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This letter was written to Lee Standefer by Mrs. Luke Price Standefer, SR (Iva H.) 
on November 4, 1967

Contributed by Jim Standifer.  Thanks, Jim!


                                                                                                Houston, Texas 77034
                                                                                                November 4, 1967


Mr. Lee Standefer
Dunlap, Tennessee 37327 

Dear Mr. Standefer,

A  number of years ago my husband, Luke Price Standefer, corresponded with Mr. Waid Scott Willis of San Antonio, Texas and Judge Price M. Rice of Hamilton, Texas in regard to the Standefer family.  Now that I have retired, I have decided to do a little research on the family.  In some of the correspondence between Mr. Willis and Dr. R. E. Standefer of Dunlap, Tennessee your name was mentioned, therefore that is the reason I am writing to you to see if you have any information that I desire.

I do not know your connection with Standefer family but I will give a brief summary of my husbandís connection.  Luke Price Standefer (born Marion County, Tennessee on December 10, 1823 and died in McLennon County, Texas July 3, 1890) was my husbandís grandfather who married Margaret Brown Wilson (born April 4, 1824 Fayette County, Alabama and died June 8, 1888 in McLennon County, Texas) on September 21, 1848. Luke Price Standefer was a Texas Ranger and a soldier of Rossí Company U. S. Army in the war with Mexico in 1846.  (We have a son Luke Price Standefer, JR. so you see we are not letting the name die).

Above Luke Price Standefer was the son of Isaac Standefer (born October 13, 1801 in Marion County, Tennessee and died November 6, 1855 in Milam County, Texas) married Elizabeth Standefer (first wife) in Aberdeen, Mississippi on January 4, 1823.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Luke and Mary Anne Price Standefer who were married in Franklin County, Virginia on January 15, 1787.  This is all the information I have on the Luke Standefer family except that he was a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War.  If you have any information such as birth dates, death dates or marriages, other children or any other data I will surely appreciate it if you will please let me have the information.

One letter states that a Luke Standefer died near Con. Fort, Mississippi.  (I havenít any idea what the abbreviation Con. Is for).  This may be the Luke Standefer that I am interested in.

Back to Isaac Standefer, he was a son of William and Jemima Jones Standefer.

I am trying to get information on the other members of the Isaac Standefer family and if you should be interested, I will gladly give you any information I may be able to obtain.  Isaacís second wife was Dorcas Jones.  I do not have any information on her to date.

I will appreciate any information you may have or a reference to some one who has the information.


Iva H. Standefer
(Mrs. Luke Price Standefer, Sr.)

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