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South Carolina

Berkeley County:

 Will Abstracts, Berkeley County, SC:

 Last Will and Testament of John Sandiford, Sr. of James Island, Berkeley County, South Carolina, feltmaker. To sons John and James, under twenty one, plantation on James Island where I now live, Turkey Buzzard Island and my hatter's tools; Ralph, land at the head of Black River, Winyah. Daughters: Ann Chinner; Elizabeth Garen; Martha and Sarah, under eighteen. Granddaughter: Mary Witter, under eighteen. Mentions residue of estate to be kept together for unmarried children. Executors: Captain Robert Rivers; William and James Scriven. Witnesses: Joseph Rivers, George Rivers, and Thomas Witter. Dated 13 DEC 1748. No probate date.

 Last Will and Testament of John Hearne, James Island, Berkeley County, South Carolina, hat maker. Will mentions granddaughter, Mary Whitter. To John Sandiford, Sr., Thomas Whitter and Peter Hearne, 300 to be put at interest to be paid yearly for support of minister of Presbyterian faith on James Island who subscribes to Westminster Confessions and conforms to the disciplines of the Church of Scotland. No date.

From: Abstracts of Wills of SC 1670 - 1740

p. 95: John Sandiford witness to Will of John King, Sr., Berkeley County Planter - 1923

p. 154: John Sandiford, Exr.  To father-in-law's will (James Witter) - Berkeley County Planter 1730

York County:

Court Records, York County, SC: Phillip Sandiford served on Grand Jury, January, 1786.

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