California Marriages:

Napa San Francisco Stanislaus Tulare

Napa County:

John Standiford + Mary James m. November 12, 1868 (Bk A, p. 213)

Dora E. Standiford, age 18 of Ohio, +. Chas. J. Sunkler, age 24, of California m. June 14, 1888 in St. Helena.  Witnesses: N. E. Coffield and Mrs. Rosa Partridge.  Groom's parents from Germany and bride's parents from Virginia. (Bk. 7, p. 76)

N. W. Standifird + Mary Duvall, age 20, of California, m. August 22, 1888 in Pope Valley.  Witnesses: John Walters and John Duvall.  Parents from USA.

Lenora S. Standiford, age 18, of Texas, + Harrison G. Happy, age 19, of California, m. September 13, 1893 in Napa.  Witnesses were B. F. Standiford and S. A. Standiford.  The groom's father was from Pennsylvania and his mother from New York.  The bride's parents were from WVA. (Bk. 5, p. 249)

Carrie Standiford, age 17, of California, + L. F. Sunkler, age 36 of Texas m. December 5, 1896 in Napa.  Witnesses were : Lydia Conklin and Della Standiford.  The groom's parents were from Germany and the bride's parents were from West Virginia. (Bk. 6, p. 130)

Della Standiford, age 21 of California - Gustave H. March, age 19 of California, m. July 29, 1903 in Napa.  Witnesses were Mrs. C. J. Sunkler and U. S. Standiford.  The parents of both parties from USA.

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San Francisco County: (From San Francisco Call Newspaper)

Ada P. Standeford + James McBoyle m. 1882

Lulu M. Standeford + George L. McBoyle m. 1879

Agnes Stanford + Edwin C. Taylor m. 1870

Cali F. Stanford + John C. Sweet m. 1870

Jennie E. Stanford + Henry H. Meeker, m. 1873

Jerome B. Stanford + Lillie M. Clark m. 1870

Jerome B. Stanford + Florence Runyon m. 1883

Katie H. Stanford + Alexander Brown, m. 1871

Myron E. Stanford + Eugenie B. Stone m. 1886

R. G. Stanforth + Mrs. L. B. Bellow m. 18709

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Stanislaus County

Mrs. Julia Sanford + Wellington Fellows m. August 3, 1863

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Tulare County:

Legrand Sanford + Laura Hays m. April 25, 1904

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