Descendants of James Israel Standifer

Generation No. 1

Research records of Charles B. Standefer, Robert A. Standifer, Jim Standifer, Harry Standefer and Carol Lee Yarbrough

1.  JAMES ISRAEL5 STANDIFER  (ISRAEL4 STANDEFER, JAMES3 STANDIFORD, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born September 10, 1779 in Henry Co, VA, and died August 20, 1837 in Kingston, Roane County,  TN; b. Baptist Cemetery.  He married MARTHA "PATSY" STANDIFER February 02, 1801 in Knox Co, TN, daughter of WILLIAM STANDEFER and JEMIMA JONES.  She was born January 19, 1783 in Henry Co, VA, and died June 15, 1848 in TN.

BIRTH: Mid-South Bible Records, Vol. 1; p.240   Click here!
MARRIAGE: Sistler; Early East Tennessee Marriages; Vol. 1; Grooms; p. 346.
MILITARY SERVICE: War of 1812.  McCorren and Burns; Soldiers of the War of 181 2
Buried in TN; Society of US Daughters of 1812; p. 186

For many years researchers have thought that James Israel Standifer was the son of  William and Jemima Jones Standefer.  However, it has now been proven that he was the son of  Israel and Susan Heard Standifer.  

A must read: Old Letter #11 by Nancy "Adeline" Standifer Sherrod.

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See Biography.

A must read article written by Steven D. Byas  

Click here to read a speech James Israel Standifer made to Congress on March 30, 1835.  

He was a captain in the War of 1812.

From 1815-1821 he served as the state senator to the capital at Murfreesboro from the district of Anderson, Bledsoe, Roane, and Rhea Counties; in 1819 the counties of Morgan and Marion became a part of this district, and in 1821

James Standifer was elected to the House of Representatives for the Eighteenth Congress of the United States and served from March 4, 1823 to March 3, 1825. He was subsequently elected as a Jacksonian to the Twenty-first through

Twenty-third Congresses, as a White supporter to the Twenty-fourth Congress, and as a Whig to the Twenty-fifth Congress.  He served with such notable Tennesseans as  David Crockett, Sam Houston, James K. Polk, Andrew Jackson, and Felix Grundy and other famous historical figures such as as Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, and John C. Calhoun were among his contemporaries. During his tenure in Washington, he witnessed the presentation of the anti- interventionist Monroe Doctrine (1823), the destruction of the second National Bank of the United States (1832) and the debate over the issue of Nullification (1832) to the federal tariff on imports within South Carolina and the rest of the agricultural South.

During this period, James Standefer was involved in two other notable activities within Bledsoe County.  First, he was authorized by the state of Tennessee in 1826 to sit on a committee of eight to establish a private academy at Pikeville; the result was the Lafayette Academy, named for the French patriot of the American Revolution.  In addition, he was one of 46 charter members of the local Masons' organization, the Vale Temple Lodge, from its inception on October 8, 1823.

James Standefer served in the U.S. Congress continuously from March 4, 1829 until his death near Kingston, Tennessee, on August 20, 1837, from pneumonia, while on his way to Washington.  He is buried at the Baptist Cemetery at Kingston, Tennessee.

Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1791, p. 1742

Research records of Charles B. Standefer

Jesse H. Standefer administered his estate in April 1842 in Bledsoe Co, TN.


BIRTH: Mid-South Bible Records; Vol. 1; p. 239 Bible of Alfred Standefer; owned by DAR; Washington, D. C.
MARRIAGE: Sistler; Early East Tennessee Marriages; Vol 2; Brides; p. 346


              i.     WILLIAM ISRAEL S.6 STANDIFER, b. December 1801, Knox Co, TN; d. October 1863, TN

BIRTH: Standefer, Harry; Standefer, Standifer, Standiford; A Family History and Genealogy; c1989; p. 74

William never married.

CENSUS: 1860 Hamilton Co., TN; p. 112A:
678/678: William I. Standifer, age 54, Clk Chancery Court, $350, $6,000, b. TN

See Biography

Read an exciting Civil War Story re. William

William came to Bledsoe Co, TN from Anderson Co, TN in 1805 with his parents, James and Patsy Standifer.  The Sam Houston Academy of Jasper, TN was started when Sam Houston was governor of Tenn.  He resigned on 26 Apr 1829.  William I. Standifer was one of the first trustees. The school operated by funds provided by the state of Tennessee and a small tuition fee.  It was not a public school as we consider one today.  The first educational program for public school was launched in 1854 when Andrew Johnson was governor.  The early system faced problems, limited funds, a lack of leadership, and a deep prejudice against "book larnin."  A young student in one of the first public schools was asked by one of the opponents of public education what he was studying.  He replied "English, history, and math, and algebra."  He was asked to say something in algebra.  He replied, "Pi R. Square."  To this his friend replied, "Any fool knows that a pie are round."

  In 1830 it was reported that Jasper, TN had 30 dwellings with a population of 180, of whom 20 were MECHANICS (Jasper was a major stop on the stagecoach route from Knoxville, TN to Huntsville, AL.  The route entered Sequatchie Valley north of Pikeville.  There were six professional men, five stores, one tavern, a courthouse, and a jail.) (Note there was no church.) There were four law offices:  Attorneys James H. Wilkinson, William I. Standifer, D. W. Campbell, and George W. Wood.

William I. organized a company for service in the Cherokee War in Marion Co, TN and was mustered in May 1836.  He knew that it was the Indians who needed protection, not the whites.  He served under Brigadier General R. G. Dunlap, who stoutly resisted the execution of the Removal Treaty.  Federal troops under General John E. Wool were sent to the area.  When he arrived on the scene and observed the terrible conditions, he requested to be relieved from duty.  His replacement, Col. William Lindsey, found conditions "heart-rending."  He likened the whites to vultures.

In March 1837 William moved to Chattanooga when it was still known as Ross's Landing.  He was a member of the 23rd and 24th Tennessee General Assembly from1839 to 1843, representing Hamilton and Marion Counties.  In the capitol building is an excellent collection of Cherokee Indian artifacts taken from Williams Island by William I. Standifer and given to the state of Tennessee.

He gained a position as clerk and master for Chancery Court and moved from Chattanooga to Harrison where the courthouse was then located in Mar 1848.  He moved back to Chattanooga in the summer of 1858.  He was a trustee of the Masonic Academy located in Harrison, Hamilton Co, TN in 1848.

Texas in its struggle with Mexico made an appeal to the governor of Tennessee for volunteers, a cavalry regiment and two regiments of infantry, some 2,800 men.  More than ten times the number volunteered so a lottery system had to be set up to determine which men would have the privilege of going.  William I. organized a company of volunteers and went to Mexico as a captain in 1848, serving with that rank throughout the war.  His unit landed at Vera Cruz and participated in the battle that followed.  They moved toward Mexico City and fought in the Battle of the Mountain Pass of Cerro Gordo.

The most famous act of his illustrious military career was his part in capturing the notorious James Andrews of the Andrews Raiders.  See above link.

  Robert A. Standifer has a copy of a letter dated 3 Feb 1887 written by attorney Alvin D. Garrett of Jasper, TN addressed to Capt. William I. Standifer of Mt. Airy informing him that a bill had been passed by the House and the Senate and signed by the President granting a pension of $8.00 per month to all officer and enlisted men who had served in the Mexican War.  His Mexican War Pension, C2732 is dated 12 Mar 1887.

              ii.   LUKE C. STANDIFER, b. November 03, 1810, Mt. Airy, Bledsoe Co, TN.

BIRTH:  James L. Douthat; SEQUATCHIE FAMILIES; p. 97.

He was educated at West Point. He and his father became interested in government lands in the Mississippi. They had business interests in Vicksburg, MS and New Orleans, LA.  He was employed by Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas to locate the boundary lines between these three territories.  Soon after the completion of this work he disappeared entirely.  The last trace of him was a receipt from a postmaster for a large sum of money.  One source says he was killed by Cherokee Indians in Bledsoe Co, TN.  

                (See Letter of Rufus E. Sandefer, 1937).

See Marion Co., TN Deeds: Marion County Court Records; Deed Book "A:, page 250-1, in the Register's Office of Marion County, Tennessee.

2.          iii.   SKELTON CARROLL STANDIFER, b. April 12, 1815, Mt. Airy, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. 1903, TN; b. Pope Cemetery, Bledsoe County, TN.

3.          iv.   JAMES MADISON STANDIFER, b. October 06, 1817, Mt. Airy, Bledsoe Co, TN.           

             v.    ELIZABETH ANN STANDIFER, b. August 31, 1820, Mt. Airy, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. b. Old Standifer Cemetery, TN.

BIRTH: James L. Douthat; Sequatchie Families; p. 97.

                   She died as an infant and is the first person buried on the Old Standifer Cemetery

4.          vi.   JESSE HEARD STANDIFER, b. September 03, 1812, Mt. Airy, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. 1865, Calloway, MO.

Generation No. 2

2.  SKELTON CARROLL6 STANDIFER (JAMES ISRAEL5, ISRAEL4 STANDEFER, JAMES3 STANDIFORD, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born April 12, 1815 in Mt. Airy, Bledsoe Co, TN, and died 1903 in TN; b. Pope Cemetery, Bledsoe County, TN.  He married NANCY KING March 14, 1830 in Dunlap, Bledsoe Co, TN.  She was born 1813 in KY, and died Before June 1900 in Bledsoe Co, TN


BIRTH: James L. Douthat; Sequatchie Families; p. 97
DEATH: Confederate marker; Pope Cemetery; Mt. Airy; Bledsoe Co., TN

Skelton Carroll Standifer (12 Apr 1815 - 1903) married Nancy King (1813- 1899), daughter of Richard King, on 14 March 1830. (Skelton and Nancy raised their grandson, Thomas Alexander Standifer. They also had a son names Thomas Alexander Standifer who was born in 1851).

CENSUS: 1830 Bledsoe Co., TN: Skelton C. Standifer 0001-0001 [*1 males 15-20 Skelton Carroll Standifer; 1 female 40-50 Nancy King Standifer]

CENSUS: 1840 Bledsoe Co., TN; p. 162 - S. C. Standifer 01002-12001001

CENSUS: 1850 Bledsoe Co., TN; p. 93
Household 93: S. C. Standifer, m, age 35, m, farmer, b. TN;
Nancy, f, age 37, b. KY;
James, m, 19, Laborer, b. TN, in school;
Tabitha I., f, age 17, b. TN;
Martha A., f, age 15, b. TN, in school;
Sarah E., f, age 13, b. TN, in school;
Perlina E., f, age 9, b. TN, in school;
William C., m, age 4, b. TN;
Alfred K, m, age 6/12mos., b. TN

CENSUS: 1870 Bledsoe Co., TN; p. 61
Shelton Standefer, age 65, m, TN, TN, TN
Nancy, age 66, f, KY, NC, NC
Thomas A., age 14, grandson, TN, TN, TN

Skelton Carroll served in the Florida (1836-1839), Mexican, and Civil Wars.  He tried to enlist in the Spanish-American War, but was not accepted due to age.  His father, U. S. Congressman James Israel Standifer from TN asked for an amendment to an appropriation bill to give $75,000 to the Tennessee Volunteers who fought the Seminole Indians in Florida.  Despite his speaking "at length" his motion failed 38 to 98.

Some say Skelton lost much of his land gambling with Thomas A. Pope.  Bob Standifer remembers the old Pope farm and country store in their glory days. He kept his tenant farmers deep in debt to him and they were too honorable jus to move away.

On 4 Feb 1850 Skelton Carroll sold 5,000 acres of land to I. H. Spears.  The above land was purchased from James Israel Standifer, his father, who purchased it from John Bridgemon on 13 Mar 1831.  Source:  Deed Records of Bledsoe Co, TN

*Many believe that he served in the Civil War under the name of a person who paid him to go in their place.  Lately it has been verified that he served with Company H, 35th Tennessee Infantry.  Late in 1991 or 1992 his grave was located in the Pope Cemetery and a Civil War Marker was installed.  

He was converted late in life and was a member of the Ebenezer Baptist Church of which Nancy was a charter member.

From Jim Standifer: He served in he Florida Seminole War, Mexican War and the Cherokee War in Bledsoe County, TN where he was a Corporal in Terry's Company #1 Infantry Tennessee.  Info. obtained from the National Archives in Washington, DC indicate that both Skelton and his son William joined the Confederate army on August 28, 1862 in Pikeville, TN for a period of three years.  On Feb. 3, 1863, it was noted that Skelton was a 1st Sergeant and had gone to Hill Regt. of which he formerly belonged.  Units were later combined and renamed and at one time, Skelton was a Private in Co. H, 35 TN Infantry as indicated by a Civil War marker on his grave at Pope Cemetery in Mt. Airy, TN.  His tombstone dedicated that he was born in 1813 instead of 1815 but this does not agree with other records.

Notes for NANCY KING:

She was a charter member of the Ebenezer Baptist Church which was constituted on 7 October 1882. She is on the church roll 1887-1900, but is not on the renewed roll dated 2 Jun 1900. "The Baptist Church of Christ at Ebenezer, Bledsoe County, Tennessee in the Pailo Community.  On Sunday, 8 Oct 1882, brother Aaron B. Lamb was ordained as deacon and on motion, it was agreed that the church be called the Baptist Church at Ebenezer."


              i.    JAMES7 STANDEFER, b. 1833, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. Bef. January 1892, Bledsoe Co, TN; m. SARAH E. UNKNOWN


His exact death is not known, but was before 31 Dec 1892 when Skelton Carroll filed for an Indian Wars pension and James is not listed as a living child.

           ii.     TABITHA JANE STANDEFER, b. May 19, 1833, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. 1892, Weatherford, Parker Co, TX; m. CASWELL BYAS, July 27, 1854, Nashville, Davidson Co, TN; b. April 11, 1836; d. April 15, 1915, Weatherford, Parker Co, TX


Caswell and Tabitha seemed to be constantly on the move.  There is no record of them ever owning land.  Shortly after their marriage they were in Davidson Co, TN.  Later they moved to Hardeman Co in southwest TN.  After the 1860 census in July they returned to Sequatchie Valley.  Caswell went through very difficult times as a Confederate soldier.  He was wounded in the leg causing him to walk with a limp.  He told of catching a calf.  They were so hungry they began to cut off pieces of meat to roast before the animal was dead.  His son, Robert, recalled that after the war many times the family had only milk and mush to eat. They decided in December 1880 to move to Parker County, TX.  Things were really going bad for them in TN.  They knew the trip to Texas would be long and difficult.  In addition, Parker County was still being raided by Indians from Oklahoma at this time


DEATH: Bob Standifer of Ft. Worth, TX

             iii.   MARTHA ANN STANDEFER, b. January 12, 1835, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. Aft. 1892, Yell Co, AR; m. JAMES H. KENNON, August 31, 1854.


BIRTH: Indian Wars petition; Dept. of Interior; Skelton C. Standefer; 31 Dec 1892

Alfred K. Standefer's biography gives Martha, wife of Mr. Hornsby, of Yell county, AR.

Notes for JAMES H. KENNON:

He was from Yell Co, AR

Click here for their son's J. A. Kennon's Biography.

             iv.   SARAH ELLEN STANDEFER, b. June 23, 1837, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. Aft. 1892; m. JOSIAH JONES; b. Clarksville, TN.

BIRTH: Indian Wars petition; Dept. of Interior; Skelton C. Standefer; 31 Dec 1892

             v.   PERNINA ELIZABETH STANDEFER, b. August 25, 1841, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. Aft. 1892; m. J. P. MINTON; b. Yell Co, AR

BIRTH: Indian Wars petition; Dept. of Interior; Skelton C. Standefer; 31 Dec 1892

             vi.   WILLIAM CARROLL STANDEFER, b. January 14, 1846, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. August 22, 1921, Mt. Airy, Sequatchie Co, TN; m. (1) ELIZABETH EPPERSON JONES; m. (2) ELVE JANE AUSTIN, Abt. 1867; b. November 17, 1847, TN; d. February 09, 1892, Mt. Airy, Sequatchie Co, TN; m. (3) NANCY MOFFITT, July 12, 1892, Sequatchie Co, TN; b. 1831; d. 1931.


CENSUS: 1870 Bledsoe Co., TN; p. 60
Death Certificate #31

William Carroll Standifer (14 Jan 1846 - 22 August 1921) married Elvy Jane Austin (17 Nov 1847 - 9 Feb 1892) in 1867. She was the daughter of James and Susan Minton Austin of Bledsoe County. After Elvy's death, William married Nancy Moffitt (1831-1931) on 12 Jul 1892. (Thomas Alexander was born before William was married. His mother was Elizabeth Epperson Jones

Click here to view Family Record.


  She lived on a houseboat near Bridgeport, AL.  Lizzie brought the baby to Bledsoe County and gave
  him to William to raise.  William was not married at the time so his parents took the child and raised   
  him as their own.

Click here to read letter to Mr. Lee D. Standifer, son of William Carroll Standifer, 
from Iva Standifer, wife of Luke Price Standefer.

Click here to read letter to Mr. Lee D. Standifer from Waid Scott Willis, SR.

            vii.   ALFRED KING STANDEFER, b. February 24, 1849, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. August 14, 1927, Mt. Airy, Sequatchie Co, TN; m. (1) JULIA ANN ELLIOTT, January 28, 1869, Sequatchie Co, TN; b. October 15, 1847, TN; d. October 28, 1893, Sequatchie Co, TN; m. (2) MARY ELIZABETH "POLLY" MOONEYHAM, March 18, 1893, Sequatchie Co., TN; b. October 07, 1868; d. October 06, 1920, Sequatchie Co, TN.


BIRTH-DEATH: Tennessee death certificate # 20818
MARRIAGE: Sistler; Early Middle Tennessee Marriages; Grooms; p. 513
CENSUS: 1870 Bledsoe Co., TN; p. 65
CENSUS: 1920 Sequatchie Co., TN, p. 5A, District 1
78/78: Alfred Standifer, head w, m, age 67, TN, TN, TN, Farmer
Pollie, wife, age 50, f, TN, TN, TN
Nep, dau, age 17, f, TN, TN, TN
Lela, dau, age 15, TN, TN, TN
Henry, son, age 12, TN, TN, TN
(Living next door to John E. Standifer).

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He died of cerebral softening.

           viii.   LUCY EMMALINE STANDEFER, b. June 30, 1856, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. Aft. 1892; m. PATRICK LAMB, Dunlap, TN.


BIRTH: Indian Wars petition; Dept. of the Interior; Skelton C. Standefer; 31 Dec 1892
Lucy was a twin.

             ix.   MARY LUCINDA "POLLY" STANDEFER, b. June 30, 1856, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. Aft. 1892; m. JOHN JOHNSON; b. Dunlap, TN 


BIRTH: Indian Wars petition; Dept. of Interior; Skelton C. Standefer; 31 Dec1892


He was from  Dunlap, TN

             x.   THOMAS ALEXANDER STANDEFER, b. 1851, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. Bef. 1892, Bledsoe Co, TN; m. MARTHA ELIZABETH ELLIOTT, September 19, 1871, Sequatchie Co, TN; b. July 13, 1852, TN; d. February 23, 1889, Sequatchie Co, TN.

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3.  JAMES MADISON6 STANDIFER (JAMES ISRAEL5, ISRAEL4 STANDEFER, JAMES3 STANDIFORD, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born October 06, 1817 in Mt. Airy, Bledsoe Co, TN.  He married CATHARINE MALVINA BOYD.  She was born 1818 in GA, and died 1860 in TN.


BIRTH: James L. Douthat; Sequatchie Families; p. 97.

CENSUS: 1850 Bledsoe Co., TN; p. 94
Household 94: James M. Standifer, m, age 32, Labourer, b. TN;
Catharine M, f, age 32, b. GA;
Luke L. m, age 8, b. TN;
William L., m, age 7, b. TN;
Mary A., f, age 5, b. TN.

CENSUS: 1860 Bledsoe Co., TN; p. 72 :
J. M. Standefer, age 41
Sarah Jane, age 28
Luke L., age 19
W. L., age 17
Mary A., age 15
R. M., age 12
J. E., age 10
Carrol, age 18
Josephine, age 6
Jeromime P., age 3
George L., age 11/12

MILITARY SERV: Served in the Cherokee War of Marion County, TN under his brother, William J. Standefer.

James was a school teacher. 
(See Letter of Rufus E. Sandefer, 1937).      


              i.     LUKE LEONIDAS7 STANDEFER, b. May 09, 1842, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. May 06, 1931, Bledsoe Co, TN; m. NANCY M. CANNON (KENNON), January 04, 1875, Sequatchie Co, TN; b. 1841; d. 1931, Bledsoe Co., TN.


From Bob Standifer: "Luke Leonidas Standefer, the oldest child of James M. and Catherine Standefer, led a life defined by one central event; the Civil War.  Many of the details of his early life may be obtained from a survey which he filled out for the Tennessee Historical Committee at some point on or around May 16, 1922.  In these papers he states that he is the son of James Madison Standefer, a "Farmer and a School Teacher" and Katherin Melvina Boyd.  He had at least two full siblings, William L. (b: 1843) and Mary A. (b: 1845) as well as several brothers and sisters who may be the children of either his mother or step-mother, their names were Rufus M, James E., Carrol, Josephine, Jerome P., and George L. Standefer. Luke enlisted in the Confederate Army 6 Jun 1861 and served as corporal with Company F, 2nd Tennessee Cavalry, the first company to leave Sequatchie Valley. His unit went to Knox County, TN and then to Campbell County, TN.  His first skirmish was at Fishing Creek, KY.  He fought in the Battle at Perryville, KY and was captured by the Union Army when Lieutenant General Wade Hampton surrendered in Durham, NC.  Following his capture he was sent to the military prison in Louisville, KY on Aug 3, 1863, on Aug 6, 1863 he was sent to Camp Chase, OH were he would remain for seven months. (Aug 1863 to Mar 1864) On Mar 17, 1864 he was transferred to Fort Delaware, near Baltimore where he stayed for ten months before being paroled and exchanged on Feb 27, 1865 as the war drew to a close. Bob Standifer remembers listening to his war stories with keen interest.  He told of one of his comrades getting the very end of his nose shot off and the blood was squirting.  Someone said, "Boy' they almost go you."  He replied, "No, they almost missed me."  Now that is positive thinking.  He never told me about being captured and being held prisoner for almost two years.

Luke was a rebel's rebel.  The family complied with his request and buried him in his old Confederate uniform.

His brother William served in the same company and nothing was said about him being captured.

  To date, Nov. 1993, it is not known when and where Luke and family lived in Arkansas.  After the deaths of his wife Nancy and child Esther in Arkansas, Luke and children returned to Tennessee."

              ii.   WILLIAM LACURGIE STANDIFER, b. 1843, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. 1890, Bledsoe Co, TN; b. Collier Cemetery, Bledsoe Co., TN; m. (1) MARY A. GREER; b. 1847, TN; m. (2) MARY BOYD.


CENSUS: 1880 Bledsoe County, TN, District 8
MILITARY SERVICE: Confederate soldier; Company F; Second Tennessee Cavalry. This was the first company to leave Sequatchie County, TN.

  See TN Census records for Bledsoe Co., 1880/1890.

iii.      MARY A. STANDEFER, b. 1845, Bledsoe Co, TN.

             iv.   CARROLL LAFAYETTE STANDEFER, b. August 12, 1847, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. October 06, 1923, Bledsoe Co, TN; m. ELBA FRANCIS LEWIS, December 30, 1875, Bledsoe Co, TN; b. December 17, 1859, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. April 30, 1918, Bledsoe Co, TN.


CENSUS: 1880 Bledsoe Co, TN; ED 9

There are indications that he may have ridden with Buffalo Bill Cody as a Union scout in the Civil War.  No one in the family ever talked about him, just his brothers. His daughter-in-law, Georgie Gilbreath Standifer, recalls him as a well educated man who drank too much.

             v.   RUFUS MADISON STANDEFER, b. 1848, Bledsoe Co, TN.


Robnett, Elizabeth Parham; Bledsoe County, Tennessee; A History; p. 186, lists Rufus Madison Standefer as one of the outstanding men who came from Bledsoe County.  He was a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

             vi.   JAMES EPENETUS STANDIFER, b. July 25, 1850, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. September 01, 1920, Bledsoe Co, TN; m. MARTHA GRIFFITH, April 25, 1877, Sequatchie Co, TN; b. May 23, 1856, TN; d. March 20, 1926, Bledsoe Co, TN.


                   He was nicknamed Pete.
                   Death certificate #166

                   Children of JAMES STANDIFER and MARTHA GRIFFITH are:

                   1.  FLORENCE8 STANDIFER, b. 1878, Bledsoe Co, TN; m. JIM AUSTIN.

     They settled in Oklahoma.

2.  LILLIAN GRACE STANDIFER, b. Aft. 1880, Bledsoe Co, TN; m. ROY DALLAS 
; b. Bledsoe Co, TN.

                   3.  ORA STANDIFER, b. Aft. 1880, Bledsoe Co, TN; m. CLAUDE ANDERSON.

                   4.  JULIA ANN STANDIFER, b. April 01, 1886, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. March 24, 1955; m.    


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                   5.  JAMES ALEXANDER STANDIFER, b. January 1880, Bledsoe Co, TN; m. LEONA 

                   6.  RUFUS EDWARD STANDEFER, b. January 24, 1884, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. May 23, 1956, 
     Bledsoe Co, TN; m. C
LARA CLEO ROBERSON, June 30, 1908, Bledsoe Co, TN; b. 1890, 
     TN; d. May 16, 1982, Ashville, NC.


    Census: 1920 Sequatchie Co., TN; Dunlap; p. 6B
    114/114: Rufus E. Standifer, head, w, m, age 35, TN, TN, TN, Physician-General Practice
    Clara, wife, w, f, age 30, f, TN, TN, TN
    James E., son, w, m, TN, TN, TN

    BIRTH-MARRIAGE: Standefer, Harry; Standefer, Standifer, Standiford; A Family History and 
    Genealogy; c1989; p. 136

Rufus Eddie, M.D., a practicing physician of Dunlap, Sequatchie County, TN was a native son.  He was born 24 Jan 1883 on the farm of his father, James Standifer, in Bledsoe County, TN.  He obtained his basic education in the public schools of Bledsoe County where he spent his boyhood in the usual fashion of country youths.  His general education was continued at Burritt College, Spencer, TN where he prepared for entrance to the Atlanta Medical College, Atlanta, GA.  He was graduated from the medical college with the M.D. degree in the class of 1915.  Four years later he was able to continue his professional studies in the New York Post Graduate Medical School, where he took a number of graduate courses.  From New York City he went to Greenville, SC to do some special work for the US government, gaining an experience that was at once interesting and professionally valuable.  Upon his return to Dunlap, TN from Greenville, he resumed his duties as a general physician.  In addition to his private practice, he served as County Physician for Sequatchie County.  He always followed closely all scientific developments bearing upon his profession and kept in touch with the general medical advancement through his membership in the American Medical Association.  He married Miss Clara C. Roberson, daughter of Polk and Phillia Ann Roberson on 30 Jun 1908 in Bledsoe Co, TN.

In spite of the demands made upon his time and energies by his large practice, he participated in various activities of the community.  He served as Justice of the Peace, and in political affairs he supported the Democratic Party.  As a businessman he possessed ability and sound judgment.  He had an interest in a prosperous mercantile establishment in Dunlap.

In fraternal circles he was a Master Mason, a Knight of Pythias, and was a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.  While he made his home in Dunlap, he attracted many warm friends from the laity and members of the medical profession in Sequatchie Valley.  He was held in high esteem by all who knew him.  

Dr. Standifer offered to send Bob Standifer's wife, Mildred Ota Ka King, the valedictorian of the 1939 graduating class of Sequatchie County High School, to college and medical school.  She declined the offer because nice girls did not do such things in those days.

He was one of the first Standifers to spell his name with an "e".  His father and all before him spelled their name with an "i."

 (See Letter of Rufus E. Sandefer, 1937).      


   See Obituary.

                   7.  FRED STANDIFER, b. January 22, 1889, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. November 27, 1905, Bledsoe 
     Co, TN

                   8.  OTIS M. STANDIFER, b. September 08, 1897, Hamilton Co, TN; d. December 1972, 
    Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, TN; m. M

     Notes for OTIS M. STANDIFER:
     BIRTH-DEATH: SSN 410-10-8335

            vii.     JOSEPHINE STANDEFER, b. Abt. 1854, Bledsoe Co, TN.

           viii.     JEROME P. STANDEFER, b. Abt. 1856, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. 1915, Bledsoe Co, TN.

   Death Certificate #194; age 59

             ix.     GEORGE L. STANDEFER, b. Abt. 1859, Bledsoe Co, TN.

4.  JESSE HEARD6 STANDIFER (JAMES ISRAEL5, ISRAEL4 STANDEFER, JAMES3 STANDIFORD, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born September 03, 1812 in Mt. Airy, Bledsoe Co, TN, and died 1865 in Calloway, MO.  He married PERNINA HENDRIX Abt. 1830.  She was born May 08, 1809 in TN, and died June 16, 1890 in Calloway Co, MO.


BIRTH: James S. Douthat; Sequatchie Families; p. 97.
DEATH: "Ansearchin'" News; 3rd ed; 1954-1959; p. 191; children listed here.
CENSUS: 1850; Moniteau Co, MO; p. 005.
 They moved to Moniteau County, MO in 1844 and then to Calloway County, MO in 1864.

1850 Moniteau Co., MO Census:
#57: Jesse Standerfer, m, age 40, b. TN
Roinina, f, age 40, b. TN
Laura, f, age 17, b. TN
Eliza, f, age 16, b. TN
Luke, m, age 13, b. TN
Naoma, f, age 10, b.TN
William, m, age 4, b. TN
Bradford, m, age 2, b. TN
Thomas, m, age 1, b. TN

1860 Census Hickory Co., MO; Tyler Twp, p. 84:
573/573: Jesse Standifer, 48, m, w, farmer, $2000, $5987, b. TN
Pernina, age 50, f, w, b. TN
Eliza A., age 24, w, f, domestic labor, b. TN
Naomi, age 18, w, f, b. TN
William H., age 16, w, m, farm laborer, b. MO
Isaac B., age 14, w, m. b. MO
William Hindres, age 38, w, m, farmer, $222, b. TN
Thomas TILLERY ?, ae 31, $1,000, $6883, b. TN
Laura J., age 26, b. TN
Katherine, age 8, b. MO
Jesse F., age 5, b. MO
Pernina, age 28, b. MO

From the "History of Moniteau County, Missouri", p. 331 : First Road Districts May, 1845 . Jesse H. Standifer appoint overseer of Road District #4


Death: Tombstone; Standerfer Cemetery, Callaway County, Missouri    


              i.   JAMES H.7 STANDEFER.

              ii.   LAURA J. STANDEFER, b. Abt. 1834, Bledsoe Co, TN; m. THOMAS TILLERY, September 10, 1850, Moniteau Co., MO; b. 1829, TN.

Living with Jesse and Pernina on the 1860 Hickory Co., MO Census.

             iii.   ELIZA ANN STANDEFER, b. March 1834, Bledsoe Co, TN; m. SAMUEL HUNT; b. May 1830, KY.


Hickory Co., MO , 1900 Census, Weaubleau, p. 85
151/151: Hunt, Samuel, head, w, m, May 1830, 60, m-36, KY, KY, KY, Farmer
Eliza A., wife, w, f, Mar 1834, 66, m-36, 6child/3living, TN, TN, TN
Isaac B., son, w, m, June 1874, 25, s, MO, KY, TN
Standerford, Naomi, sister-in-law, w, f, Feb 1839, 61, s, TN, TN, TN

             iv.   LUKE H. STANDEFER, b. Abt. 1837, Bledsoe Co, TN.

             v.   NAOMI STANDEFER, b. February 04, 1839, Bledsoe Co, TN; d. September 25, 1902, Row E; Durnell Chapel Cemetery, Hickory Co., MO.


Hickory Co., MO , 1900 Census, Weaubleau, p. 85
151/151: Hunt, Samuel, head, w, m, May 1830, 60, m-36, KY, KY, KY, Farmer
Eliza A., wife, w, f, Mar 1834, 66, m-36, 6child/3living, TN, TN, TN
Isaac B., son, w, m, June 1874, 25, s, MO, KY, TN
Standerford, Naomi, sister-in-law, w, f, Feb 1839, 61, s, TN, TN, TN

Birth/Death: Tombstone Durnell Chapel Cemetery, Hickory County, Missouri

             vi.   WILLIAM H. STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1843, Moniteau Co, MO; d. October 21, 1869, Moniteau Co., MO.


Tombstone Record: W. H. Standerfer died Oct 21, 1869 26Y 3M 2D

            vii.   ISAAC BRADFORD STANDERFER, b. April 20, 1846, Moniteau Co, MO; m. (1) MOLLY SAMUELS; b. Abt. 1857; d. May 09, 1899; m. (2) MOSBY MISSOURI STOKES, March 21, 1893; b. November 1868, MO.


Referred to as IKE in Adeline Standifer Sherrod's letter.

Callaway Co., MO 1900 Census, Fulton Twp, p. 108:
207/217: Standefer, Isaac B., head, w, m, Apr 1846, 54, m-7, MO, TN, TN
Mosby, wife, w, f, Nov 1868, 31, m-7, 2child/2living, MO, Va, Unk
Allie L, dau, w, f, July 1881, 18, s, MO, MO, MO
Charles S., son, w, m, Jan 1888, 12, s, MO, MO, MO
Farris L, son, w, m, Jan 1893, 6, s, MO, MO, MO
Edwin M., son, w, m, May 1898, 2, s, MO, MO, MO


Death: Standerfer Cemetery, Callaway County, Missouri: Mollie F. Standerfer wife of I.B. died May 9, 1889 32Y 8M 17D

           viii.   THOMAS T. STANDEFER, b. Abt. 1849, Moniteau Co, MO.


This may be the Thomas found on the 1900 Franklin Co, MO Census Calvey Twp, p. 113
95/95: Standifer, Thomas, head, w, m, March 1848, 52, m-17, MO, MO, MO
Susan, wife, w, f, June 1861, 39, m-17, 9child/4living, MO, MO, OH
Myrtle M., dau, w, f, Feb 1884, 16, s, MO, MO, MO
Rachal A., dau, w, f, March 1888, 12, s, MO, MO, MO
Margie M., dau, w, f, Oct 1892, 7, s, MO, MO, MO
William, son, w, m, July 1899, 10/10, s. MO, MO, MO

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