Old Photos

Contributed by Karlah Hutchcraft.  Thanks, Karlah!

Yale School 1937-1938

The back of this picture reads 1937 or 1938.  
Herman Moss is the teacher in the photo.

The list of students for the Yale School District #18 1937-1938 are:
(not in order of the photo)

Ruth Meadsows, James Meadows, Emogene Gass, Glendall Hunt, Wanda Harrelson, Wilma Tyler, Genevia Hunt, J. W. Lee, Billy Duncan, Logan Meadows, W. Frank Hungate, Betty Phillips, Alice Phillips, Susie Hungate, Georgiana Stover, Bobby Duncan, Dorothy Arms, Mona Jean Duncan, Cletus Gass, Delbert Drake and Billie Drake.

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