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#5. From: Thomas C. Standifer To: C. A. Standifer, Esq.

Letter written on letterhead of the Office of T. C. Standifer, "Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, and General Merchandise, etc."

Ruston, LA
June 29, 1887
C. A. Standifer, Esq., Crawford, Texas

Dear Sir,

Yours 24th ? addressed to "Standifer Bros." just received and I suppose was intended for my son, M. S. Standifer. As he is absent from home and will not return for several days, I will reply to your letter. My name is Thomas C. Standifer, my father’s name was Young T. only son of Ephraim Standifer. I was born in DeKalb Co., Georgia in 1827 and moved to this state in 1849--age 60 years. I have 5 children living, four daughters and one son viz. Carrie, Sallie, Ellen, Milton and Olive. Carrie and Ellen are married. I met with a Standifer during the war on our retreat from Dalton to Atlanta but had little conversation with him as we were under fire of the enemy and had no time to talk. I never saw him any more, but subsequently during the campaign in Georgia he wrote me a long letter giving an account of the names of the Standifer family for two or three generations back, which I prized very highly, but unfortunately my baggage and the letter was captured near Atlanta, GA. I have forgotten....(next line is illegible).

I know but little about my relatives. Have heard my father speak of a Col. James Standifer of Tennessee, Archibald Standifer of Georgia, Judge Lemuel Standifer of Alabama and James and Jesse Standifer of Texas as his relatives.

I would be glad to learn more about you and your family. We may be kin. Write me a long letter and tell me all you know about the Standifer family. Before the war, I was a planter, since the war I have been merchandising. My address is Ruston’s Lincoln Parish, LA. Situated on the Vicksburg, Shreveport and Pacific rail road about 65 miles east of Shreveport. Hoping to hear from you soon. I subscribe myself.

Yours very truly,

T. C. Standifer

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