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Descendants of William Standifird

Generation No. 1

1.  WILLIAM2 STANDIFIRD (Standiford)  (AQUILLA1) was born August 27, 1804 in Jefferson Co., IA,  and died June 18, 1886 in Allerton, Wayne Co., IA; b. June 20, 1886 Drakesville, Davis Co,, IA.  He married REBECCA BROSHAR August 28, 1828 in Ripley Co., IN, daughter of EDWARD BROSHAR and SARAH HOUSE.  She was born September 06, 1809 in Switzerland Co., IN, and died April 16, 1869 in Drakesville, Davis Co., IA; buried April 18, Drakesville, Davis County, IA.  

Broshar, Broshear, etc.

1850 Census - Ripley Co., IN; Jackson Township, p. 362
11/11: William Standiford, age 46, m, Farmer, $1,200, b. IN
Rebecca, age 41, f, b. IN
Eleanor, age 21, f, b. IN
Mary, age 14, f, b. IN
Aquilla, age 11, m, b. IN
Edward, age 9, m, b. IN
Tabetha, age 6, f, b. IN
Rachel, age 3, f, b. IN


2.            i.     ELEANOR3 STANDIFIRD, b. June 27, 1829, Jackson Twp, Ripley Co., IN; d. September 02, 1899, Clio, Wayne Co., IA.

3.           ii.     SARAH STANDIFORD, b. June 04, 1831; d. Bef. November 10, 1877, Kirksville, IA.

4.          iii.     LUCETTA STANDIFIRD, b. August 19, 1833, Jackson Twp, Ripley Co., IN.

5.          iv.     MARY STANDIFIRD, b. April 24, 1836, Ripley County, Indiana; d. August 01, 1923, Allerton, Wayne Co., Iowa.

6.           v.     AQUILLA STANDIFIRD, b. October 22, 1838, Two miles from Napolean, (Jackson Twp.)  Ripley Co., IN; d. January 03, 1932, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; b. January 7, 1932, Indianola, Warren Co., IA.

             vi.     TOBITHA STANDIFIRD, b. April 03, 1840; m. JOHN HENRY PEPPMYER, July 06, 186, Corydon, Wayne Co., IA.

7.         vii.     EDWARD T. STANDIFIRD, b. July 21, 1841, IN; d. February 21, 1930, Roseburg, OR.

           viii.     RACHEL ELEANOR STANDIFIRD, b. October 20, 1846, Jackson Twp, Ripley Co., IN; m. WILLIAM TOWNSEND.

             ix.     HENRY STANDIFIRD, b. March 05, 1851, Jackson Twp, Ripley Co., IN; d. March 03, 1852, Jackson Twp, Ripley Co., IN.

Generation No. 2

2.  ELEANOR3 STANDIFIRD (WILLIAM2, AQUILLA1) was born June 27, 1829 in Jackson Twp, Ripley Co., IN, and died September 02, 1899 in Clio, Wayne Co., IA.  She married ELIAS JENNISON December 18, 1851.   

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3.  SARAH3 STANDIFORD (WILLIAM2 STANDIFIRD, AQUILLA1) was born June 04, 1831, and died Bef. November 10, 1877 in Kirksville, IA.  She married SAMUEL SEARS, JR October 24, 1849 in Ripley Co., IN.  He was born Abt. 1827, and died Bef. November 10, 1877 in Kirksville, Iowa.

1850 Census, Ripley Co., IN;. Jackson Twp., p. 362
12/12: Samuel Sears, w, m, 23, OH
Sarah, w, f, 19, b. IN
Samuel Sears, Sr., w, m, age 67, $300, b, VA

Sarah and Samuel are living next door to her parents, William and Rebecca Standifird.


              i.     RACHEL E.4 SEARS, b. Abt. 1850; m. GEORGE H. ROSS.

              ii.     WILLIAM SAMUEL SEARS, b. Abt. 1852.

             iii.     REBECCA J. SEARS, b. Abt. 1854; m. WILLIAM ALLISON.

             iv.     EDWARD E. SEARS, b. Abt. 1856.

             v.     AQUILLA GRANT SEARS, b. 1864.

4.  LUCETTA3 STANDIFIRD (WILLIAM2, AQUILLA1) was born August 19, 1833 in Jackson Twp, Ripley Co., IN.  She married MINZA CHRISTOPHER May 26, 1854 in Drakesville, Davis Co., IA.   

Marriage: Lucetta Standiford + Minza Christopher (age 20)  m. May 21, 1854  FHL #968466


              i.     MARY ELIZABETH4 CHRISTOPHER.

              ii.     WILLIAM M CHRISTOPHER.

             iii.     EDWARD M. CHRISTOPHER.

             iv.     MAY E. CHRISTOPHER.

             v.     CLARENCE E. CHRISTOPHER.

             vi.     MINNIE CHRISTOPHER.

            vii.     GEORGE F. CHRISTOPHER.

5.  MARY3 STANDIFIRD (WILLIAM2, AQUILLA1) was born April 24, 1836 in Ripley Co., IN, and died August 01, 1923 in Allerton, Wayne Co., IA.  She married GEORGE MADISON HOUSLEY April 07, 1861 in Davis Co., IA, son of ROBERT HOUSLEY and LUCINDA CHILDERS.  He was born January 20, 1840 in Morgan Co., IL, and died June 11, 1913 in Allerton, Wayne Co., IA.  

Marriage: Mary Standeford + George M. Hously m. March 7, 1861 FHL #968466


              i.     WILLIAM STANDIFIRD4 HOUSLEY, b. June 26, 1864, Allerton, Wayne Co., Iowa; d. February 20, 1933, Allerton, Wayne Co., IA; m. SARAH ELLEN BERRY, August 29, 1886, Allerton, Wayne Co., IA; b. March 23, 1867, Wayne Co., IA; d. February 04, 1940, Allerton, Wayne Co., IA.

              ii.     STELLA MAE HOUSLEY.

             iii.     ALONZO C. HOUSLEY.

             iv.     CLARA JUNE HOUSLEY.

             v.     EMMA ETTA HOUSLEY.

             vi.     ELIZA GREEN HOUSLEY.

            vii.     BRADY MADISON HOUSLEY.

           viii.     GEORGE THOMAS HOUSLEY.

             ix.     MARY SHAW HOUSLEY.

             x.     RACHEL LUCINDA HOUSLEY, b. August 10, 1862, Allerton, Wayne County Iowa; d. September 29, 1892, Allerton, Wayne Co., IA; m. EDWARD SHAW, February 10, 1892, Allerton, Wayne Co., IA.

6.  AQUILLA3 STANDIFIRD (WILLIAM2, AQUILLA1) was born October 22, 1838 in Two miles from Napolean, (Jackson Twp.)  Ripley Co., IN, and died January 03, 1932 in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Buried: January 7, 1932, Indianola, Warren Co., IA.  He married ANNA (ANGALINE) GRAY October 04, 1860 in Warren Township, Wayne Co., IA, daughter of ROBERT GRAY and MARGARET MCCOLISTER.  She was born August 02, 1842 in Medina Co., OH, and died April 14, 1914 in Indianola, IA.

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7.  EDWARD T.3 STANDIFIRD (WILLIAM2, AQUILLA1) was born July 21, 1841 in Indiana, and died February 21, 1930 in Roseburg, OR. He married SARAH E. HARCOURT October 16, 1861 in Jasper Co., Iowa.  She was born May 10, 1843 in Monroe, WI, and died December 16, 1913 in Cochise, AZ.

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