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*This letter was generously submitted by Blaine Standiford.  Thanks, Blaine!

February 9, 1932

Mr. V. Standiford,
New Martinsville, W. Va.
c/o Wetzel County Bank.

Dear Mr. Standiford: -

I was rather surprised to find your name in a bank directory today, for the name Standiford in the West is not common, and to also note that your first name has the letter "V" as the first letter, as I am known all over South Dakota and Nebraska as "Vere Standiford".  I use the C. before the word Vere to distinguish me from my Uncle who carries the same name.

Our relatives came from Kentucky so perhaps we may be linked under the same family tree, and would appreciate a line from you.  We had some correspondence with Harry Standiford of Washington, D. C. who was Chairman of the Shrine Convention held in that city.  I noticed his name as Chairman of the Shrine Convention held in that city.  I noticed his name as Chairman of the Committee and wrote him regarding our family name etc.  He stated that two brothers "Standifords" came to this country in one of the first boats (must have been a large boat) and one brother settled in Massachusetts and the other one in Kentucky.

My fathers people left Kentucky and moved to Illinois, and my father came west as a boy and settled in Nebraska, and was one of the early settlers.  My father - Wilford Standiford is 71 years of age, heart and hale, and we conduct the business as listed above.  We had some country banks in South Dakota and Nebraska but sold them a number of years ago.

If you or any member of your family happen to be in the west, kindly advise us, for it would indeed be a pleasure to meet you.  Hoping to hear from you, I remain,

Very truly yours,

C. Vere Standiford

P. S. My father, Wilford Standiford is Mayor of the town of Gregory, SD.


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* 1909 Business Directory, Gregory, SD: Slaughter & Standiford - Real Estate & Loans

Wilford's family is mentioned in the biography of Ben F. Stockwell - found under "Biographies-Men" on the Website.

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