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#3. From: Archibald Standifer (Jasper Co., GA) To: Mr. Standifer

The letter was sent to a Mr. Standifer in Texas (don’t know who) in response to an inquiry about the Standifer family tree.

"Hillsboro, July 8, 1864

Mr. Standifer,

Sir. I have just received yours of 6 June and reply by the first mail. I take pleasure in giving you all the information that I can respecting the family. I am the son of John Standifer who had two brothers, Samuel and Archibald. My grandfather was Skelton Standifer. My great grandfather was Israel Standifer. They were all originally from Scotland, settled in Maryland, in Sequatchie (I don’t know that I spelled the city right) Valley in Tenn. I knew three brothers, James, William and Israel. James I think went to congress. Served one term, died on his way there the second time, was a Col. in the Creek War, was at the battle of Horse Shoe Bend. I also know one Luke Standifer there. I have known many of them in different parts of the United States. As far as my knowledge extends, they all descended from one family. Were you the grandson of Mr. Standifer of Tenn.? I know some of our relatives in Kentucky and Virginia. Did your sister or cousin marry a man by the name of Underwood. Our ancestors formerly spelled the name Standever, then Standiford, then Standerfer and now Standifer. I had two brothers, William and John. They married daughters of a Mr. Woodcock and niece of James Standifer.

When you receive this please write me again. Another time I will think of more to write or have written. I am eighty two years old, have eight children all grown long since. My youngest son is in the army at Savannah or below there. I live in a mile of Hillsboro, Jasper Co. I would be glad for you to visit us any time. Please write me on the receipt of this. I am very old and not at all accustomed to writing, but I have a son and daughter living with me who will be pleased to write you. Write me about the army and what you think of the condition of our country. The people here feel rather gloomy. Do not think because I am old I am indifferent to most things. I take as much interest in worldly affairs as any person of any advanced age. I have two sons-in-law in the army, one in Florida and one in Atlanta. Please write if you know of any of the name that lived in Virginia. Knowing as you do my advanced age I feel that it is unnecessary to ask you to excuse the writing. I hope to hear from you soon."

Yours truly,

A. Standifer

Carol's Note:  According to this letter, Archibald's pedigree is as follows:

Isreal Standifer
        3.  i.
John ii. Archibald iii. Samuel
i. Archibald (b. 1782)
                   ii. William, m. Woodcock, 
                  iii. John, m.
niece of James Standifer, 
                   iv. Margaret m. Hicks

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The following letter (#3) is from Archibald's son, William.

#4. Letter not dated.

From: William M. Standifer To: W. B. Standifer
W. B. Standifer,

Dear Sir:

I received your letter yesterday and as the mail leaves tonight I______though it is Sunday. I am afraid that I can not give you much information in regard to my family that is at all satisfactory or reliable. But what I know I will tell you; it is strange but I really do not now recollect my grandfather speaking _______. I believe he_______drowned in the Tennessee river forty or fifty years ago. My ancestors were from Scotland and settled in Maryland some years before the American Revolution. From those two brothers the most of that name if not all in this county are descendants. I do not know much about my ancestors; this may partially be accounted for by the fact that I have lived at his, my fathers, house since I was a boy and of late years have seen my father but at distance intervals.

My father, whose name is Archibald Standifer, is now over eighty years old, yet still hale and ______. His place of residence is Hillsboro in Jasper County Georgia. His father had two brothers, John and William. John, I have been told died several years ago not far from Memphis in Tennessee. His descendants are now living there I suppose. William, the other brother quit writing to father about thirty years ago. He had previously been writing pretty regularly. The last letter father received from him he spoke of moving to Little Rock, Arkansas. But my father supposes he must have died about this time. My father’s only sister was married, Mrs. Margaret Hicks, and the last we heard from her she lived in Kingston or near that place in Roane County, Tennessee. I think John Standifer and Mrs. Hicks were both older than father. William was a few years younger. It is not probable that any of them now survives. John had several children as did William I think. I do not know whether Mrs. Hicks had any children or not. I think she married her husband ______the last _______.

You may recall Mr. Lemuel Standifer. I have had some little correspondence with that gentleman on the subject of his relationship. He consulted with father on the subject who said that he was not cognizant of any relationship. I suppose that he meant that he did not know that there was any relationship between us. I suppose if we are related ____only seven times removed, as Bailey,_____, Jessie would say! I am told there is a remarkable resemblance between Mr. Lemuel Standifer and one of my younger brothers, Mr. _______Standifer. I do not know anything of the Mr. Forrestor you mentioned. I regret very much that this letter is at most so unsatisfactory on account of my ignorance of my family history, but I will send your letter to father and ask him to write to me or to you all that he knows of the family. In the meantime, if you leave your present abode you will please let me know where to write. And if you ____I would give_____any more_____family and ______. I think that William Standifers father and my Uncle John Standifer married sisters_______this brother____but I am not certain of this. I have been endeavoring to find _____histories of the families_____. I could get ______when I forward your letter ____of his _______. I do not think he had a double name. I think his name was William and not William B. I do not think my grandfathers name was Benjamin. I expect we are relatives, but how near I cannot guess____our family judge. But we are clannish in our nature, and our hearts warm at the mention of the name of Standifer. I would be obliged if you would whenever you have leisure, and I can learn anything from my father I will write.

William M. Standifer

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