Bailey Standifer
War of 1812

These documents are important because they establish the relationship to his father Benjamin Standifer and establishes who the known surviving children of Benjamin were at the time the third document was written in 1824. 
Bailey died in 1814. Interestingly, Bailey was listed as a "Warantee" for land purchased for his father, Benjamin, in Prairie County, AR on a deed recorded in 1825 but must have actually been made some 10 years prior.

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Elbert County, Georgia.  I Job Weston Clerk of the Court of Ordinary of Said County do Hereby certify that Bailey Standiford did Enlist as a private soldier in Capt. William Chisolm Company of 8th Regiment of U. S. Infantry and that he died while in the service of the United States, and that his Father, Benjamin Standiford and his Brothers and Sisters are his legal heirs according to the Laws of this State--given under my hand as Clerk of the Court for Said County this 2nd day of November 1824.  Signed Job West, C.C.O.

Treasury Department, 3rd Auditor - Office, Jan. 9, 1825

It appears from a muster roll to the 31 Aug 1814 that Bailey Standiford a private in Capt. Chisolm; Com__of the 8th Infantry enlisted the 11 of July, 1812 for 5years, viz. noted present in his name does not appear on the subsequent rolls commencing the 23rd of September 1814 or see Book of Muster rolls ? and frm the account of Paymaster R. J. Easte it appears that he paid to the ? in the Estate of the said Bailey Standiford his worthy pay to the ? 1814 when he died, including 3 ? with pay if he ??  Signed ?

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This is to certify to all whome it may concern that sufficent proof has been offered before this Honorable Court, that Bailey Standiford late a private soldier of Capt. William Chisolm, Company of 8th Regiment of U. S. Infantory and was enlisted in Eighteen hundred & twelve for the term of five years and that he died in the Service of the United States at Thunderbolt below Savannah in Georgia in the fall of the year eighteen hundred and Fourteen that at the time of his death he had neither wife nor child living and that his Father, Benjamin Standiford and his brothers & sisters (to wit) Anderson Standiford, Tillman Standiford, Polly Standiford, Joshua Standiford, Sally Standiford, Israel Standiford, William Standifer, Milly Standiford, Cynthia Standiford & Leroy Standiford are his legal heirs according to the Lawes of this state..and that a certifcate to that effect was by the said Honorable Court Ordered to Issue..a true abstract from the minutes of said Court this 2nd day of Nov, 1824.  Signed: Job Weston, C.C.O.

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