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The Haunting of Captain James Standiford
Enter if you dare!

Baltimore County

From the History of Baltimore City and County by J. Thomas Scharf, Vol. 4

p. 814: James A. Standiford included in list of prominent citizens.
p. 873: J. Standiford
p. 874: James A. Standiford, son of Benjamin, member of MD Line Circle, 1869. "The Standiford family, whose estates are near Newmarket, Baltimore County, Maryland are of English descent and their ancestors came to Maryland when the Province was young."

From: Index to Marriages and Deaths in the Baltimore Sun, 1837-1850; compiled by Thomas L. Hollowak; 1978:


Date Published

Eliza J. Standiford,  8 June 1850, d/o Jas. & Louisa

June 11, 1850

George W. Standiford, 17 Sept 1848, son of Jacob and Levina

September 23, 1848

 Joseph E. Standiford, 27 Aug 1848, son of Jacob and Levina

August 30, 1848

Ann E. Stanford, 15 July 1837, wife of Thomas H.

July 26, 1837

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Calvert County

Calvert County Journal:

p.181: Richard Stanforth, JR and Miss Ellen E. B. Cochran married August 4, 1888.  She was the daughter of J. A. Cochran.

p. 181: Thomas Robertson Stanforth, son of Richard, died December 20, 1884, in this 20th years.

p. 181: Lillian Day Stanforth, daughter of Martha W. and Richard, died April 2, 1885.

Calvert County Gazette:

Dr. Richard Stanforth drowned on Thursday last in the Chesapeake Bay in Baltimore County. (March 20, 1886)

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Harford County

 From: Clark, Rigdon, Wilson, and Durham Families of Harford County, Maryland, by Ella Harrison Rowe. (1977) LDS fiche # 6087799.

 Ms. Rowe states: " This family (Standiford) was first found in Virginia about 1657 where Vincent Standiford lived on 200 acres of land on the north side of the Rappahannock River, running west to a branch of the Corotoman River in Lancaster County. He was thought to be the progenitor of the Standifords who came to Baltimore, now Harford County. He had a son William who was the first to come to Maryland. He was born in about the middle of the 1600s. In Maryland, he acquired a property known as "Hopewell", consisting of 240 acres, "lying on the Sinica Ridge" between Bush River and the Falls of the Gunpowder, and it became the family home. His wife is unknown."

Children of William Standiford were:

  1. Samuel, b. abt 1672; d. abt 1708; m. Mary ?
  2. William, b. abt 1678; d. May 29, 1776; m. Mary ?
  3. John, b. abt 1679; d. 1720; m. Margaret Skelton

From Brumbaugh's Maryland Records, Vol. 2, p. 234

Harford County, MD Oaths of Fidelity, March Court, 1778 (The returns of William Smithson):

Some of the signers: William Ady; Samuel Standerford; Vincent, Thomas, Henry, William, Thomas (2nd) Richardson, Thomas Hutchens; Samuel Calwell; William Bull.

History of Harford County, Maryland 1608-1812 by Walter W. Preston
Press of Sun Book Office, Baltimore, MD 1901

Azael Standiford, grand juror 1779, petition 1796
Asell Standiford (enrolled by H. Asell Hitchcok) in Battle of White Plains (October 1776) in American Revolution
Asell Standiford, JR enrolled on Continental Service in the American Revolution.

From: Early Harford Countians by Henry C. Peden, Jr.; p. 438-439

STANDIFORD, Ann Conveyance to Robert Amos in 1777
STANDIFORD, Ann Landowner (4 white inhabitants in Gunpowder River area in 1783.  Tract: "Land Name Unknown."
STANDIFORD, Ann Married James Francis Moore on February 18, 1773
STANDIFORD, Aquila & Sarah Conveyances to John Lee Webster in 1774 and Greenbury Dorsey in 1775.
STANDIFORD, Aquila Age 35 in 1776, Bush River Lower Hundred.  Sarah, age 32; Hannah, age 11; Milkey, age 8; Nathan, age 7; George, age 5; Sarah, Jr., age 3; Mary, age 1.  Servant: Thomas James, age 22.
STANDIFORD, Aquila Conveyance from Aquila Scott (of James) in 1783
STANDIFORD, Aquila Conveyance from Benjamin Bradford Norris in 1783
STANDIFORD, Aquila Conveyances to Samuel G. Osborn in 1782, Samuel Bond in 1783, Jonathan Weems Lewis in 1784, Stephen Waters in 1786, and John Harvey in 1786.
STANDIFORD, Aquila Fined as a Non-Associator inn 1775.
STANDIFORD, Aquila Landowner (11 white inhabitants)I in Bush River Lower Hundred in 1783.  Tract: part of "Homer Resurveyed."
STANDIFORD, Aquila Slaveowner in 1776
STANDIFORD, Aquila Taxable in Bush River Lower Hundred in 1774, with Negroes Abigail and Rose.
STANDIFORD, Aquila Court allowed him 1 lb. 10 sh. in April, 1781, for "burying Cathrine Cuddy."
STANDIFORD, Bathia Head of household (1 white inhabitant) in Gunpowder River arrea in 1783.
STANDIFORD, Claudius Born 1780.  Buried in Ebenezer United Methodist Church Cemetery in 1878.
STANDIFORD, David (of William).  Over age 18 in 1778, Gunpowder Upper Hundred.
STANDIFORD, David Presidential elector in 1789.
STANDIFORD, Delia Marriage license to John Bull on December 8, 1782.
STANDIFORD, Edmund Married Hannah Gray on October 13, 1787 at St. John's P. E. Church.
STANDIFORD, George (of Aquila).  Age 5, in 1776
STANDIFORD, Hannah (of Aquila).  Age 11 in 1776.
STANDIFORD, Hannah Marriage license to Samuel Hawkins on February 4, 1784.
STANDIFORD, James Head of household (1 white inhabitantI) in Gunpowder River area in 1783.
STANDIFORD, James Marriage License to Sarah Stewart on December 27, 1781
STANDIFORD, James Over age 18 in 1778, Gunpowder Upper Hundred.
STANDIFORD, John Conveyance from Richard and Margaret Robinson in 1785.
STANDIFORD, John Landowner (7 white inhabitants) in Gunpowder River area in 1783.  Tract: part of "Bond's Forest."
STANDIFORD, John Overseer for Beal Bordly in 1774.
STANDIFORD, Lloyd Born 1777.  Buried in Rock Spring Church Cemetery in 1851.
STANDIFORD, Mary (of Aquila).  Age 1 year in 1776.
STANDIFORD, Milkey (of Aquila).  Age 8 in 1776.
STANDIFORD, Nathan (of Aquila).  Age 7 in 1776.
STANDIFORD, Pathiah. Married James Cunningham on August 1, 1773.
STANDIFORD, Ruth Married John Rutledge on February 4, 1773.
STANDIFORD, Samuel Declared to be insolvent in 1788.
STANDIFORD, Samuel Head of household of 5 in 1790.
STANDIFORD, Samuel Over age 18 in 1778, Gunpowder Upper Hundred.
STANDIFORD, Samuel Owner of 1 slave in 1790.
STANDIFORD, Samuel Taxable in Gunpowder Upper Hundred in 1776.
STANDIFORD, Samuel, Jr. Private in militia in 1775.
STANDIFORD, Samuel, Jr. Taxable in Bush River Lower Hundred in 1774.
STANDIFORD, Sarah Age 32 in 1776.  Wife of Aquila.
STANDIFORD, Sarah, Jr. (of Aquila).Age 3 in 1776.
STANDIFORD, William Landowner (8 white inhabitants) in 1783.  Tract: part of "Manor."
STANDIFORD, William Over age 18 in 1778, Eden Hundred.
STANDIFORD, William See "David Standiford" in 1778.
STANDIFORD, William Taxable in Bush River Upper Hundred in 1774.

From The Herald and Torch Light, Hagerstown, Maryland, Thursday, December 26, 1889

W. Scott Standiford was convicted in the Circuit Court for Harford county of manslaughter in killing his step-son Edward Spencer and sentenced to the penitentiary for six years.

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Maryland Miscellaneous

  From Colonial Families in the United States, Vol. 5; p. 461:

"Goodrich Lightfoot Slaughter, b. 24 January, 1770, in Culpeper, VA; d. July 3, 1833; m. Hannah Van Bibber on May 16, 1797; b. November 23, 1778 in Kanawah County, VA, d. June 28, 1858 in Kanawah County, Va.  She was the daughter of Captain John VAN BIBBER, b. Cecil County, MD, 1740, d. Kanawah County, VA, 1820, served in the Indian, Colonial and Revolutionary Wars, and CHLOE STANDIFORD, of Cecil County, MD, his wife.  Capt. John Van Bibber was the son of James and Anna Van Bibber, he the son of Hendrik and Catherine (Bougard) Van Bibber, who came from Utrecht, The Netherlands, in 1720, and settled at "Bohemia Manor," Cecil County, MD; he the son of Isaac Jacobs Van Bibber, the immigrant who founded the city of Germantown, Pennsylvania in 1684.

(Also see Kentucky Quarterlies)

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