Descendants of William H. Standefer

(Compiled from various family genealogies, including those of Ruby Ledbetter, Mary Jewel Burton Standifer and Chuck Standerfer and George Sprouse, Jr and others).

William H. Standefer was the son of Israel and Susanna Heard Standefer.

 1. WILLIAM H. STANDEFER was born October 15, 1786 in Henry Co, VA, and died August 25, 1861 in Cherokee Co, AL. He married MARY GUY "POLLY" HOGUE May 23, 1814 in TN.

 Notes for William Heard Standefer: BIRTH: Mid-South Bible Records; Vol. 1; p. 237 DEATH: DAR application - Robbie Evelyn Lewis Parker CENSUS: 1850 Cherokee Co, AL; p. 22

* There are differences of opinion as to William's middle name.   Some genealogies say that it was Heard (after his mother, Susannah Heard Standifer).  Ruby L. Ledbetter and Mary Jewel Burton Standerfer report in their genealogical reports that the middle name was HENDERSON.  Also, both Ruby and Mary report that he died October 29, 1861 in Collin County, Texas and that he is buried in Martindale, Caldwell County, Texas, along with his wife, Polly Hogue.   However, Harry Standefer says in his book Standefer, Standifer, Standiford - A Family History and Genealogy, p. 159: "There are two prominent William H. Standefers.  The one named aboved William Heard Standefer and his grandson William Henderson Standefer.  The first one gets his second given name "Heard" from his mother Susannah Heard Standefer, wife of Israel Standefer.  The secon, William Henderson Standefer gets his second given name from his grandfather, Judge William Henderson Underwood."

From the History of St. Clair County, Alabama; compiled by W. H. Cather in 1897. Info. submitted by Mrs. Nelle Hudgins Kendrick, SC; p. 43: "William H. Standifer moved from Georgia to Bledsoe County, TN, and from Tennessee to Cherokee County, Alabama about 1835, where he died about 1860. His wife was Mary Guy Hogue, who died in 1882 at the age of 88. They had seven sons and three daughters".

**See Old Letters Section

William H. Standifer: Monroe Co, MS Deed Book Three; p. 137; James Standifer of Bledsoe County, State of Tennessee and William Standifer of Marion County, Tennessee. Oct. 10, 1832.

Notes for Mary Guy "Polly" Hogue: Birth/Death: DAR application - Robbie Evelyn Lewis Parker

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 Children of William H. Standefer and Mary Guy Hogue:

Generation No. 2

   Notes for Franklin H. Standifer: Marriage/Death: DAR application - Robbie Evelyn Lewis Parker

Middle name may have been Hogue.

   Notes for Emily Jane Chaudoin: Birth/Marriage/Death: DAR application - Robbie Evelyn Lewis Parker


1.WILLIAM FRANKLIN STANDIFER, b. Abt. 1866, Cherokee Co, AL; d. May 08, 1934, Etowah Co, AL; m. MARY MARGARET ANN MEGEE, November 15, 1893, DeKalb Co, AL.

  •  Notes for Lemuel Jackson Standefer: History of St. Clair County, Alabama (see above): "Lemuel Jackson Standifer was born July 21, 1817 in Tennessee and died July 17, 1890 in Gadsden, Alabama. He married Sarah Frances Underwood who was born July 17, 1827 in Cassville, Cass County, Georgia and died on September 5, 1893. She was the daughter of Judge William Henderson Underwood and his 1st wife, Virginia "Nancy" O'Ferrall. Lemuel Jackson Standifer served as Probate Judge of Cherokee County, Alabama. He joined the Confederate Army, but soon returned home because of his physical condition. He was a lawyer and practiced in Rome, Georgia and Cherokee County, Alabama and in Gadsden, Alabama. He moved to Gadsden about 1874.

  • i. LEONA NANCY STANDEFER, b. September 02, 1847, Cherokee Co, AL; m. JOHN LUTHER DAUGHDRILL, October 25, 1867, Centre, Cherokee Co, AL.

    ii. MARY E. STANDEFER, b. Abt. 1849, Cherokee Co, AL.

    iii. LILLA V. STANDERFER, b. April 8, 1852, Cherokee Co., AL; m. HENRY CLAY HARALSON April 16, 1870, Cherokee County, AL.

    iv. AUGUSTA GEORGIA STANDEFER, b. January 09, 1854, Cherokee Co, AL; m. JOHN HAROLD DISQUE, April 30, 1869, Cherokee Co, AL.

     v. WALTER SCOTT STANDEFER, b. March 06, 1856, Cherokee Co, AL; m. KATE MAY HOLLINGSWORTH, November 08, 1887, Gadsden, Etowah Co, AL.

    vi. JULIA FLORENCE STANDEFER, b. August 06, 1859, Gadsden, Etowah Co, AL; m. WILLIAM WORTH STEVENSON, February 28, 1878, Etowah Co, AL.

    vii. ADA EUGENIA STANDEFER, b. June 10, 1865, Gadsden, Etowah Co, AL; m.  WILLIAM JAMES HUDGINS, June 07, 1888, Etowah Co, AL. 

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    viii. JOHN HENRY STANDIFER, b. February 2, 1861 in Cherokee Co, AL.

    ix.  WILLIAM HENDERSON STANDIFER, b. December, 1850; m. GEORGIA TUMLIN  October 18, 1895 in Cherokee County, AL

           Notes:   William Henderson Standifer was a lawyer and three times Mayor of  Gadsden, AL.   He 
                         was also Justice of the Peace there.

  •             Notes for Israel Brawley Standifer: Israel died in Caldwell County, TX and is buried in the Martindale 
                Cemetery there.   He was a member of the 17th Texas Legislature. 

                Notes for Elizabeth Rice.  She was born May 26, 1825; d. November 25, 1914

                 Children of Israel Brawley Standifer and Elizabeth Rice:

                i. WILLIARM RICE STANDIFER, b. August 25, 1846 AL; d. May 4, 1926, Lynn County, TX.

                ii. MARY JANE STANDIFER, b. February 28, 1848, Milam County, TX

               iii. SARAH ANN STANDIFER, b. December 22, 1849, Milam County, TX; m. W. J. Owens, January 
                   2, 1872

               iv. RICHARD TEAL STANDIFER, b. January 9, 1852, TX; d. November 16, 1886; m. Mattie 
                   Lowrey, March 13, 1879 Gonzales County, TX.  He is buried in the Martindale Cemetery in Caldwell 
                   County, TX.

                v. JOHN STANDIFER, b. December 25, 1853, Bosque County, TX

               vi. JAMES FRANKLIN STANDIFER, b. September 12, 1855, Bosque County, TX; m. Anna Bell 
    October 18, 1883, Sterling, TX

              vii. CORNELIAN STANDIFER, b. September 30, 1857 in Bosque County, TX

             viii. LAURA STANDIFER, b. May 26, 1859 in Bosque County, TX; m. W. J. Reed December 18, 1879 
                   in Caldwell County, TX.

               ix. EMILY J. STANDIFER, b. November 8, 1861 in Bosque County, TS; d. October 8, 1932 in 
                   Caldwell County, TX.  She married Albert B. McQuien, June 26, 1881 in Caldwell County, TX.

                x. MILLER STANDIFER, b. August 11, 1864 in Caldwell County, TX; d. January 13, 1917

               xi. BETTIE STANDIFER, b. March 22, 1867; d. January 8, 1868 at Martindale, Caldwell County, TX


  •   Notes for John Hogue Standefer BIRTH-DEATH: NSDAR application; # 527533; Ona Mae Peters

      Notes for Martha Sweeney: BIRTH: NSDAR application; # 527533; Ona Mae Peters DEATH: Hamilton Co, Death Records; Book 3; p. 266 She was nicknamed Mollie. Her obituary appeared In the Hamilton newspaper on 4 Sep 1913.

     Children of JOHN STANDEFER and MARTHA SWEENEY are:



    iii. MARGARET STANDEFER, m. J. M. CUNNINGHAM, October 21, 1875, Bosque Co, TX.

    iv. FANNIE STANDEFER, m. J. A. ROBINSON, November 01, 1896, Bosque Co, TX.

      Notes for Fannie Standefer: MARRIAGE: Bosque County, TX Marriage Records; Book E; p. 528

    v. IDA SERENE STANDEFER, b. February 17, 1859, Madison Co, AL; d. July 03, 1957, Loving, Young Co, TX; m. HENRY CLAY SMITH (b. November 1, 1853 in Bosque Co., TX; d. 1936 in Bosque Co., TX).

      Notes for Ida Serene Standefer: BIRTH-DEATH: NSDAR application # 527533; Ona Mae Peters MARRIAGE: Bosque County, TX Marriage Records; Book E; p. 31

    vi. LULA ANN STANDEFER, b. 1862, Bosque Co, TX; d. 1936, Bosque Co, TX; m. JAMES MONROE ROBERTSON, October 02, 1879, Bosque Co, TX.

     Notes for Lula Ann Standefer: BIRTH-DEATH: Bosque County, Texas Cemetery Records; Vol. II; p. 28

     Notes for James Monroe Robertson: BIRTH-DEATH: Bosque County, Texas Cemetery Records; Vol. II; p. 28

    vii. JOHN H. STANDEFER, b. December 1862, Madison Co, AL; d. Bef. 1920; m. SARAH PAMELIA MCCALLUM.

     Notes for John H. Standefer: MARRIAGE: Bosque County, TX Marriage Records; Book E; p. 284; CENSUS: 1900 Bosque Co, TX; ED 10; sheet 20; CENSUS: 1910 McLennan Co, TX; ED 103; sheet 65; CENSUS: 1920 McLennan Co, TX; ED 147; sheet 5 Wife and the children

     Notes for Sarah Pamelia McCallum: BIRTH-DEATH: Bosque Co, TX Cemetery Records; Vol. II; Bosque Co. Historical Commission; p. 30

      viii. LEMUEL D. STANDEFER, b. 1867, TX; m. JULIA ANN HARVEY.

     Notes for Lemuel D. Standefer: MARRIAGE: Bosque County, TX Marriage Records; Book E;, p. 284.

    ix. ISRAEL BAXTER STANDEFER, b. 1875, TX; d. November 12, 1960, Tarrant Co, TX; m. ADDIE HINTON, May 10, 1894, Bosque Co, TX.

      Notes for Israel Baxter Standefer: CENSUS: 1910 Bosque Co, TX; ED 48, sheet 2 CENSUS: 1920 Bosque Co, TX; ED 48; sheet 2

     x. WILLIAM MYNIS STANDEFER, b. December 16, 1873, Bosque Co, TX; d. June 29, 1951, Carlton, TX; m. (1) MARY INEZ SCOTT; m. (2) BETTIE K. SCOTT.

      Notes for William Mynis Standefer: BIRTH-DEATH: Hamilton Co, TX Death Records; Book 8, p. 141; DEATH: Texas death cert. 35268 He was a bass singer of some note and a Mason.

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