History of Belle Rive and Dahlgren, Illinois And Surrounding Territory

Prepared by Continental Historical Bureau of Mt. Vernon, Illinois
December, 1960

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These adjoining communities were located in Jefferson Co. (Belle Rive) and Hamilton Co. (Dahlgren).

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As the villages of Belle Rive and Dahlgren, Illinois and the territory surrounding them have played their role in developing civilization in "Little Egypt", the purpose of this volume is to reveal a portion of the history of this area.

As will be noted by the reader, a large portion of this book is made up of biographies of people who settled the area.  It is the desire of this Bureau to give credit to people who supplied biographical information of their ancestors; for this reason, we have inserted the names of such persons at the beginning of the biographies.

Great care has been given in the research of historic information for accuracy and authenticity; but due to the fact that there is a possibility that errors might have been made in information supplied us, or that typographical errors may have been made in printing, this Bureau cannot and will not assume responsibility as to the authenticity of all of the contents of this work

Many of the places and persons who are mention in this history lived well over a century ago.  As they were the pioneers of this area, their participation in the development of the community made it possible for the people of the Twentieth Century to enjoy the fruit of their efforts and as a result be privileged with the opportunity of possessing a higher standard of social, economic and spiritual life.

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Table of Contents:

James Hopkins B-1
Joseph Yates B-1
Charles W. Horton B-2
William S. Chaney B-3
Belle Rive Methodist Church B-5
Robert B. Karn B-7
James Richardson B-8
Robert L. Allen B-9
Nancy Ann Rawls B-10
John Cochrane B-11
Theophilus Cook B-12
Belle Rive Free Will Baptist Church B-14
The Wilbanks Stand B-14
John Quincy Boudinot B-17
James Atwood Allen B-19
Marshall Huel Cross B-20
Jesse Laird B-22
Charles A. Baker B-23
L. D. Davenport B-23
Steven F. Grimes B-24
Hiram (Hyde) Fisher B-25
Angus DeBelle Rive B-25
The Slaying of Patrick Ross B-26
Elder Bird G. Green B-29
Belle Rive Baptist Church B-32
Walter P. Estes B-32
Mrs. Arthur Cook Reporting D-1
David Usry D-1
Nathan Garrison D-2
Roland Robert Cross, M. D. D-3
Daniel Jines D-4
Benjamin Auxier D-5
How Dahlgren got its name D-5
Church of the Nazarene D-6
Dahlgren Church of Christ D-6
St. John Nepomucene D-7
Dahlgren Methodist Church D-9
Dahlgren Missionary Baptist Church D-10
Chester Judd D-11
David Frank Whited, M. D. D-13
Joseph A. Zahn D-15
John Dale D-16
Joseph Shelton D-18
Nelson Zellers D-19
John Lowry, Sr. D-21
John A. Lowry D-24
William Shelton Lowry D-25
Lovilla [1850-1860 Census here!] L-1, L-8
Richardson Hill - Thomas Hillman RH-1
Richardson Hill - Frank Brake RH-5
Sugar Camp Baptist Church SC-1
Sugar Camp - David Risley SC-6
Sugar Camp - John Martin SC-7
Richard S. Compton SC-8
Supplemental Info. re. Patrick Ross SC-9

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