From: The Golden Era, March 12, 1875


           Nothing is more encouraging to the true friend of Reform than the increased interest that is continually being manifested in education, and the evident progress that even little children are making.  Teachers are rapidly learning to rule by love, and the love of the teacher naturally enkindles a kindred flame in the breast of the pupils, and then the work of government and progress is easy--the whole problem is solved.  On the other hand we may safely say that the teacher who cannot inspire love in the hearts of the children, has evidently mistaken his or her calling, and the quicker such a person abandons the calling the better it will be for the cause of education, for the children and for the pocketbooks of the parents.  We give below a letter written us by a little girl of twelve years, as a specimen of the feeling that should exist between teacher and pupil.  How warmly the young heart, free as yet from the cares that must soon environ her path, goes out in affection for her teacher!  To inspire such love and confidence it seems to us ought to make the greatest genius proud, and should cheer the dreary hours and lighten the burdens of the teachers' careworn life.


          I want to tell you about the close of our school.  For two winters now I have attended school to Miss M. A. Edington.  And now that school is over, I am almost made to wonder how she gained so deep a place in all of our affections, and why it was that we felt so deeply bereaved at the separation.  It must be because she always treated us so kindly that we could not help loving her.  I never learned as fast at any other school in my life.  She did not idle her time away as some do, but duty always seemed to be her guide and kindness her law.  We had a good time the last day but nearly all of us could not help crying when parting time cam.  We shall always think of our teacher and love her.

I am just twelve years old.

Susan J. Tedford

....the Golden Era has a great many young friends who love their teacher, and we would be glad to print a letter from all of them, if we had the space but we have not.  The Golden Era loves all the children who are trying to do right, and at the same time trying to get an education., but our columns have to be filled with such a variety of reading as will interest and instruct over a thousand men and women who read it every week.

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