Early Marriages

Standerfer, etc. Marriages

From various sources including:

Individual State and County Marriage Records, Early American Marriages, Gulf South; Family Genealogies and Bible Records;
Church and Parish Records and Marriage CDs and personal research.

We now have over 3,000 Standefer, etc. marriages with Kentucky owning the lion's share!!

*Please note that the given name is listed first due to various spellings of the surnames.

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Alabama

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Arizona

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Arkansas

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)California

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Florida

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Georgia

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Illinois

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Indiana

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Iowa

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Kansas

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Kentucky

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Louisiana

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Maine

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Maryland

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Massachusetts

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Michigan

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Mississippi

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Missouri

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Ohio

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Oklahoma

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Nebraska

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes) N. Carolina

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Pennsylvania  Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Rhode Island Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)S. Carolina
Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Tennessee

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Texas

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Utah

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Virginia

Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)Washington
Hearttan.jpg (1244 bytes)West Virginia        

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