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Descendants of Edward Standifird

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Descendants of Edward T. Standifird
(Brother to Aquilla Standifird)

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Edward T. and Sarah Harcourt Standifird

Generation No. 1

1. EDWARD Travis3 STANDIFIRD (WILLIAM2, AQUILLA1) was born July 23, 1841 in Jackson Twp, Ripley Co., IN, and died February 21, 1930 in Roseburg, OR. He married SARAH E. HARCOURT October 16, 1861 in Jasper Co., Iowa. Sarah died December 16, 1913 in Cochise, AZ.


August 30, 1861. Edward, age 20, resident (farmer) of Davis Co., Iowa (native of Indiana) enlisted for a three year term at Bloomfield, Iowa in the Iowa Volunteer Cavalry as a farrier (blacksmith or worker with iron).

September 7, 1861. He was mustered into service as a Private under Captain M. L. Baker's Co. "A", 3rd Iowa Regiment of the United States Calvary.

May 1862. He was in the Battle of Peariage, was injured on the March to Hellena and was discharged a few months later. Edward was struck on the forehead by a tree branch, while on a night march to Helena, which caused him to be blinded or nearly so.

June 30, 1862. Edward was taken from the rolls of the Cavalry. 

July 17, 1862. Edward entered the hospital at Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, MO.

August 16, 1862. Edward was discharged from the service at St. Louis, MO. as a private.

He had varying degrees of blindness/eye problems during his life. He was granted a pension in 1880 which was paid until his death February 21, 1930 at the Old Soldier's Home in Roseburg, Oregon. He is buried in Roseburg, Douglas Co., Oregon in the National Cemetery.

1890 Census Index, Stark Co., ND: Edward Standiford, Gladstone Township, p. 1

1900 Census, Stark Co., ND, Twp 139, Range 94, p. 113B
17/17: E. Standiford, head, w, m, July 1841, age 58, m-38, IL, KY, KY, Farmer
Sarah E., wife, w, f, June 1843, age 56, m-38, 9child/7living, WI, KY, MD
Gertrude B., dau, w, f, Sept 1889, age 19, S, OH, WI, KY, Student at college
Harry W., son, w, m, Apr 1884, age 16, S, ND, WI, KY, Student at college
Little, Jennie, servant, w, f, Nov 1857, age 42, S, ___ ENG, IRE, IRE
Beakely, Franie, servant, w, f, June 1875, age 24, S, IA, IL, IL

1920 Census, Cochise Co., AZ;  Coshise Twp., p. 2B
38/40: Ellis, Jay B., head, m, w, age 68, IL, NY, VT, Medical Physician
Jennie A., wife, age 52, IA, IN, WI
Standifird, Edward, fath-in-law, age 78, IN, KY, KY, Retired


i. ESSIE4 STANDIFIRD, b. September 16, 1876, Wayne Co., IN

ii. VENNA STANDIFIRD, b. March 18, 1883, Wayne Co., IN; d. March 21, 1883, Wayne Co., IN

2. iii. AMY REBECCA4 STANDIFIRD, b. August 31, 1865, Wayne Co., IA; d. January 31, 1935, Wenatchee, WA.

iv. RURICK STANDIFIRD, b. July 24, 1863; d. January 7, 1882, Wayne Co., IN

v. ALTHA J. "JENNIE" STANDIFIRD,  b. November 7, 1867, Wayne Co., IN

vi. MARY BLANCHE STANDIFIRD, b. April 10, 1870, Wayne Co., IN

vii. STELLA STANDIFIRD, b. December 6, 1874, Wayne Co., IN

viii. GERTRUDE BELLE STANDIFIRD, b. September 5, 1880, Wayne Co., IN


Generation No. 2

2. AMY REBECCA4 STANDIFIRD (EDWARD T.3, WILLIAM2, AQUILLA1) was born 1865 in Wayne Co., IA, and died January 31, 1935 in Wenatchee, WA. She married LINCOLN ELLSWORTH ANTLES.


i. RUTH5 ANTLES, b. June 08, 1901, Salt Lake City, Utah; d. Azusa, CA; m. HAROLD RAYMOND FOTHERGILL.

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