirs.

    To son-in-law John Standford, Jr., 108 A "Mount Silley" during life; after his decease to granddaughter Margaret Standford and heirs; she lacking issue to lawful heirs of John Standford, afsd.

    To Alexander Wall, exe., residue of personalty.

  • Test: AV. Smith, Phil Tedman, Thomas Cook, John Kirke. (14, 325)


    From First Dorchester Families, by Calvin W. Mowbray,1990; p. 99

    William Merchant. On June 24, 1666, a 100 acre tract of land was surveyed for William Merchant and James Mossley.  The tract was named "Cedar Point" and it was located on he Little Choptank River at the mouth of Slaughter Creek.

    William Merchant came to Maryland from Virginia as a servant for Thomas Skinner.  He married Mary (last name unknown).  William and Mary had at least two children:  William Merchant II and Elinor.  After William I died, his widow, Mary married a man named Stoker.

    William Merchant II made a will dated January 11, 1711, which was probated September 23, 1717 (Wills 14, 325) and in it he named his son, Joseph; daughter Mary Wall and her husband Alexander Wall and their children: Alexander Wall, William Wall and Thomas Wall.  He also named his son-in-law, John Standford, JR and granddaughter, Margaret Standford.


     From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; comp. By J. B. Cotton & R. B. Henry; Vol. IV Wills from 1713-1720;

     p. 125: Mary Stanford, Dorchester County; Written April 15, 1717; Prob. November 13, 1717. (14, 452) Click here.

     From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; comp. By J. B. Cotton & R. B. Henry; Vol. V Wills from 1720-1726;

     p. 5: Salsbury (Salsbure, Salisbury, Pettygrew), Patygrew, Dorchester Co., Written September 25, 1719; Probated March 10, 1719.

    To son Andrew and heirs, 100A "Salsbury Charge" at age of 21. Said Andrew to provide for his sister Sarah should she continue in present condition; should son Andrew not choose to make such provisions for his sister Sarah, she may select some honest neighbor, who is empowered to make use of 1/2 of afsd 100 A for benefit of daughter Sarah afsd.

    To daughter Sarah, should she recover and marry a man of industry, the 20 A out of afsd track.

    To Rachel Stanford, 68 A part of "Salisbury's Charge" (running to head of branch below Thomas Sommers plantation, and including all land between Sommers and Blackwater R.) during life, at her decease to Rachel and Elizabeth, daughters of Dorrington Fisher (the former owner of said land) sd. Rachel and Elizabeth Fisher dying without issue sd land to heirs of Rachel Stanford, afsd.

    To Thomas Sumers and heirs, 16 A above Sumers Branch. To wife, Mary, extx., use of real estate until son Andrew arrives at age of 21; personalty during her life. Test. Thomas Howell, William Standford, J. Fattet (16, 32)

     p. 156: William Standford witnessed the will of John Orrel of Dorchester County on November 23, 1726.

     p. 234: Jno and Wm. Standford witnessed will of John Flowers of Dorchester County on September 3, 1726.

     From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; comp. By J. B. Cotton & R. B. Henry; Vol. VI Wills from 1726-1732;

     p. 21: John Standford, planter, Dorchester Co.; written: April 17, 1725; prob. April 6, 1727 (19,132)  Click here.

     p. 178: Richard Pritchard (Pritchit, Prichit) Dorchester Co., written: December 28, 1730; prob. January 16, 1730

    1. To son William and heirs, 100A__________
    2. To two sons, James and John, "Hap-at-a-venture", transquaking R., and household goods carried by their grandmother_____to John White's.
    3. To son William, daughter Ann, sons James and John, son-in-law Samuel Standford, and Mary Donaway, personalty.
    4. To four children_____, personal estate. John White to have the bringing up of three sons, William, John, James until eighteen years old.

    Test: James Sloan (Slone), Jane Sloan, Elizabeth Helsby, Mark Fisher.

    Prerogative Court Abstracts (1731-1737) by V. Skinner, p. 94

    Richard Pritchard, June 10, 1735
    Surieties: John Eccleston, Walter Stephance
    List of debts: William Whyland, John Jones, Zebulon Pritchet, John Foord, George Drury, widow Grimes, Andrew Smith, Patrick Convan, George North, John Salisbury, Noah Penson, Jos. Muchard, Jacob Lockerman, Elisabeth Treego, James Mooney, William Arnett.
    Payments to: David Rodgers on judgement against Elisabeth White and Eliinor White (executrices of Thomas White (surety for estate of said Rodgers) left ot arbitriment of Charles Goldsborough & Henry Trippe, Samuel Standferd (one of the orphans of John Standferd (dead) paid to his guardian Charles Standford, Capt. Bartholomuew Ennalls.
    Mentions: ___Rodgers (dead), May Short (orphans of chirstopher Short (dead)).
    Administrator: John White

    From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; Vol. VI

    p. 192: Will of Samuel Harper, Dorchester Co., written April 15, 1735; probated 1736.
    Names four grandchildren: Elizabeth, William, Samuel and Margaret Stanford. Test. Ezekiell Keene, Jacob Gray, Lewis Griffins, Sr.

      From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; comp. By J. B. Cotton & R. B. Henry; Vol. IX Wills from 1744-1749:

     p. 64-65: Charles Standford, Dorchester Co., Written December 15, 1745; Prob. February 20, 1745 (24.354) Click here.

     p. 65: John Standford, Dorchester Co., Written December 11, 1745; Probated February 20, 1745. Click here.

     p. 65: William Stanford, Jr., Dorchester Co., Written January, 1745/46; Prob. February 21, 1745: (24, 358) Click here. 


      From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; comp. By J. B. Cotton & R. B. Henry; Vol. X Wills from 1748-1753:

     p. 44: Thomas Stanford, Dorchester Co, Prob. April 10, 1749

    To wife Rachel Standford, slaves. To son John Standford, my dwelling plantation, and if no said issue, then to my unborn child, and if both are without issue, then to wife Rachel Standford. To son John Standford, cattle Wife: Rachel Standford, exe. Wit: Isaac Patridge, Edward Breadhurst, Elizabeth West (27, 55)

    p. 5: William Stanford, Dorchester Co., Written January 20, 1748; Prob. April 10, 1749. 26.18.  Click here.

      From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; comp. By J. B. Cotton & R. B. Henry; Vol. XI Wills from 1753-1760

     p. 224: Samuel Stanford, Dorchster Co., Written March 7, 1759; Probated May 7, 1758

    Wife: Elizabeth. Children: Thomas and Samuel. Grandchildren: John Stanford, son of Thomas. Exes: Elizabeth Standford; if dead, William Lane. Wit: Charles Walters, Jonathan Patridge, Mary Snelson (30, 611)

    Prerogative Court Abstracts (1744-1748) by V. Skinner, p. 54

    Charles Stanford; 410.4.0; March 20, 1746-May 27, 1746
    Appraisers: Thomas Howell, John Stewart
    Creditors: Thomas Williams, J. Ennalls
    Next of Kin: William Stanford, Charles Stanford
    Executors: Rosanah Stanford, Thomas Stanford.

    Prerogative Court Abstracts (1748-1751) by V. Skinner, p. 34

    Thomas Standford; 108.13.6; May 11, 1749-August 9, 1749
    Appraisers: Edward Trippe, Jr., Isaac Patridge
    Creditors: J. Ennalls, J. Eccleston
    Next of Kin: Betty Stanford, Samuel Stanford
    Administrator: Charles Standford

    William Stanford; 136.5.3; April 24, 1749-August 10, 1749
    Appraisers: Ezekiell Keene, Isaac Patridge
    Creditors: J. Ennals, William Murray
    Next of kin: William Stanford, Samuel Stanford
    Executrix: Elisabeth Stanford.

    Prerogative Court Abstracts (1755-1760) by V. Skinner, p. 97

    Elisabeth Stanfort, October 30, 1759
    (also Elizsabeth Standfort)
    Appraisers: Benjamin Kenns, Jr. John Woolen
    Creditors: William Prichett, Thomas Steplefort
    Next of Kin: Joshua Wall, Pearson Wall
    Executors: Thomas Wallace, Richard Standiford

     From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; comp. By J. B. Cotton & R. B. Henry; Vol. XII Wills from 1759-1764

    p. 228: Elizabeth Stanford, Dorchester County, Written May 6, 1759; Prob. June 30, 1759. Click here.

     From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; comp. By J. B. Cotton & R. B. Henry; Vol. XVI Wills from 1764-1767

     p. 180: John Stanford witnessed the will of Jacob Charles, Sr. in Dorchester Co. on November 12, 1775.

     p. 43: William and Milly Stanford witnessed the will of John Ozwell (then Dorchester Co., now Caroline Co.) May 21, 1757. (40, 224)

    From Maryland Deponents, 1634-1799 by Henry C. Peden, JR

    Charles Sanford, aet. 41 in 1728. Dorchester County, 0.8, 431.

    From Maryland Account Books, by Burns:

    p. 355. The account of William Stanford and Rachel, his wife, admx. of Joseph Wall, late of Dorchester Co, dec'd January 2, 1718.

    p. 483. The account of Richard Prichard, executor of Mary Stanford, late of Dorchester Co., MD., deceased November 12, 1719.

    p. 271. Dorchester County, account of Richard Prichard and Elizabeth, his wife, exts. of John Stanford, dec'd.  Disbursements due to William Stanford.  December 11, 1726.

    Dorchester County Judgments
    From: MD Gen. Soc. Bulletin; Vol. 34, #4

    Wm. Stanford, s/o William, owe Rebecca Wall for rent of plantation, 250 acres, being part of the track Edmondon's Reser. 5 annually for two years. (1754-1755)

    Note: William Stanford married by 12 Jan 1718, Rachel, who was administrator of Joseph Wall of Dorchester Co, MD.  (MGSB, Vol. 34, #2)

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