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#22. From R. A. Jones to Sarah Standefer

This old letter was submitted by Sheila M. Thomison.  Sheila has in her possession a very old leather bound took titled Eulogy on James Madison by John Quincy Adams.  Inside the cover, in beautiful handwriting, is written:  James Standefer of Tennessee, February 22, 1837, with some "squiggly" lines underneath.  This book belonged to Sheila's great uncle, Palo McVey. While browsing the book, Sheila found this old letter, dated 1892.

Sheila reports that her great-grandfather was William Polk McVey, who was the son of Ezekial and Nancy (Hoots?) McVey.  She believes one of their daughters married a Standifer, another daughter married an Epperson and one married an Austin.  The McVey's were from the Bledsoe Co., TN area and moved to Warren Co., TN after 1880.  Ezekiel McVay is listed on the Tax list, District #10, for Bledsoe Co., TN in 1837, 1838 and  1839.  In the same district, William Standefer is listed on the same 1839 Tax list.

This McVey/Standefer/Jones line remains a genealogical mystery.

December  18, 1892
Jasper, TN

Dear Sister,

I seat my self to drop you a few lines to let you (k)now I received your kind leter and was glad to hear you was all well ____ and would like to see you.  Jim is coming to see you in a bout three weeks if he can get off.  I wish you was here to take Christmas with me.  We could enjoy our selfves.  Well tell Eli they got four god (good?) old dimocat seats from our house but the third party men is all dead.  We call them nothing now.  Tell gran paw I saw Sarah McVey and talked with her cens I was over there.  They are all well.  Tell Miney I would like to see her.  Sarah I want you to come and see me.  I would like to talk with with.  I never got to talk half anuff when I was there.  Gorge is maried he maried Rhoda Prisnett (?) five weeks ago today.  The children all wants to see you very bad so I wil close for this time by saying rite soon and often.  Yours truly.

R A Jones to Sarah Standefer
Write as soon as you get this.

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