Descendants of Archibald Standerfer

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Generation No. 1

1. ARCHIBALD1 STANDERFER was born about 1775 in Virginia, and died December 1847. He married PRISCELLAH BOLIN after 1797.

Notes for Archibald and Priscellah:

An Archabald Standefar can be found on the 1795 & 1796 Lee Co., VA Tax list (listed as one white male).

*On January 23, 1801, Archibald's signature can be found on a petition of sundry inhabitants of Grainger County,TN, north of Clinch River, to form a new county because of their difficulty in traveling to the Court House. We also find him on a tax list for Grainger Co. in 1801. His name is spelled Archble Standrphr.

*A biography of John B. Standerfer (son of Job) refers to his grandfather, Archibald. (See bio. Site)

* The History of the Bolin Family, by H. E. Bracken (written in 1939) refers to Archibald's wife, Pricellah, and her son by a previous marriage, James Bolin.)

"Nancy Bolin (born Taylor-wife of James above) was born Oct. 24, 1803, on the Ashly river, six miles from Charleston, South Carolina. Her family then moved to Kentucky when she was about six weeks old and settled on the Sinking river. James Bolin was born the second day of December, 1796, in the state of Tennessee. He was a raftsman and he floated logs in rafts to New Orleans. About the time Illinois became a state or a little later, the Taylor family left Kentucky and spent a winter in a log camp at the mouth of the Little Wabash river, after crossing the Ohio river at Shawnee town. They later lived in Hamilton county. When Nancy's fourth child was born, the family moved to Moultrie county and settled on where is now the Brackin farm. Granny Bolin ways said they came the 'winter of the deep snow', and drover over stake and ridered fences. James Bolin died April 18, 1847. Nancy Bolin died April 8, 1887."

"The Bolin family was making the trip up to what is now Moultrie county with another family. The family being comprised of Uncle Ben Auxier, several half brothers of James Bolin by the name of Standerfer. All the names that I can remember are: Uncle Jerry, Uncle Frank and Uncle Arch. Aunt Sally Standerfer married Evan Waller and she afterwards married Tom Purvis."

"Granny Bolin told me of an incident of the trip on the way up here as follows: it seems that the weather turned bad either cold, rainy or snowy, and they came to a settlers house and asked if the women and children could stay in the house for the night. The man turned them down almost before he was asked. Uncle Ben Auxier told the rest of the family to drive in and that he was going to have a throw down with the Amish man. Afterward Granny said that they had no trouble from the Amish man and that he was actually a very nice man. She said that the wife of the Amish man got milk for the children and was glad to have them stay."

*The History of Moultrie County, Illinois, Jonathan's Creek Township, pg. 71: (1867)

Settlements: ..... "Evan Waller settled south-west of the Bolin place in 1830, and Archibald Standerfer, Sr. and his family arrived a little later in the same year. His son, Jerre Standerfer, is still residing here. John Drew, with a large family, came here about 1833 or 1884. Thomas Fulton and Hamilton Bonham, with their families, settled a little later on the west side of the creek."

*In Probate Court Record for Evin Waller, deceased, Archibald Standifer is listed as bondsman, along with Thomas Fulton. (Probate Court Journal I, 1839-1849, pg. 329 to 335 incl.)

*Death Dates: Jobe Standerfer's bible lists Archibald's death date as December, 1847. This is the only known record of Archibald, SR's death. His wife, Priscellah died October 26, 1835. (No location is listed in bible) (See Bible Records Site).

*Archibald Standerfer, Sr. voted on November 5, 1832, in Hamilton town precinct in the presidential electors in Hamilton Co., Illinois. A note was made that his name did not appear in the 1830 census of Hamilton Co., Illinois

*Priscellah's given name is from Jobe Standerfer's Bible.  It is the only known document where Archibald's wife is identified.


i. ELIZABETH2 STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1798, Virginia; d. November 18, 1869 in Hamilton County, Illinois, b. Jonathan Creek Cemetery., Moultrie, ILL.

                   ii. POLLY STANDERFER, b. November 16, 1798; d. October 08, 1860, b. Wrigh
                       Cemetery in Sullivan, Illinois; m. ELI WALLER, October 27, 1818, White Co., Illinois.

                  iii. JOBE STANDERFER, b. October 01, 1802, Maury County, Tennessee or Virginia; d. 
                      August 02, 1890, b. Blooming Grove Cemetery, Hamilton County, Illinois.

                  iv. SARAH (SALLY) STANDERFER, b. July 01, 1807, Tennessee; d. November 18,     
                      1872, Moultrie County, Illinois, b. Jonathan Creek cemetery.

                   v. WILLIAM STANDERFER, b. July 01, 1807, Tennessee; d. January 01, 1852, b. 
                       Jonathan Creek Cemetery, Moultrie, Illinois.

                  vi. ARCHIBALD STANDERFER , JR., b. 1810-1820.

                 vii. JEREMIAH STANDERFER, b. 1814, Tennessee.

                viii. FRANKLIN H. STANDERFER, b. January 15, 1820, Shelby County, Illinois; d. July 
                       09, 1898, Grayson County, Texas.

                  ix. ISAIAH STANDAFER

Generation No. 2

2. ELIZABETH2 STANDERFER (ARCHIBALD1) was born Abt. 1798 in Virginia, and died November 18, 1869 in Hamilton County, Illinois, b. Jonathan Creek Cemetery, Moultrie County, ILL.. She married BENJAMIN FRANKLIN AUXIER April 22, 1819 in White County, Illinois, son of ABRAHAM AUXIER and NANCY HARRIS.

Click here for the family lineage of Benjamin and Elizabeth Standerfer Auxier.

3. JOBE2 STANDERFER (ARCHIBALD1) was born October 01, 1802 in Maury County, Tennessee or Virginia, and died August 02, 1890 in b. Blooming Grove Cemetery, Illinois. He married MARY E. DAILY June 08, 1828 in Hamilton County, Illinois, daughter of JOHN DAILY and MARY MAULDING.


Obit: TIMES, August 15, 1890: Job Standerfer, aged 88 years.; d. 02 August 1890, home north of McLeansboro. Early settler; constable, member of County Court, assessor, treasurer. McLEANSBORO HERALD, August 9, 1890; b. October 2, 1802 in VA; died August 2, 1890 of old age. Son of Archibald Standefer. Came to Illinois about 1816; settled on what is known as the old John Powell farm near Belle City. Married Mary Daily in 1828; leaves nine children., all reside in Hamilton Co: A. H.; John B.; Priscilla Tedford; Polly Hunter; A. F.; Jinsy Ray; Susan Tennison; Nancy Tennison and Russell.

*Executive Record 1860-1861, Vol. 8, page 415: County Justice - Hamilton County, November 27, 1861.

*Job's bible record is important because it lists the only known records of his father and mother, Archibald and Priscellah's death dates. Also, he spells his name "Jobe" in this bible.

 See Job's Bible on the Bible Site and an article written by him on the Quarterlies/Newspaper Site.

Children of JOBE STANDERFER and MARY DAILY are: [See IL Cemeteries for many descendants.]

  • i. A. (ARCHIBALD) HAMILTON "HAM"3 STANDERFER, b. May 11, 1829, Hamilton County, Illinois; d. March 01, 1900; m. (1) ELIZABETH CHARLES, January 15, 1857, Hamilton County, Illinois; m. (2) DERINDA JOSEPHINE (FITZGERALD) RIVENS, December 10, 1868, Hamilton County, Illinois.


    *The 1870 census, Hamilton Co., Illinois, Township T4S R6E on July 12, 1870, pg. 1/523: A. STANFORD, age 42m, farmer, real estate value $1,000, personal property $300, Ill; Arinda, age 18f, keeping house, b. ILL; Mary, age 12f, b. ILL; Samuel, age 10m, b. ILL; Nancy E., age 6f, b. ILL; Davis, age 1/12m, b. ILL

    *1880 Census, Hamilton Co., Ill, McLeansboro Precinct, ED 26, sheet 3: Standerfer, Ham, Sr. 51, IL TN KY; Dorinda 30, IL IA IL; Mary 22 IL IL TN; Samuel 20 ditto; IL IL TN; Nancy 16 IL IL TN; Davis 10, IL IL TN; Sarah 8 IL IL TN

    ii. JOHN BANNISTER STANDERFER, b. December 24, 1830, McLeansboro, Illinois; d. September 01, 1914, b. Blooming Grove Cemetery, Illinois; m. (1) ELIZABETH SHIRLEY, January 16, 1847, Hamilton County, Illinois; m. (2) NANCY J. DEITZ DAILY, March 12, 1866, Hamilton County, Illinois; m. (3) NANCY J. MYERS, March 22, 1885; m. (4) HARRIET C. (MCCULLOUGH) O'NEILL, May 30, 1889, McLeansboro, Illinois.


    *The obit of Harriet C. says that the Standerfers moved from Illinois to Florida in April, 1897. It also states that she was married twice and had two children by each marriage (but are not named). TIMES, August 1, 1902. No burial site is noted.

    *John B. Standerfer, obit. pub. TIMES, Sept. 3, 1914;

    "b. 24 Dec 1830, Hamilton Co; d. 01 Sept 1914, at home of daughter, Mrs. H. L. Maulding. Married Elizabeth Shirley, 1850. She died in 1864. Six children, three dead; Wilburn, Ruben and Frank; three children survive: Job, Ham & Amanda. Married Nancy Daily in 1865, she died in 1884; eight children: Robert, Marshall, Edward, Ebington, Charlie, Bettie, Trap. Married Nancy Myers in 1885; she died in 1888. Married Mrs. Hattie O'Neal in 1890; she died in 1902. He is interred at Blooming Grove Cemetery."

     See John B.'s biography on the Standefer Men Biographies Site.

    iii. PRISCILLA J. STANDERFER, b. April 25, 1838, Hamilton County, Illinois; d. April 24, 1918, buried in Blooming Grove Cemetery, Illinois; m. ALEXANDER SLOAN TEDFORD, August 05, 1852, Hamilton County, Illinois.

    Obit Extract from the Times, Hamilton Co., pub. March 17, 1927.  Nancy Enaline Standerfer Tedford was born February 15, 1864 in Hamilton County and died February 27, 1927.  She was the daughter of A. H. and Elizabeth Charles Standerfer.  She married John B. Tedford January 22, 1884.  Two children: Lena Ethel Redfearn of Belleville and Ernest Elmer Tedford, at home.  Grandson: Erskine.   She is interred at Blooming Grove Cemetery

    iv. MARY STANDERFER, b. July 04, 1835; d. February 06, 1897, b. Richland Hills cemetery, Hamilton Co., Illinois; m. WILLIAM W. HUNTER, January 15, 1857, Hamilton Co., Illinois.

    v. A. (ANDERSON) F. STANDERFER, b. March 24, 1835, Hamilton County, Illinois; d. February 08, 1902; m. (1) SARAH M. HUNTER, October 06, 1858, Hamilton County, Illinois; m. (2) EMALINE HYNES, January 18, 1866, Hamilton County, Illinois.

    Notes for A. (ANDERSON) F. STANDERFER:

    *Hamilton Co., Illinois, census 1870, pg. 1/523, TWP T4S R6E: A. F. Stanford, age 30m, farmer, real estate value $400, personal property $400, b. ILL; Emeline, age 30f, keeping house, b. ILL; Russell, age 1m, b. ILL; HINDS, ANIES, age 12f, b. ILL; STANFORD, JOHN JR., age 18, farm laborer, b. ILL; Rebecca, age 16f, b. ILL

    *See Illinois Cemeteries

    vi. ELIZABETH STANDERFER, b. January 03, 1841; d. July 27, 1876; m. THOMAS LOWERY, March 22, 1860.

    vii. SUSAN STANDERFER, b. December 25, 1845, Hamilton County, Illinois; d. July 01, 1905; m. JOHN T. TENNISON, August 13, 1863, Hamilton County, Illinois. John and Susan are buried in Middle Creek Cemetary in Hamilton Co., IL.

    Notes for JOHN T. TENNISON:

    *1870 Hamilton Co. Census Info. (12/12): TENNISON, John age 24 M Farmer b. KY; Susan age 21 F Keeping House b. IL; Winnie E. age 4 F b. IL; James age 3 M b. IL; Priscilla age 1 F b. IL

    viii. NANCY J. STANDERFER, b. August 29, 1848; d. April 23, 1898, B. Blooming Grove Cemetery, Illinois; m. JAMES B. TENNISON, April 27, 1865, Hamilton Co., Illinois. Nancy and James are buried in Blooming Grove Cemetery in Hamilton Co., IL.

    ix. RUSSELL STANDERFER, b. July 16, 1851, Hamilton County, Illinois; d. March 01, 1902, Hamilton County, Illinois; m. TENNESSEE (TENNY) CARR, January 26, 1879, Delafield, Hamilton County, Illinois.


    1880 Illinois, Hamilton County, McLeansboro Prec., pg. 4, Sup Dist 8 ED 26: Standerfer, Russell, age 28, b. ILL, parents b. TN; Tennessee, wife, age 27, b. TN, parents b. TN; Mattie Price to raise, age 4, born ILL, parents b. TN

    Russell wrote church hymns and was known for his gentle manner.


    Obit. of Tennessee Carr, Dahlgren Echo., March 13, 1924: b. February 20, 1852 in Nashville, Tenn.; d. March 9, 1924, at home of Mrs. Campbell in Knights Prairie Township. Married Russell Standerfer on January 26, 1879; three children, two died in infancy; leaves one daughter, Ethel, Mrs. John Stinson, Dahlgren. Interred at Union Cemetery.

    x. JINCEY (JENCY) STANDERFER, b. March 29, 1843, Hamilton County, Illinois; d. March 07, 1921, E. St. Louis, Illinois; b. I.O.O.F. cemetery in McLeansboro, Illinois; m. (1) ALSTINE HOLLAND, September 26, 1861, Hamilton County, Illinois; m. (2) ALFRED MELVIN (UNCLE MEL) RAY, January 01, 1880.

  • 4. SARAH (SALLY)2 STANDERFER (ARCHIBALD1) was born July 01, 1807 in Tennessee, and died November 18, 1872 in Moultrie County, Illinois, b. Jonathan Creek cemetery. She married (1) EVAN WALLER March 01, 1827 in Hamilton County, Illinois. She married (2) THOMAS PURVIS Bef. 1840, son of JOHN PURVIS and SARAH GINN.


    *1860 Census, Moultrie Co. ILL, T14R6E, August 15, 1860, P. O. Sullivan (1033-1033): Sarah Purvis age 52 F Widow 800 real estate $300 personal prop. b. TN; Eli Waller age 22 M Farmer b. ILL; Elizabeth J. age 20 F; Angeline age 19 F Assistant b. ILL

    Notes for EVAN WALLER:

    *Probate Records for Evan Waller. Taken from Shelby Co., Ill, Probate Journal I, 1839-1849, pg. 329 to 335 incl. PROBATE COURT:May 25, 1842: On this day it was represented to the Court that Evin Walter died intestate on or about the 19th day of May, 1843 (2?), and the widow having filed a renunciation the court does hereby appoint John B. Fulton administrator of estate of EVIN WALLER. Whereupon a bond is filed with Thomas Fulton and Archibald Standifer security. Ordered that Thomas Fulton, Levi Fleming and Levi Patterson be appointed appraisers of said estate. Here follows appraisement Bill and Sale Bill. Sale Bill dated July 1, 1842, lists the following purchasers: Thomas Lewis, B. B. Ewing, H. H. Taylor, George Nerville, Flanders, F. Standifer, Thomas Purvis, J. Standifer, James Bowlin, Samuel Elder, Jnl. Thomason, A. Hoffman, Eli Waller, Chester Taylor, Fleming, Samuel Martin, James Shaw, James Couch, Isaac Shirley, John Felton, John Bracken, Sanford Gwin, Peter Warren, Clk. and Seth N. Montague, Clk.

    *PROBATE COURT, October 14, 1844: Ordered by the Court that the administrator pay the following amount to the widow and heirs: To: Sarah Waller, Widow, $153.85; Jacob Neil and Catherine Neil $44.01; Elizabeth Waller $44.01: James Waller $44.01; Mary Jane Waller $44.01; Cynthia Waller $44.01; Eli Waller $44.01; Angeline Waller $44.01

    *PROBATE COURT, May 15, 1845: Edward P. Evey, P.J.P. Copy of receipt filed October 19, 1847. Received of John B. Fulton, administrator of the Evin Waller estate, $63.01 in full of a judgment in favor of Thomas Purvis Guardian of the heirs of Evin Waller, this 22nd day of August, 1846. Thomas Purvis Guardian. (Original letters of administration to John B. Fulton stapled to page 335).


                    i. ELI WALLER, b. Abt. 1838, Illinois; m. PERMELIA FULTON, January 19, 1862, 
                       Moultrie County, Illinois.

                    Notes for ELI WALLER:

                    *In the 1860 census, Moultrie County, Eli Waller is listed at age 22, living in the home of Sarah 

                    *In the 1870 census, Moultrie County, Eli Waller is listed at age 32 years. Living with him and 
                      his family is his mother, Sarah Purvis, age 66 and born in Tennessee.


                     ii. ELIZABETH J. PURVIS, b. Abt. 1840.

                    iii. ANGELINE PURVIS, b. Abt. 1841.

    5. WILLIAM2 STANDERFER (ARCHIBALD1) was born July 01, 1807 in Tennessee, and died January 01, 1852 in b. Jonathan Creek Cemetery, Moultrie, Illinois. He married MARGARET "PEGGY" DREW December 10, 1820 in Shelby County, Illinois, daughter of JOHN DREW and TEMPERANCE FARMER.



                    i. JAMES STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1835, Illinois.

                   ii. FRANCIS M. STANDERFER, b. September 14, 1836, Illinois; d. January 01, 1852.

                  iii. WILLIAM STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1840, Illinois; d. April 04, 1876.

                  iv. ELIZA STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1846.

    6. ARCHIBALD2 STANDERFER , JR. (ARCHIBALD1) was born 1810-1820. He married SARAH "SALLY" DREW April 14, 1830 in Shelby County, Illinois, daughter of JOHN DREW and TEMPERANCE FARMER. He died October 15, 1842 in Shelby County, Illinois.


    *#324: The USA Certificate , No. 3810: Archibald Jr. of Shelby County Illinois has deposited in the General Land Office of the United States, a certificate of the Register of the Land Office at Vandalia, whereby it appears that full payment has been made by said Archibald Stanford, Jr. according to the provisions of the Act of Congress of the 14th of April 1820, entitled "An Act making further provisions for the sale of public lands" for the west half of the north west quarter and the west half of the southwest quarter of section 21 in township fourteen, north of the ? line of range six, east of the third principal Meridian, in the District of lands subject to sale at Vandalia, Illinois, containing 160 acres according to the official plat of the survey of the said lands, returned to the General Land office by the Surveyor General which said tract has been purchased by the said Archibald Stanford, Jr.

    The following is the Probate Records of Archibald Standifer, Jr.:

    PROBATE COURT, November 7, 1842. Probate Journal I, 1839-1849, pages 208 to 211 incl.: On this day on motion of Elijah Fleming, it is ordered by the court that he be appointed administrator of the Estate of ARCHIBALD STANDIFER who died intestate on or about 15th of October, 1842. He entered into bond in the penal sum of $1500.00 with Peter Fleming security. Court appointed Hamilton Bowman, Levi Fleming and John Fulton appraisers of said estate.

    Here follows appraisement. Sale of personal property dated November 28, 1842, lists the following purchasers: Franklin Standifer, John Berry, Lowry Taylor, A. Huffman, Jacob V. Sawyers, Clisby Drew, William Lilly, Samuel Martin, Peter Barbough, William Allen, Isaac Parvis, Jacob Neil, Jerry Sandifer, John Goolsby, Jackson Berry, John Fleming, Hiram Welton, Anders.

    Click here to view Marriage Record.  


                    i. ARCHIBALD3 STANDERFER III.

                   ii. JOBE STANDERFER, d. July 08, 1865, Little Rock, AR , killed in the Civil War.; m. 
                       HULDA HAYES, December 29, 1853.

                  iii. MARY ANN STANDERFER, m. CALEB VANMETER.

                  iv. BENJAMIN STANDERFER, b. Aft. 1829, Pennsylvania; d. Hamberg, Fremont, Iowa; m. 
                       (1) JANE MOON, November 13, 1856, Piatt County, Illinois; m. (2) MARTHA 
                       "PATSY" FULTON, 
    May 19, 1867, Douglas County, Illinois.

                        Click here to view Marriage licenses: Jane Moon & Patsy Fulton

                             Notes for BENJAMIN STANDERFER:

                       *In the 1856 deed, Benjamin sells by himself (no dower). The description is: "The undivided 
                        sixth part of the west half of the NW quarter and the SE quarter of the NW quarter all of 
                        section 22, TWP 14, No. Range 6E and the two tracts containing one hundred and twenty 

                       *Part of the land mentioned in the 1842 estate of Archibald estate was sold by Benjamin in 
                        1856.  T14N, R6E is in present-day, Jonathan Creek TWP in Moultrie Co. The closest 
                         cemetery to section 22 is Seass Cemetery. The Seass family raised one of the children of 
                         Benjamin---Oliver Standerfer.

                        *Rick Lanham has in his possession a letter written in 1905 written to his grandmother. 
                         writer said that Benjamin's last known address was a post-office in Hamburg, Iowa about 
                         1890.  Hamburg is in Fremont County, in the SW corner of the state. Benjamin Standerfer 
                         was living in Monroe County, IA, in 1850 with John Drew's family. One of John's sons 
                         (another John) is living next door with his family, which includes his wife Margaret Martin. 
                         They had married in Moultrie Co., Ill. The Drew family moved from Freemont Co. to 
                         Monroe Co. The younger John Drew buried his son (another John) at the Sunnyside 
                         Cemetery, Washington TWP., Fremont Co., Ill. (These records are on the LDS microfilm 
                         897,264, item 7 Fremont Co. cemetery records by the WPA in the late 1930's). John Drew 
                         (1-10-1852 / 4/25/1882); John Sr. (1-15-1827 / 10/25/1879). (The significance of this is 
                         that the Benjamin in the 1850 census Monroe Co. knew some folks who later moved to 
                         Fremont Co. The 1905 letter ties this Benjamin to the same place).

                         * You can now view this letter on this Website.  (See Old Letters Section)

                         *From Rhonda McClure: "Benjamin was tried in criminal court for Larceny September 4, 1864, 
                           in Monticello, Piatt, Illinois. A complaint was sworn out the 8th day of October, 1863, by Adam 
                          Shonkwiler detailing that Benjamin Standerfer and Thomas J. Babb had stolen $11 from him in 
                          US Treasurery notes (two fives and a one). Thomas J. Babb was released, and Benjamin F. 
                          Standerfer was bound over for trial. Job Standerfer, Henry Standerfer and Jeremiah Standerfer 
                          put up bail money for Benjamin (total sum of $500). However, in March, 1864, when Benjamin 
                          was supposed to appear he was no where to be found. On July 25, the Governor of Illinois issued 
                          a request to the Governor of Iowa for the arrest of Benjamin Standerfer. At a trial on September 
                          4, 1864, Benjamin Standerfer pled guilty, thus there is no testimony in the file from the witnesses 
                          for the prosecution (Adam Shokwiler, James Ball, Wesley Barrett, John Bogard, James Smitzer 
                          and Dr. Marshall). Benjamin was sentenced to one year in the state penitentiary, with the first five 
                          days to be in solitary confinement."

                          Children of BENJAMIN STANDERFER and JANE MOON are:
                                  a.  TELITHA JANE STANDERFER, b. August 28, 1859, Sullivan, Moultrie County, Illinois; d. 
                                  November 29, 1919, b. Pleasant Grove cemetery, Wayne County, Illinois.  She m. 1 Issac S. Harris, January 23, 
                                  1873 in Sullivan, Moultrie Co., IL.  She m. 2 John Michael Harris, December 22, 1879 in Wayne Co., IL.

                                   b.  OLIVER MARION STANDERFER, b. May 20, 1860, Atwood, Moultrie County, Illinois; d. 
                                   June 06, 1931, Sullivan, Moultrie County, Illinois, b. Oak Grove Cemetery, Dunn, Moultrie
                                   Co., IL.  He married Sarah Adeline Sickafus August 16, 1882 in Moultrie Co., IL.

                                   c.  CATHERINE STANDERFER, d. Bef. 1906.

                                   d.  MARTHA "JANE" STANDERFER, b. Bef. 1862; d. 1951, b. Haven Hill Cemetery, Olney, Richland Co., IL;           m. TOM SHEARER, 2. STIVER 3.  SCHLUNEGGER
           Click here for tombstone photo.

                    v. HENRY STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1837.

                   vi. TEMPERANCE A. STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1840, Illinois; m. JACOB MOON, February 07, 
                        1856, Coles County, Illinois.

                  vii. ELIZABETH STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1842, Illinois; m. ELISHA CAMPBELL, January 02, 
                        1847, Moultrie County, Illinois.

    7. JEREMIAH STANDERFER (ARCHIBALD1) was born 1814 in Tennessee. He married MAHALA (MALINDA) PURVIS 1833 in Shelby County, Illinois, daughter of JOHN PURVIS and SARAH GINN.


     See Census Records on the Illinois Census Site.

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                       i. WILLIAM3 STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1835; d. August 07, 1842, b. Jonathan Creek             
                          Cemetery, Moultrie, Illinois.

                      ii. MARTHA ANN STANDERFER
    , b. Abt. 1837, Illinois; m. MADISON DREW, March 08, 
                          1857, Moultrie County, Illinois.

                     iii. POLLY STANDERFER, b. December 28, 1839, Illinois; d. September 01, 1842, b. Jonathan 
                          Creek Cemetery, Moultrie, Illinois.

                     iv. NANCY STANDERFER, b. November 21, 1840, Illinois; d. March 14, 1863, b. Jonathan 
                          Creek Cemetery, Moultrie, Illinois; m. George Landers, February 28, 1861.

                      v. ELIZA STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1843, Illinois; m. (1) EDMUND KERCHEVAL
                          November 28, 1864; m. (2) EDWARD HARRISON, February 12, 1868, Moultrie County, 
                          Illinois. *An old family bible confirms that this Eliza was the daughter of Jeremiah and Malinda 
                          Standerfer. *Contributed by Frances Armelda Harrison-Truehart

                    vi. JAMES S. STANDERFER,  
                        Click here to view James S. Standerfer's lineage!

                    vii. JOB STANDERFER, b. November 1847, Illinois; m. MARGARET E. MORGAN, February 
                          26, 1874, Moultrie County, Illinois. Margaret was born May 1850 in IL.

                          1900 Census,  Perkins Co., Nebraska; Sawyer District, p. 3B
                          69/69: Standafer, Job, head, w, m, Nov 1847, age 52, m-26, IL, IL, IL
                          Margaret, wife, w, f, May 1850, age 50, m-26, 8child/8living, IL, IL, IL
                          Thomas M., w, m, Dec 1878, age 21, S, IL, IL, IL
                          William V., w, m, Oct 1880, age 19, S, IL, IL, IL
                          Susie, w, f, Jan 1883, age 17, S, IL, IL, IL
                           ___, son, w, m, July 1885, age 14, S, IL, IL, IL
                          Raphael, son, w, m, Mar 1892, age 8, S, IL, IL, IL
                          Ruthie, dau, w, f, Mar 1894, age 6, S, NE, IL, IL

                    viii. MARY ELIZABETH STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1850, Illinois.

                     ix. ADELINE STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1852, Illinois.

                      x. ISAAC L. STANDAFER
                          Click here to view the lineage of Issac L. Standafer.

                     xi. MARGARET STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1858, Illinois.

                    xii. WILLIAM S. STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1863, Illinois.

                    xiii. SARAH STANDERFER, b. abt 1834, Illinois; m. DAVID KELLY January 17, 1850.

    8. FRANKLIN H.2 STANDERFER (ARCHIBALD1) was born January 15, 1820 in Shelby County, Illinois, and died July 09, 1898 in Grayson County, Texas. He is buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Grayson Co., TX. He married (1) PAULINA "POLLY" DREW March 18, 1841 in Shelby County, Illinois, daughter of JOHN DREW and TEMPERANCE FARMER. He married (2) ELIZABETH FLETCHER (Fulton/Folton) December 10, 1857 in Moultrie County, Illinois.


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     See census Records on the Illinois census Site.


                    i. ANDRIONS "ANDREW"3 STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1841, Moultrie County, Illinois; d. 
                       September 10, 1883, Grayson County, Texas; he is buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Dennison, TX.  He 
                       married ZARILDA FULTON, July 19, 1866, Moultrie County, Illinois.  Zarilda was 
                       born August 17, 1849 in Moultrie Co., IL and died October 12, 1918 in Sherman, TX.  She is buried
                       in the Westhills Cemetery.

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                        Notes for Andrew Standerfer: 
                       Served in Co. H, Ill Inf., in Civil war as Pvt. Mustered out on Dec. 16, 1865

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                       Children of Andrions "Andrew" Standerfer and Sarilda (Zarilda) Fulton were: 
                       1. H. B. Standerfer, b. 1866
                       2. Charles F. Standerfer, b. 1872; m. Laura Elizabeth McCarver
                       3. Iona Standerfer, b. 1874
                       4. Claude Leslie Standerfer, b. March 20, 1876 in Popular Bluff, MO.; d. March 22, 1942 in 
                       Dennison, TX.  He married Laurel Elizabeth McCarver December 24, 1897 in Sherman, TX.
                       5. William Zoph Standerfer, b. December 2, 1881
                       6. Elizabeth M. Standerfer, b. November 25.  1882; m. Henry Knecht

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                  ii. JAMES STANDERFER, b. June 06, 1847, Illinois; m. Mary E. ?

                 iii. WILLIAM STANDERFER, b. June 06, 1847, Illinois; d. August 10, 1904, b. French Cemetery, 
                      Allenville, Moultrie Co., Illinois; m. (1) MABEL HOTCHKISS, Dennison, Texas; m. (2) 
                      ALVETTIE JOHNSON,
    February 13, 1866, Moultrie County, Illinois; m. (3) MARGARET N.
                      (MAGGIE) PETERS,
    June 09, 1870, Moultrie County, Illinois.

                 iv. ENOCH STANDERFER., b. December 28, 1851; d. May 1, 1897.  Buried in Fairview      
                      Cemetery, Grayson Co., TX.

                  v. LEVI STANDERFER., b. abt 1851

                 vi. NANCY J. STANDERFER, b. November 21, 1844, Illinois; d. March 14, 1863, b. Jonathan 
                      Creek, Moultrie Co., Illinois; m. William R. Harris, March 26, 1862.


               vii. FRANKLIN REDMOND STANDERFER, b. November 3, 1858 Moultrie Co, IL; d. February 
                     13, 1911.  He is buried in Colbert, Bryan Co., OK.  He married 1.Unknown; 2. Edith Enola Kelly
                     December 21, 1894 in Grayson Co., TX, daughter of Amose and Charlotte Kelly.

              viii. MARY STANDERFER

    9.  ISAIAH2 STANDERFER  (ARCHIBALD1) was born Abt. 1816 in TN.  He married MATILDA CARTER March 16, 1837 in Shelby Co., IL, daughter of JOSEPH CARTER.  She was born Abt. 1822 in VA, and died January 14, 1882 in Wapello Co., IA; b. Shaws Graveyard (Shaul Cem.) (Age 60).

    Notes for ISAIAH STANDERFER *Contributor: Jim Standerfer

    From: 1850 CENSUS, DAVIS CO., IA., Soap Creek Twp.:
    57/58 : SANAFORD, Isaiah, 36, M, farmer, b. TN
    Matilda, 28, F, b. VA
    Martha, 10, F, b. IL
    Elisha, 7, M, b. IL
    Wo____a,. f. ,  b. IL
    Mary,. 2. F. b. IL

    From DAVIS CO., IA 1860 CENSUS, Soap Creek Twp.:

    302/196: STANDFORD, Isaiah, M, 45, farmer, b. TN
    Matilda, F, 40, b. VA
    Martha, 20, F, b. IL
    Elisha, M, 19, b. IL
    William, M, 15, b. Il
    Mary, F, 12, b. IL
    John, M, 8, b. IA
    Catherine, F, 7, b. IA
    Carline, F, 5, b. IA
    Charles, M, 2, b. IA

    From: Wapello Co, IA 1870 Census; Center Twp, 055

    Isaih Standerfer, age 54, M, W, Farmer, $2,000, $787, b. TN
    Matilda, age 48, F, W, b. VA
    William, age 24, M, W, Farmer, b. IL
    Catherine, age 16, F, W, b. IA
    Caroline, age 15, F, W, b. IA
    Charles, age 11, M, W, b. IA


                       i.       WILLIAM3 STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1846, IL.

                      ii.       CATHERINE STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1854, IA.

                     iii.       CAROLINA STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1855, IA.

                     iv.       CHARLES NELSON STANDERFER, b. Abt. 1859, IA.

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