Militia Records Volunteer Soldiers 1784-1811


sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) These are a compilation of service records of volunteer soldiers who served from 1784-1811. The National Archives has other records that contain information about soldiers who served during this period. These listings were taken from microfilm index cards which gives the name of the soldier, his rank and the unit in which her served.

Washington Sandford, Private; Capt. Kelsick's Company, Virginia Militia, 1807.

Lowrey Sandiford, Private; 24 (Ramsay's) Regiment, Kentucky Militia, 1807.

Daniel Sanford, Corporal; Capt. R. B. Taylor's Troop of Cavalry, VA Militia, 1807.

Jesse Sanford, Captain; 2 (Lamar's) Regiment, Georgia Militia, 1793.

Littleton Sanford, Corporal; Shackleford's Co., Benn's Battalion, Campbell's 1`10 Regiment, Virginia Militia, 1794.

Presley Sanford, Private; 4 Regiment, Wilkes County, Georgia Militia, 1793-1794.

Christian Standeford, Private, 2 Regiment, U. S. Levies under Lt. Gibson, 1791-1792. (no state listed).

Skelton Standefer, Sergeant, Melton's Regiment, Greene County, Georgia Milita (Reference to Jessee and Skelton Standefer), 1793-1794.

Skelton Standefer, Dragoon, Georgia Militia, 1793-1796)

William Standefer, Lieutenant, Menefee's Knox County Regiment, Hamilton District Militia, Territory South of the Ohio, 1792-1794.

George Standiford, Private, Hall's Regiment, Cavalry, Kentucky Volunteers, 1793.

Sutton Standifer, Dragoon, Georgia Militia, (Reference to Skelton Standifer), 1793-1796.

Skelton Standifer, Dragoon, Georgia Militia, 1793-1796.

Jesse Standefer, Dragoon SPY, Georgia Militia, 1793-1796.

sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) From Officers in the Tennessee Militia, compiled by Mrs. John Trotwood Moore, Vol. 1newspinblueyellow.gif (7390 bytes)

p. 25, Knox County, TN Regiment: Sgt. Samuel Standefer, February 12, 1801; Ensn Samuel Standefor; September 15, 1779

p. 92, Giles County, TN Regiment: Sgt. Thomas Standofrd, 37th Regiment, November 13, 1810

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