Descendants of Warner Pleasant Anderson

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Generation No. 1

1.  Warner Pleasant10 Anderson  (Edmund9, John8, Armstead7, John6, James5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Thomas2, Richard1)1 was born July 23, 1842 in Hamilton County, Illinois2, and died April 16, 1927 in Hamilton County, Illinois.  He married Louisa Sandusky October 25, 1874 in Hamilton County, Illinois2, daughter of Aquilla Sandusky and Matilda Wethington.  She was born July 15, 1852 in Casey County, Kentucky, and died May 24, 1934 in Hamilton County, Illinois.

Notes for Warner Pleasant Anderson:
Warner Pleasant Anderson enrolled in the 87th Illinois Infantry at the outbreak of the Civil War.  He was sergeant and then later Lieutenant of A Company that was commanded by Captain John T. Anderson his brother.

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See the Adjutant General's Report of the 87th

Details of some of this action can be found in the letters and diary of McAllister Hooker, private in A. Co. whose daughter, Amy Hooker would later marry Warner's son Chester Anderson. At Vicksburg the 87th spent some uneventful days in the trenches on the south side of the city, then as the surrender took place the 87th was involved in several hard marches toward Jackson, Mississippi and back to Vicksburg which were remarkable for the number of stragglers that fell out inside enemy territory. The battle at Wilson's Hill was a preliminary skirmish to the two battles to take place in the following days. The Third brigade was leading the advance of General Bank's Union Army up the road toward Shrevesport.  Upon meeting the forward units of General Taylor's Southern Army just north of the town of Pleasant Hill the brigade deployed on both sides of the road to force the enemy position.  The Eighty-Seventh was on the right. The 1st Louisiana Cavalry (a black regiment) was the other half of the brigade and took up position on the left of the road.  After a firefight the 87th regiment exhausted its supply of ammunition and was forced to retire several dozen yards.  Reinforcements arrived from the other cavalry brigades and the march continued to the North. The Third Brigade began the next days battle in reserve, probably to allow them to re-supply. Robert H. Carey, the husband of Eliza Cottingham, McAllister's wife's sister, was killed at this battle from a gunshot wound to the head. The Union Army had advanced northward from Wilson's Farm and upon reaching the main body of the Southern Army at Mansfield had deployed to form a battle line.  At this position they had no water supply.  The deployment took considerable time because the Union Army was stretched out in a single column on the road to the South.  Before the Union troops could finish moving up C.S.A. General Taylor ordered an attack to take place while he held the numerical advantage.  The battle resulted in a route for the South.  Many Northern regiments were nearly completely eliminated.  The Eighty-Seventh began the battle in reserve and after the defeat elements of it formed and reformed several battle lines along the road back from Mansfield to Pleasant Hill to cover the retreat of the defeated Union forces.  This battle is famous for the chaos that resulted when the retreating Union forces overran the wagon trains that were supplying the Union Army along the narrow forested road.
1880 Hamilton County census
Anderson, Warner P. W M 37         Farmer
 Louisa   W F 27    wife  keeping house
 Chester C. W M 5  son   
 Mollie E. W F 1   dau
 2 farm laborers

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He is buried in Odd fellows Cem., McLeansboro, Illinois east of town on Route 14.  He is to the right of the lane that is the second entrance to the cemetery from the west, about halfway to the back, 3 rows in marked with a large pink granite stone labeled "Anderson" in a family group with his wife and two daughters.
Obituary 21 April 1927 in the Times

More About Louisa Sandusky:
Burial: I.O.O.F., McLeansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois
Obituary: May 31, 1934, "Times-Leader", Hamilton County, Illinois

Children of Warner Anderson and Louisa Sandusky are:

2 i. Chester Clayborn11 Anderson2, born August 07, 1875 in Hamilton County, Illinois; died August 13, 1955 in Anna, Illinois.  He married Amy Gertrude Hooker November 25, 1899 in Hamilton County, Illinois; born October 07, 1879 in Hamilton County, Illinois; died April 01, 1957 in Dixon, Illinois.

Notes for Chester Clayborn Anderson:
Chester lived just west of McLeansboro, Illinois.  The lands of his father were taken by the county to locate the McLeansboro City reservoir.  Chester operated a farm on the remaining lands. Chester is buried in the Odd fellows Cemetery in McLeansboro, Illinois.  His tombstone is located on the western most edge of the cemetery about 3/4 of the way back long the boundary road where he and Amy Hooker and their child Marian and Everett are buried adjacent the family of McAllister Hooker.

More About Chester Clayborn Anderson:

Obituary: August 18, 1955, "Times-Leader", Hamilton County, Illinois

Notes for Amy Gertrude Hooker:
Sandra Bishop says that grandmother Amy made exceptional white yeast bread and molasses cookies.

Burial: I.O.O.F., McLeansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois
Obituary: April 04, 1957, "Times-Leader", Hamilton County, Illinois

3 ii. Mollie Ellen Anderson2, born August 09, 1878; died May 16, 1951 in McLeansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois.  She married Walter C. Bell; born November 09, 1877; died July 08, 1945 in McLeansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois.

Notes for Mollie Ellen Anderson:
Buried in Odd fellows Cem., McLeansboro, Illinois east of town on Route 14.

4 iii. Nora Anderson2, born April 20, 1881 in Hamilton County, Illinois; died September 30, 1963 in McLeansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois.  She married William Hemphill September 12, 1924; born October 14, 1874 in Anderson Township, Indiana; died March 15, 1934 in Marion, Indiana.

Notes for Nora Anderson:
Moved with her husband to Indiana, however when her father Warner became ill in 1927 she moved back to McLeansboro to care for him and remained there with family.  Her husband was an occasional visitor to McLeansboro in following years. Buried in Odd fellows Cem., McLeansboro, Illinois east of town on Route 14 in the family group located about half way up the second entrance road from the west on the right side two rows or so in from the road.

Notes for William Hemphill:
Buried in Cannelton, Indiana


1.  Flossie Gibbs Anderson, "John Anderson 1780-1873 and Morning Maulding 1784-1846," McLeansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois; 1975.
2.  Edmund Anderson, etal, Bible of Edmund Anderson,  (Given to the McLeansboro, Illinois Historical Museum).

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